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  • How Does AI Image to Video Work?
  • 5 Tools to Convert Photo to Video AI Free
  • Guide: Create a Unique Video with AI Image to Video Free Generator
  • FAQs about  AI Image to Video

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Top 5 Image to Video AI Generator Free: Convert Photo to Video AI Free Online

Kristie Sawyer

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How to convert photo to video AI free? The best 5 image to video AI free generators can help you create an amazing video from images easily. Explore details!

Visual communication is efficient and intuitive. Since videos can combine vivid images, sounds, and texts, they can convey information more accurately and vividly. So, video has become the most influential media form currently. However, producing high-quality videos is not an easy task, and requires the collaborative work of multiple links such as creativity, planning, shooting, editing, and post-production. This is exactly the underlying demand of AI image to video becoming more and more popular in today's increasingly hot AI technology.

AI Image to Video Generator

Why prefer converting photo to video AI free online? In traditional video production, from determining the content and storyline to selecting shooting angles, lighting, editing, and sound effects processing, each step requires experienced professionals to invest a lot of time and energy.

In addition, for ordinary people, the cost of owning high-end shooting equipment and professional editing software is high, and the technical threshold is also relatively high, which limits many people from participating in video creation. Because of this, the emergence of image to video AI technology has become particularly convenient.

Through AI photo to video conversion, ordinary users can also easily transform their own ideas and stories into eye-catching video content. How does an AI image to video generator work, which one is best for converting photo to video AI free, and more questions about AI image to video? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

On This Page
  • How Does AI Image to Video Work?
  • 5 Tools to Convert Photo to Video AI Free
  • Guide: Create a Unique Video with AI Image to Video Free Generator
  • FAQs about  AI Image to Video

How Does AI Image to Video Work?

Free image to video AI technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to convert static images into coherent and smooth videos. In short, you prepare some image resources that you will use to make videos in advance, and then choose an image to video AI generator. Its AI image-to-video technology can automatically handle image conversion, scene transition, animation effects, and other complex processes, and finally generate a smooth video for you.

This process of AI photo video maker greatly saves time and energy, and even costs, allowing more people to participate in video creation. It lowers the threshold for making videos, and expands the possibility and diversity of video creation.

5 Tools to Convert Photo to Video AI Free

Then, in 2024, when AI technology is developing day by day, various image to video AI tools emerge endlessly. Which tools are both easy to use and really free? This article carefully selected and tested the best photo to video maker free for you. Let's take a look at these tools one by one.

#1 Convert Photo to Video AI Free Online - Vidnoz Image to Video AI Generator

Vidnoz Image to Video AI stands as the best free image to video ai generator at no cost on the internet, empowering each user to generate stunning videos from photos in seconds. This mage to video AI free converter works by making a still image move. Upload a single image, click the Generate buttom and it will produce a seamless AI video at the next second.

Vidnoz Image to Video AI Free Generator

As an all-in-one AI video platform, Vidnoz also offers an AI video generator to convey information, make demonstrations, promote products, produce viral social media content, etc. This free AI video generator is know as Vidnoz AI and offers you a wide range of conveniences, allowing you to craft polished videos within mere minutes.

There is a repertoire of over 470+ AI voices, 700+ diverse video templates, 700+ lifelike AI avatars, and an extensive repository of pre-arranged media resources. The method for recruiting actors, filming in studios, and investing substantial time and energy into video production has become obsolete. Bid farewell to the era of costly conventional video production, as Vidnoz AI paves the way for a new and accessible video creation paradigm.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Use this powerful AI video generator to do more stunning image to video conversion!

  • Supports creating videos from photos in only simple steps
  • Massive video templates are available to choose
  • Multiple free online AI tools, like AI avatar generator, AI TTS, and more
  • Enable you to easily create videos not only from images but also from text, PPT, PDF, etc.
  • Easy to make free talking images, free AI talking head, with your own pictures
  • Free trial only offers 1 minute for experiencing
  • No shortcut for AI image to video directly

#2 Image to Video Converter AI - Meta AI

Meta AI Make-A-Video is an AI-powered image to video generator that takes written text or images as input and automatically generates corresponding short video content. It makes a video from static to magic. As for AI image to video feature, it has the ability to bring a static image to animate. You can use a still image or a pair of images as a source and Meta AI Make-A-Video will animate it. 

Simply put, Meta AI video detects and processes your images and then predicts what will happen next, and then briefly shows the scene in motion.

