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Vidnoz Flex makes it easy to close deals and increase sales. Grow business by creating and making personalized and outstanding videos with persuasive CTAs.

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Video for Sales

Exclusive Benefits of Vidnoz Flex for Sales

Vidnoz Flex, an online video creating tool developed by Vidnoz, enables you to enjoy more benefits when selling with videos.

  • Sell without Vidnoz Flex
  • Lack of CTA through such conventional ways as cold calling or simple email.
  • Outdated sales methods and similar sales words lead to few replies.
  • Repeated communication is frequent to close a sales deal, time-wasting.
  • Always seller-centric method cannot stop interrupting your customers.
  • It's hard to receive customers’ feedback in time with email.
  1. Sell with Vidnoz Flex
  2. One click to add customized and convincing CTA at your will to increase clicks and sales.

  3. Innovative, personalized, appealing sales videos grab attention and get high reply rates easily.

  4. Accelerate the sales cycle with informative and attractive videos and complete a deal fast.

  5. The customer-centric method with async videos allows customers to watch sales videos at their convenience.

  6. Receive customers’ feedback instantly by allowing customers to comment on videos directly.

How Vidnoz Flex Helps You Boost Sales in Comprehensive Ways

Vidnoz Flex works well during the whole process of video marketing, from video recording, editing, sharing, to analyzing.

Video for Sales Creation
Video for Sales Editing
Video for Sales Templates
Sales Video Integration Platforms
Sales Video Analytics

Quick Video Creation

Use an online screen recorder to record a video for sales with screen, webcam, audio, etc., with the help of teleprompter. Or upload your prepared videos directly.

Professional Video Editing

Edit videos with multiple professional tools and personalized elements, like adding transcripts, CTAs, links, polls, and so on. It’s easy to make an engaging and animated sales video.

Free and Amazing Page Templates

There are massive free and attractive page templates for product explainers, promotions, sponsorship, and others. Help you increase sales with less effort.

Multiple Video Integration Platforms

Vidnoz Flex integrates with main sales platforms. Deliver measurable and effective videos directly to Gmail, Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc.

Detailed Video Analytics

Track important data about your sales videos, including total plays, viewers, likes, comments, etc. Analyze the data changes in time.

Vidnoz Flex's Outstanding & Massive Sales Templates

Completely creative and free templates for sales pages are available with Vidnoz Flex. You can use them to make personalized sales videos. Choose one and try it now!

Diverse Use Cases of Vidnoz Flex for Sales

  • Video for Sales Outreach

    Expand the sales scale by creating and sharing wonderful videos for sales outreach. Grab much attention and boost your email response rate to increase sales.

  • Video for Electronic Products Sales

    Show the advantages of your electronic products (such as iPhone and computer) with explainer videos. Add CTAs and links in a video to inspire viewers to buy your products instantly.

  • Video for Car Sales

    Create and share professional videos about car sales, inviting more people to car exhibitions, getting more pre-orders online, and closing more deals.

  • Video for Education Sales

    Record higher education courses or career training courses with teleprompters and webcams. Add subtitles and notes. One-click shares to mainstream platforms and sell more courses.

  • Video for Art Sales

    How to get the attention of art lovers in the world? Make videos that introduce the story and inspiration behind pieces of artwork. Spread them worldwide, get inquiries, and boost sales.

  • Video for Real Estate Sales

    Record property info, home tours, and other real estate videos necessary and leave your contact info in the end to help sell buildings, houses, islands, etc.

Vidnoz Flex Helps You


Improve Response Rate


Close Qualified Deals


Increase in Revenue

Customers Speak Highly of Vidnoz Flex for Sales

Cosmetics YouTuber

Henry Stevens

Vidnoz Flex is such an amazing and specialized sales video tool. I use it to make videos for selling various cosmetic items. My sales do increase after I use it to add proper CTA and insert the buy button.

Automobile Product Manager

Jacob Smith

Wow! It has detailed video analytics, which surprises me! Total plays, viewers, likes, comments, interactions, these data can be seen in Vidnoz Flex. Help me target potential customers, provide personalized video support, and build relationships fast.

Electronics Marketer

Emma Lewis

Brilliant video integration feature owned by Vidnoz Flex! It allows me to send videos to sales platforms such as Hubspot, LinkedIn, Salesforce directly after video editing.

B2B Sales Manager

Olivia Williams

Vidnoz Flex is really helpful, from my team’s perspective. Record videos for communication to discuss sales strategies, which improves our team’s efficiency and boosts sales.

Education Teachers

Theo Taylor

Unbelievable! Massive and kinds of free templates to use! Making a fine video is such an easy thing with Vidnoz Flex. Easy-to-use, time-saving.

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