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On This Page
  • What is a Facial Expression Changer?
  • Why Change Facial Expression for Existing Photos?
  • 5 Best AI Facial Expression Changers
  • How to Change Facial Expression with AI Online With Vidnoz AI?
  • FAQs About Face Expression Changer

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5 Best AI Face Expression Changers 2024: Change Facial Expression Online Free

Beling Luara

Updated on

Our AI face expression changer online free is a perfect tool to change face expression online. Check the 5 best tools to change facial expression online free!

You’ve seen many celebrities changing facial expressions using AI on their social media channels. They look realistic but a camera does not capture them. Yes! It’s the output of a generative Artificial intelligence. The tool used beyond it is the facial expression changer. It has the capability of morphing pictures to the next level. That’s why here in this article we’ll talk about the best AI facial expression changers of 2024.

5 Best AI Facial Expression Changers of 2024 for Free

On This Page
  • What is a Facial Expression Changer?
  • Why Change Facial Expression for Existing Photos?
  • 5 Best AI Facial Expression Changers
  • How to Change Facial Expression with AI Online With Vidnoz AI?
  • FAQs About Face Expression Changer

What is a Facial Expression Changer?

We’ve seen the revolution of AI with our eyes. It evolved from speaking to mass text generation. Tools like Jasper AI and ChatGpt can produce content at a rapid rate. They’re faster than any individual on earth. Isn’t it? With all these capabilities we got the image revolution. And it can generate what takes hours to do in Photoshop or any picture editing software.

Thanks to this advancement we have a hot facial expression changer. It can convert any sad person's picture into a happy one. Also, turn the crying one to laughing.

Why Change Facial Expression for Existing Photos?

Yet, you may ask in your mind why do I need to change the facial expression of a photo?

Aren’t you?

Let me tell you the reasons why you need it to benefit from it. Some of them are:

Convert a casual picture into a professional one. Sometimes we need a sophisticated picture but at that time it isn’t available. Ever happened to you? I understand. To cope with this issue, you can take an exciting photo of yourself and give input to our AI tool to make it handsome.

People always love those with fresh and stunning visuals on social media. You can do this experiment with your own followers. Upload a picture with no excitement in it. Then a talking photo online free with passion & sparkle shining in your eyes. You’ll notice the second one will get more likes and comments. So, add your dull photo to the Vidnoz AI tool and let it boom.

What is a Facial Expression Changer

Not everyone visits every place. The background counts a lot in the images. If you don’t have a good background don’t worry. Our tool allows you to change as per your desire.

Before these tools, we have to manually edit the pictures for hours to get the perfect preset. And it was a very daunting task. But not anymore because now you can save your time and fix your issue in the hour of need.

Have a group picture of a special event? But the eyes are closed and the face is on the other side? We have the solution for you. Put your image in the tool and adjust the minor issues to make a stunning image right away.

5 Best AI Facial Expression Changers

After understanding the facial expression changes. Let’s explore the 5 best face expression changer online free tools you can use for this purpose.

1. Vidnoz Face Swapper - Change Face Expression in Photo & Video

First of all, we have the Vidnoz Face Swapper. The reason we added this one to the top of our list is its fantastic features. As an AI face expression changer, it allows you to completely change face expression. The simple interface of this web-based tool is amazing.

For an AI portrait generator image, You just have to input your image and then it will magically change face expression online. Even if you haven't used any facial changer before, still you can use it easily.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

Why is Vidnoz Face Swapper the Best Facial Expression Changer?

As I said before, there are many facial changes in the market but the reason Vidnoz stands out is because of a free swapper. Here are some of the amazing features of it:

Key Feature
  • Change Facial Expression Online Free with AI

Unlike many other tools, you don't need to log in to Vidnoz Free Swapper. You just have to input your image and the desired image input. Then it will give you an expression change AI. Also, it will keep the background as it is.

  • Creative Facial Expression Changer for Photos

Its intelligent system can recognize the patterns of an image and greatly get AI change facial expression. You don't need any extra hassle. By understanding the situation it does its magic within seconds.

  • Change Facial Expression Easily in a Video

Other than the change expression in photo feature, its cool feature of video facial changing is also amazing. You can add your own video and then the desired video. The free AI video generator will transform it as well. Sounds interesting? Give it a try to experience its outcome.

  • AI Face Expression Changer for Multi Faces

Not only a face expression changer for a single face, Vidnoz AI Face Swapper is also a powerful AI expression changer for multiple face swap. Reface multiple faces on the group photos for fun easily!

  • Custom Prompts for Various Styles

It has a built-in AI cartoon generator & celebrity faces. No need for available presets? Want a custom prompt? Don't worry, add in the input section. It will generate an image as per the prompt. So, you can always get your desired face reaction change AI visuals.

Available: Online


  • Free for basic
  • Monthly: $4.99 (80 Credits)
  • Half-Yearly: $ 12.99 (350 Credits)
  • Yearly: $19.99 (1000 Credits)

2. Hey Photo - Great Selfie to AI Turner

Hey Photo AI

Secondly, we have the Hey Photo face expression change AI. Another selfie to AI turner. Besides facial expressions change AI, it is capable of making a person appear older or younger in a photo. Also, offers hairstyle changes to experiment with different hair styles without a real haircut. 

