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On This Page
  • What is an AI Headshot Generator?
  • How Does an AI Headshot Generator Work?
  • Best Professional AI Headshot Generators You Must Try in 2023
  • Create Professional Headshot AI Videos in 1 Minute
  • FAQs about AI Headshot Generator Free

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Convert Selfies to Professional Headshots

8 Best AI Headshot Generators for Professional Headshots [Free & Paid]

Tim Henderson

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A free AI headshot generator can create professional headshots quickly. Check the 8 best AI headshot generators here to make your AI business photo. Get Now.

Are you in need of high-quality headshots but don't have access to professional photographers or expensive software? Look no further! In today's digital age, AI headshot generators have revolutionized the way we create vivid and realistic headshots. These powerful tools utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to generate stunning portraits that capture the essence of individuals. Among the many options available, the best AI headshot generator stands out for its exceptional features and user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can transform a regular photo into a professional-looking headshot that can be used for social media profiles, professional portfolios, or personal branding. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of traditional photography - AI headshots free generators have got you covered.

Free AI Headshot Generator

On This Page
  • What is an AI Headshot Generator?
  • How Does an AI Headshot Generator Work?
  • Best Professional AI Headshot Generators You Must Try in 2023
  • Create Professional Headshot AI Videos in 1 Minute
  • FAQs about AI Headshot Generator Free

What is an AI Headshot Generator?

An AI headshot generator is a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to create your best AI professional headshot free. By uploading photos that can reveal a user’s personality and facial features, it can generate a professional-looking headshot. These AI-generated headshots are often vivid, realistic, and indistinguishable from genuine photographs that be used for a variety of purposes, like social media profiles, professional portfolios, business cards, etc. With the advancement of AI technology, there are several AI headshot generators free available that offer exceptional results, allowing individuals to effortlessly create high-quality headshots with just a few clicks.

How Does an AI Headshot Generator Work?

An impressive headshot is more crucial right now, for visual representation plays an important role. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), creating stunning headshots has become easier and more accessible. With the emergence of free AI headshot generators, individuals can now obtain professional-quality headshots without the need for expensive equipment or hiring a photographer.

The process of creating headshots through AI involves several key steps:

1. Data collection: First, data collection takes place, where a vast amount of high-quality headshot images are gathered. These images serve as the foundation for training the free AI headshot generator.

2. Training the generator: The generator learns the intricate details and patterns from this data, enabling it to understand and replicate the elements that make a headshot visually appealing.

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3. Generating headshots: Once the AI generator is trained, it can begin generating headshots. By leveraging its knowledge gained during training, the generator combines different facial features, hairstyles, lighting conditions, and expressions to create unique and vivid headshots. The generated headshots can be customized based on user preferences, allowing individuals to tailor the output according to their specific requirements.

4. Fine-tuning and post-processing: After the initial generation, the AI system undergoes a process called fine-tuning and post-processing. This stage involves refining the generated headshots by adjusting various parameters such as brightness, contrast, and color balance. Fine-tuning ensures that the final headshots are of the highest quality and closely resemble professional photographs.

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

Best Professional AI Headshot Generators You Must Try in 2023

In the digital age, having a professional AI headshot generator is crucial for making a lasting impression. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), you can now create vivid headshots effortlessly. Following are the best free AI headshots generators, you can check and pick your favorite one to start creating. Using the best free AI headshot generators listed here, you can make a professional headshot within minutes. Apart from using those headshots for social media profiles, business cards, resumes, etc., you can also create unique videos with your professional headshot in order to enhance your identity and promote your channel or brand business. Figure out how to create free AI headshots and how to create videos with the generated headshots using AI in the next part. 

#1 PFPMaker - Free AI Headshot Generator

PFPMaker Free AI Headshot Generator

PFPMaker is a leading free AI headshot generator that allows you to effortlessly create vivid headshots for various purposes. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI technology, PFPMaker stands out as an exceptional tool for generating stunning headshots. PFPMaker offers impressive processing speed, delivering your AI-generated headshots in just one hour. This feature saves you valuable time, ensuring you can quickly obtain high-quality headshots for your CV, resume, or LinkedIn profiles with the help of the AI content generator to create your content.

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Extremely suitable for professional headshot creations: Whether you're a job seeker, a professional looking to enhance your online presence, or a business owner, PFPMaker provides the perfect solution for creating polished and professional headshots. It helps you leave a lasting impression on potential employers, clients, or connections.

Explore a wide range of styles, backdrops, and settings (Pro version): PFPMaker offers an extensive collection of over one hundred styles, backdrops, and settings. This allows you to customize your headshot to match your unique preferences and desired aesthetic, ensuring your headshot reflects your personal brand or professional image.


Free to generate 15 professional headshot photos in one go but limits on background, style, clothes, etc.

Premium version costs $25.


