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Simplify Video Hosts with Vidnoz, Safe & Reliable Ad-free

Upload and centrally host sales and marketing videos on Vidnoz. Securely share videos with customers and track viewing data.

Simplify Video Hosts with Vidnoz

Usage Scenes for Video Hosts

Vidnoz is a wonderful online video hosting platform that helps you get an easy, effective and highly secure video management in multiple scenes.

Protect Internal Communication with Vidnoz

Protect Internal Communication

Centrally save and manage various videos for internal training and publicity in a secure cloud environment. Limit distribution, and prevent information leaks on the video host site.

Manage Share Sales and Marketing Videos with Vidnoz

Manage, Share Sales & Marketing Videos

Host your company's sales and marketing videos on Vidnoz, and you can categorize, search, delete videos according to your needs. Generate a shareable link or code to send the video to your prospects by link or embed it on your official website to get more traffic.

Video Hosts - Make Explanation and Operation Manual Video

Make Explanation & Operation Manual Video

The video host service allows uploading and saving any number of videos. When necessary, you can quickly solve customer questions and concerns by sending product explanation videos and operation manual videos to customers with links.

Video Hosts - Create Exclusive Courses and Webinars

Create Exclusive Courses and Webinars

Lectures and tutorial videos can be created for exclusive distribution and sharing online with this video hosting private tool.
In addition, viewers can post comments and express their impressions of the video to respond.

Maximize Profits and Efficiency with Online Video Hosting

Effectively Increase Traffic with Video Hosting

Host Sales & Marketing Videos, Effectively Increase Traffic

Store your sales and marketing videos in Vidnoz's secure cloud system, and automatically create a share link to share with your prospects.

  • With powerful automatic transcoding, videos shared from your library can be played on any device.
  • You can deliver ad-free videos, making it easier for your customers to focus on your promotional video content.
  • You can improve your sales strategies by analyzing the viewing data of the distributed videos.
Manage Team Videos Centrally with Video Hosting

Manage Team Videos Centrally, Improve Team Efficiency

Upload and manage team and internal training videos support videos and more in one single video hosting site.

  • You can save money because you don't need to build your own video management system.
  • Keep all your videos in one library, saving you the time and hassle of searching for them.
  • Only members who know the link can watch and comment on the video, preventing confidential information from leaking.
Manage Team Videos Centrally with Video Hosting
Enhance Brand Image with Video Hosting

Provide Complete Customer Support System, Enhance Brand Image

All explainer videos and manual videos are safely stored in Vidnoz to provide complete and good customer services, improving the corporate brand image.

  • No upper limit on the number of videos that can be uploaded, you can upload and save any number of videos.
  • Upload a product tutorial video, convert the video to HTML code and paste it on your company's website to promote customers' "self-solving". It is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses with labor shortages.
  • According to the customer's problem, search for the appropriate video from the Library, send it to the customer with a link, and efficiently solve the customer's problem.
The Best All-in-one Video Hosting Service

The Best All-in-one Video Hosting Service for Your Business

As one of the best video hosting sites, Vidnoz offers an all-in-one video hosting website free for your business.

  • Use the video host online to record and edit sales and marketing videos. Or you can upload your videos directly to your Vidnoz library.
  • Move videos to specific folders by theme for easier management of videos.
  • Efficiently search videos by filename, uploader, and tags.
The Best All-in-one Video Hosting Service

FAQs About Video Distribution Systems and Sharing Services

What is a Video Distribution System?

A service that distributes and shares video content using the Web. There are free video distribution services such as Youtube, Dailymotion and limited video distribution systems such as Vidnoz.

Difference Between Free Video Distribution Service and Limited Video Distribution Service

The free video distribution service is available for free and has a wide range of users. Ads are displayed before the video is played. It is also less secure as anyone can view the video.

The video-only distribution service is highly secure and does not display advertisements. Apply when you want to distribute only to the company or members. Paid versions often offer unlimited storage. You can also embed videos on your website.

Advantages of Video-only Distribution Service:

  • High security, can prevent leakage of information assets
  • Ads are included when watching, so viewers can easily focus on the content of the video
  • Smaller video size, less burden on your website
  • Analyze video viewing data to help improve video content

User's Voice

PPC Manager E-commerce

Russell Nardone

Our entire team uses Vidnoz, one of the best video hosting platforms for business. Once you've uploaded a training video or something here, you'll be able to see your video viewing data. It's also useful for internal communication, as only people with the link can view it.

Digital Marketing Consulting Advertising


I used to deliver text ads by email, but the email open rate was not good enough. After delivering video ads with this tool, the opening rate and the number of accesses have more than doubled!

Intelligence Specialist Education

Deon Selman

We use Vidnoz to make videos of product usage and common errors, and upload them to the cloud. You can find the video for support just by searching the file name when you need it. In addition to improving efficiency, complaints from customers have decreased.

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Video Mail Measures

Online Video Maker

Video Sharing

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