Pros of Hey Photo

  • It utilizes artificial intelligence to modify selfies and group photos.
  • Alters the direction in which eyes are looking in a photo.
  • Changes the shape of the nose to meet personal preferences.
  • Adjusts skin tone for a variety of looks or to correct lighting effects.

Cons of Hey Photo

  • A recurring charge of $19 every month, could add up over time.
  • The storage of edited images is only for 30 days, which might be insufficient for long-term users.
  • If you don't use the tool frequently, you might not get full value for your money.

Available: Online


  • Monthly: $19
  • Yearly: $8.25/ month (One-time payment)

3. Swapface - Change Face with AI Beauty Filters

Swap Face

Thirdly we have the Swapface. This AI expression changer's a bit different from the previous ones. As it is software-based, not an online web tool. Swapface offers a user-friendly experience for AI change face expression. You have to simply connect your camera and press the start button in the app.

Yet, the process is easy for all of those who are not tech-savvy. All the processing is done locally on your machine. This means that your data remains encrypted all the time. Since they don’t use their servers it all gets stored in your local device.

Pros of Swap Face

  • Swapface doesn't require high-end, expensive hardware.
  • An affordable option for many users.
  • Streamlines the face-swapping process and reduces time.

Cons of Swapface

  • Mobile users can’t use it.
  • It requires Windows 10 to operate on your PC.
  • The minimum requirement is 8 GB with compatible processors.
  • It's not an ideal choice for basic computer setups.

Available: Windows/Mac


  • $19.0/100 credits
  • $49.0/500 credits (pay & use)
  • $99.0/quarter
  • $299.0/year
  • $199.0/quarter
  • $499.0/year
  • $499.0/quarter
  • $999.0/year

4. Rokoko - Facial Expression Changer with Animations

Rokoko AI

The second last AI change facial expression online tool on our list. Rokoko is a better professional face swap online free tool for multiple purposes. Its system is user-friendly to capture the full range of body movements like real life. So editors can do character animations.

Meanwhile, it streamlines the animation process and makes it faster. That’s why animators can produce high-quality animations within tight deadlines using it.

Pros of Rokoko

  • Smartsuit Pro II can capture full-body movements.
  • Smartgloves makes more detailed finger and hand motion capture.
  • The face app captures the facial expressions and movements of the individual.

Con of Rokoko

  1. High-quality motion capture data processing requires powerful hardware for processing and rendering.
  2. Not ideal for individuals for personal projects as it may cost more.
  3. It works to the best of its abilities when a person wears the proper motion gears & suit.

Available: Online


  • Plus Plan: $ 20/m
  • Pro Plan: $ 50/m
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Support

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5. EvryFace - Professional & Safe Photo Editor 


Lastly, we have the EvryFace tool in our list of face expression changer AI. The AI face emotion changer allows you to create various types of photos. You can add smile to photo with AI easily. As it’s all services on one platform. It consolidates its offerings into a single platform. So, you don’t need to switch between multiple applications or tools.

Also, the tool ensures compliance with GDPR to offer high data protection. It employs robust security and encryption to safeguard your personal information and photos.

Pros of EvryFace

  • It offers a selection of different avatar styles. The diversity allows users to choose avatars that best represent their personal style.
  • EvryFace is popular and has gained over 1100 five-star ratings from its users.
  • Produces studio-quality 4k images with high resolution and crystal clarity.

Cons of EvryFace

  • It lacks the personal touch factors due to being AI-powered and automated.
  • Only 22 styles are available in the premium package which can be a limitation.
  • Processing time can be lengthy starting from 25 minutes to a couple of hours.

Available: Online


  • Plan #1: €6
  • Plan #2: €9

How to Change Facial Expression with AI Online With Vidnoz AI?

As you’ve gone through the comparison of AI face expression changer online free. It’s time to understand the process of using the Vidnoz AI tool to change face expression AI. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Vidnoz AI Face Swap Online Free and click on Photo Face Swap.

Face Expression Changer - Vidnoz Face Swapper Step 1

Step 2: To change photo face expression, just upload your photo and then the desired photo by clicking the buttons.

Face Expression Changer - Vidnoz Face Swapper Step 2

Step 3: Tap on Swap Face Now, it will process those pics and generate an epc image for you.

Vidnoz Face Swapper - Change Facial Expression Online Free

That’s how to change facial expression AI with Vidnoz. More surprisingly, you’re allowed to change face in video and get gif face swap via Vidnoz Face Swapper, the perfect video and photo expression changer for free easily.

FAQs About Face Expression Changer

1. Is there a free AI facial expression changer? 

Yes. Vidnoz AI Face Swapper is a 100% free to use AI face expression changer online. It enables to change the original face expression with AI face swapping.

2. How can I change facial expression online free on a photo?

To change facial expression online free, access Vidnoz AI Face Swapper, upload the photo that you’d like to change face expression and another face to replace it with AI.

3. Can you modify multiple faces’ expression in a single image?

Yes. Some face swapping tools support multiple face swap, like Vidnoz AI Face Swapper. With this tool, you can modify multiple facial expressions in a single image.

The Bottom Line

All in all, now you are aware of the best AI facial expression changer in the market, you can use them. To do amazing things, I recommend you to use Vidnoz AI, the perfect photo face expression changer online tool, because its features are fantastic and affordable. Because when you purchase its premium package, you don't have to wait for hours to get your outcome. It gives you priority access.

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