Considering that free AI headshot generators may have several limitations on use times, headshot styles, generation results, etc. We have also selected paid professional headshot generators that can amaze you a lot with advanced features.

#2 Vidnoz Headshot Generator - Best Choice for AI Headshot at Lowest Price


Among the top contenders in the field is Vidnoz, a selfie headshot generator that offers a range of impressive features. Vidnoz's AI headshot generator is designed to cater to various occasions, making it a versatile tool for professionals. Whether you need a headshot for your Linkedin profile, Instagram account, or even your resume, Vidnoz has you covered. It can create your best AI professional headshot with ease, and ensure that your headshots look polished and well-suited to their intended purpose.

Vidnoz Headshot Generator transforms ordinary selfies into professional-grade headshots. With just a few clicks, you can enhance the lighting, adjust the background, and refine the overall look to create a headshot that exudes professionalism. What's more, Vidnoz allows users to create customizable headshots by simply typing plain text. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who want to include their name, job title, or other details directly on the headshot. With Vidnoz's AI capabilities, the text seamlessly blends into the image, creating a cohesive and professional result.


Vidnoz Headshot Generator gives you the most cost-effective price in the marketing. You can get 40+ professional headshot photos in 5 styles by paying $14.99.

AI Headshot Generator

Easily create professional headshots from your selfies without physical photo shoot, saving time & energy.

How to create a professional AI headshot with Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator

Step 1. Go to the online AI headshot generator, then click Create Your Headshots Now.

Create Professional Headshot with Vidnoz

Step 2. Select the headshot style you want to generate and log in to pay for the headshot photos.

Create AI Headshot Online

Step 3. Upload your image and press the Generate button to create professional AI business photos. You will receive the generated headshot within 1 hours.

Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator Example:

Fotor AI Generated Headshot

#3 HeadshotPro - Easily Create Professional Headshots

HeadshotPro Free AI Headshot Generator

HeadshotPro is one of the leading AI professional headshot generators available in 2023 to create headshots from photo online. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to create vivid and captivating headshots for individuals and teams. HeadshotPro is one of the best choices for professionals who seek for high-quality AI business photos, with its advanced AI aglorithmes and easy-to-navigate interface.

Optimized techniques to enhance each photo: HeadshotPro employs optimized techniques to enhance the appearance of each photo, ensuring that the generated headshots look professional and polished. Through intelligent algorithms, it adjusts the lighting, sharpness, and color balance, resulting in stunning visuals that highlight the best features of the subject. More than 120 headshots can be generated for each team member, allowing for a diverse range of poses, expressions, and styles.

Protected privacy and secure data handling: HeadshotPro places a strong emphasis on privacy and data security. It adheres to strict user privacy policy. All the photos you uploaded to its server will be guaranteed. 


HeadshotPro offers a range of pricing plans to cater to various needs, which is flexible for both individuals and organizations. There are three packages, a Small shoot which costs , a Normal shoot which costs , and a Premium shoot which costs . There are three packages, a Small shoot which costs $39, a Normal shoot which costs $49, and a Premium shoot which costs $59.

How to create a professional AI headshot with HeadshotPro

Step 1. Go to the HeadshotPro official website and log in with your account.

Step 2. Click Create your own headshot > Click here to start.

Create Headshot in HeadshotPro App

Step 3. Select a package then upload your photo to generate a professional headshot.

Create Professional Headshot with HeadshotPro

HeadshotPro AI Headshot Generator Example:

HeadshotPro AI Headshot Generator

#4 Tryitonai - Best Professional AI Business Photo Generator

Tryitonai Free AI Headshot Generator

Tryitonai is one of the leading AI headshot apps that enables users to create vivid and professional headshots effortlessly. With its advanced AI algorithms, Tryitonai offers a range of impressive features that make it stand out from the competition. Fast delivery of over 100 headshots within 24 hours: Tryitonai understands the need for prompt results. With its lightning-fast processing capabilities, users can expect to receive a diverse collection of high-quality headshots in just 24 hours.

Extra human touch is available, though you have to pay an additional $10 bucks: For those seeking a personalized touch, Tryitonai offers an optional extra service where professional designers add a human touch to your AI-generated headshots. Though it comes with a small additional cost, this feature ensures your headshots are truly unique and tailored to your preferences.

Besides, Tryitonai is also an AI animation generator, you can create your own animation character. A wide range of portrait styles is offered, including Neon, Mermaid, Beauty Style, etc.


Begin with $17 per 100 headshots.

How to create AI business photo with Tryiton

Step 1. Open the online Tryiton Headshot Generator, click Get AI Headshots.

Tryiton Professional Headshot Generator

Step 2. Choose Get AI Headshots then pay for the service.

Pay for Tryiton AI Headshot Generator

Step 3. Select a style and upload your image. Then generate your professional headshot. It will take 24 hours at most to send you the result.