AI Image to Video Generator - Meta AI

  • It's an open-source AI model available for free for research and commercial use
  • Supports input single image of pair of images
  • Supports adding extra creativity to your video
  • Only supports single or two images
  • The generated video will add a default watermark
  • The generated animation is relatively simple, it is the prediction of AI technology, and there is no room for customization

#3 Image to Video AI Generator - Steve AI

Steve.AI offers an AI-driven photo video maker for effortlessly generating AI videos, catering to brands and businesses. It aims to craft compelling videos for social media, advertising, and storytelling. The platform swiftly transforms scripts into captivating videos, aligning with our mission to democratize high-quality video production with minimal effort, time, and cost. It claims itself as a photo to video maker free that helps convert photos to videos instantly using AI. 

AI Photo Video Maker - Steve AI

Its AI image to video service empowers users to produce stunning photo videos, seamlessly integrate photos and text into videos, and have access to a diverse range of over 100 smart templates for efficient and impressive video creation.

  • There are 100+ ready-made video templates
  • Nice animation for its video templates
  • In addition to AI image to video, it also supports text to video, voice to video, and more functions to be launched, such as PPT to video, URL to video, etc.
  • The operation is complicated, and some entrances are very hidden and hard to find, such as when uploading pictures
  • There is no direct shortcut for converting photo to video ai, you need to change the picture from the template
  • Only one picture can be uploaded at a time, and multiple pictures cannot be uploaded at the same time
  • Does not support multiple languages, English script must be used
  • Free version generates video with watermark

#4 D-ID: Turn Photo to AI Video

D-ID utilizes AI to power a video platform, which is more like an AI text-to-video creation platform. As for AI image to video, you can only create AI videos from AI avatar images, not all kinds of images. Utilizing Stable Diffusion and GPT-3, their Creative RealityTM Studio crafts videos in multiple languages. Live Portrait generates short films from images, while Speaking Portrait gives voice to text. D-ID offers cost-effective, top-notch video production.

D-ID Turn Photo to AI Video

  • There is a Guest mode, no need to register
  • Not really AI image to video creation, just supports avatar images to video
  • No shortcut for AI image to video generation

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#5 Genmo AI: Photo to Video AI Free

Genmo, powered by AI, transforms text into dynamic visuals using algorithms, picture recognition, and machine learning. It claims to create AI videos from photos in 30 seconds. It animates pictures, text, symbols, and emoji, allowing personalization through background colors, characters, music, and more. The AI-generated videos are versatile, and shareable on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, serving advertising, instruction, and more, ideal for swift, budget-friendly captivating content creation for businesses, groups, and individuals.

Genmo AI Photo to Video AI Free

  • It’s really free to use
  • Supports easily convert any image to video
  • Relatively simple and few functions

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Guide: Create a Unique Video with AI Image to Video Free Generator

Now, let's take Vidnoz AI as an example to see how to create a custom video with AI image to video generator free. You can also use it to make your photo lip sync online or talk vividly.

Step 1. Create a Vidnoz AI account and log in. 

You can sign up with a new account or you can directly log in with your Google or other supported accounts.

Step 2. Select a Blank to Start.

Click Create Video at the upper right section and select Start a Blank. Vidnoz AI offers Landscape, Portrait, and Square video options for different platforms. You can either start with an AI avatar or video template if you hope so.

How to Create a Video with AI Image to Video Generator - Step 2

Step 3. Browse and Upload Image

Click the Image tab and upload the images you want to convert to a video. You can upload multiple images at a time.

How to Create a Video with AI Image to Video Generator - Step 3

Step 4. Customize your video with more AI features.

From the making interface, you can see your images here and you can do more editing or adding with its rich building features, like adding voiceovers for your video, adding a talking avatar, adding background music, etc.

How to Create a Video with AI Image to Video Generator - Step 4

Step 5. When all settings are over, click the Generate button at the top right and then wait for your video to come.

How to Create a Video with AI Image to Video Generator - Step 5

FAQs about  AI Image to Video

Can AI generate video from images?

Yes, AI can generate videos from images by utilizing algorithms to sequence and animate images, bringing them to life.

How to convert photo to video using AI?

Transform photos into videos using AI by selecting software like Vidnoz AI, uploading images, choosing settings, and generating the video.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

How do I make an AI video from photos for free?

You can achieve photo to video conversion using AI by using a free platform like Genmo AI, uploading images, customizing options, and generating the video output.


In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, AI image to video generators have emerged as game-changers. With their remarkable ability to seamlessly transform static images into dynamic videos, these featured platforms open new doors of creativity and efficiency for creators worldwide. All these AI video generators are worth trying. 

If you really have to choose the best one to convert photo to video AI free online, you're suggesting choosing Vidnoz AI and Genmo AI. The former has the most complete functions but the free time is limited, while the latter has fewer functions but is really free.


Kristie Sawyer

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