Tryitonai AI Headshot Generator Example:

Tryitonai AI Headshot Generator

#5 Hotpot.ai - Smartly Recognize Facial Features 


Hotpot.ai is a leading platform in the realm of AI professional headshot generators, providing an array of innovative features to create vivid and impressive headshots. With its advanced AI technology, Hotpot.ai ensures exceptional results that capture the essence of each individual. I also provides corporate headshots.

When it comes to meeting user demands, Hotpot.ai offers four subscription plans, catering to various needs and budgets. Whether you require occasional headshots or frequent usage, their plans provide flexibility and affordability.

Hotpot.ai is committed to customer satisfaction. In the rare event that users are unsatisfied with the generated headshots, the platform offers the option to retrain the AI or even provides a refund, ensuring a risk-free experience.

Beyond headshot generation, Hotpot.ai serves as a versatile tool with an extensive range of art creation helpers. From AI video enhancers to designing stunning visuals, this all-in-one platform empowers users to enhance their creative projects effortlessly.


Basic Plan: 50 images for $10

Standard Plan: 90 images for $15

Pro Plan: 150 images for $20

How to create professional AI headshot with Hotpot.ai

Step 1. Launch the Hotpot.ai online headshot generator.

Step 2. Select the image number you want to generate, then pay for it.

Step 3. Upload your photos and generate professional headshots directly.

Pay for Hotpot Headshots

Hotpot.ai Headshot Generator Example:

Headshot Generator Hotpot

Apart from the 5 best free AI headshot generators we handpicked above, there are also other helpful professional headshot generators worth your trial. Check what are they in the following.

#6 Aragon AI

Aragon AI is also a perfect option to create professional headshots. By providing 12 images that can reveal your facial features, it can generate AI headshots for business within 60 minutes. It will generate 200+ headshot photos, from which you can select the one you like to download.

Aragon AI Headshot Generator

#7 Media.io

Media.io is a trustworthy AI website that also provides a AI headshot generation tool. It is able to change your daily life photos into studio-quality professional headshots. The whole process is easy-to-follow and relatively fast. You can select 30+ headshot styles in it.

Media.io Headshot Generator

#8 Fotor

Fotor is powerful for AI photo creation. It provides unique features to generate professional AI headshots. Users can create their headshots by inputting photos or text prompts. You can describe the facial features in your words. Not merely for business headshots, you can also use it to create anime avatars, posters, etc.

Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Create Professional Headshot AI Videos in 1 Minute

To create videos with generated headshots, you can try this AI video generator with talking images. It allows you to upload your own image and turn it into a speaking portrait intelligently. By using it, you are free to shoot videos or hire actors. With the default 300+ templates for business, marketing, sales, social media channels, etc., you can generate any kind of headshot video in minutes. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 300+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
What Does Vidnoz AI Provide?
  • Free to generate video with your headshot
  • Smartly recognize your headshot and add a talking effect
  • Easy and fast to create headshot videos for various scenarios
  • Create human-like talking head videos with voiceover
  • Directly share generated headshot videos on numerous platforms
  • Available for both PC and mobile users

How to make a video with your professional headshot

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI webpage by clicking the button below and log in with your email or social account.

Step 2. Click Avatar on the side menu bar and choose Talking Photo to upload your generated professional headshot.

Upload Professional Headshot

Step 3. Select Template and pick a suitable one. Click Avatar>Talking Photo to replace the default avatar with your headshot. Make other edits like text, layout, animation, etc. Then press the Generate button to export the headshot video.

Create Headshot Videos

As a web-based AI video generator, Vidnoz AI is compatible with most of devices. Moreover, it also provides a mobile App version that allows you to create videos on your mobile phone with ease.

FAQs about AI Headshot Generator Free

Q: What is the AI app that generates headshots?

A: An AI app that generates headshots is a software or online tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic and lifelike portraits or headshots of individuals.

Q: What is the best free headshot AI?

A: Determining the "best" free headshot AI can be subjective as it depends on individual preferences and requirements. However, some popular and highly regarded options include Fotor, HeadshotPro, and Hotpot AI, which offer advanced AI capabilities for creating impressive headshots.

Q: What is the free AI to generate professional headshots?

A: One of the well-known free AI tools to generate professional headshots is Vidnoz. It employs deep learning algorithms to transform photos into stunning artworks, including realistic headshots with professional quality.


When it comes to finding the best free AI headshot generator to create vivid and professional headshots, there are several impressive options available. Whether you're looking for AI free headshot generators specifically designed for professional use or ones that generate lifelike and high-quality headshots, the advancements in AI technology have made it easier than ever to create stunning images. With features like facial recognition, customization options, and realistic rendering, these AI-generated headshots offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses, ensuring impressive results without needing professional photographers or costly photo editing software.


Tim Henderson

Tim is an SEO content writer and an IT researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. Specialized in software reviewing and IT content writing, he has helped tens of thousand readers solve tech-related problems.