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How to Make eLearning Videos for Free

Create E-Learning Videos Step 1

Enter the app

Enter the Vidnoz AI app to make eLearning videos.

Create E-Learning Videos Step 2


Choose an online learning video template and edit as you want.

Create E-Learning Videos Step 3


Click the Generate button for an amazing eLearning video.

Create E-Learning Videos

Choose Free AI Education Video Templates for E-Learnin

Choose Free AI Education Video Templates for

Language Learning Video Template

Language Learning Tips

Science Lesson Video Template

Science Lesson

Math Lesson Video Template

Math Lesson

Language Arts Learn Video Template

Language Arts Learning

Education Video Template

Education Tips

Children Education Video Template

Education for All Children

Tech Sharing Video Template

Tech Sharing Lecture

Knowledge Sharing Video Template

Knowledge Sharing

History Learning Video Template

History Learning

Edit E-Learning Videos Now

How Vidnoz AI Streamlines eLearning Videos Production?


Vidnoz AI enables you to generate eLearning videos from texts, including PPTs, URLs, and PDFs. It just takes a few minutes to generate a complete video.


Get rid of repeated movements to design video layouts and colors. Edit learning videos based on video templates.


With Vidnoz AI, you can create excellent videos at a low cost. Save all the money spent on buying devices and hiring professional teachers.

AI teachers

There are many realistic AI avatars to choose from as an AI teacher. Use different AI teachers for different lessons.

More accessible

You can create landscape or portrait videos for different video aspect ratios, and share videos from Vidnoz AI to multiple platforms.

International reach

Vidnoz AI offers vast voiceovers with different accents, English, French, German, etc. to expand your eLearning videos marketing.

Create E-Learning Videos

E-Learning Video Creation PK

Create e-learning videos
without AI

Cost much to buy devices

Spend a lot of time recording

Speak in front of webcam for voicee

Hire teachers to record themselves

Require a noiseless environment

Design video layouts personally


Producation time





Create e-learning videos
with AI

Save 80% of money

Reduce creation time by 85%

Get lip-sync voice from texts

Directly use AI realistic avatars

Make videos anywhere

Free prepared video templates

Create E-Learning Videos

People Prefer Vidnoz AI to Make Education Videos


I love Vidnoz! I’m a K12 teacher and need to make large K12 videos online. In the past, I spent much time preparing class PPTs and videos. But now it changes since I try Vidnoz AI and use its templates to edit my PPT file and turn my PPT file into videos instantly. So easy!


I always use Vidnoz AI for education video production. I don’t have to spend money on buying devices. I don’t need to record screen and speak at the same time. Use free online lesson video templates to get online course videos in minutes. So fast!


Vidnoz AI is great. It generates voices from texts in different languages and accents. Realistic AI avatar avoids my embarrassment when facing a camera. Creating eLearning videos is easier than ever.


about AI Videos for eLearning

1. What is E-Learning and E-Learning Videos?

E-learning, or electronic learning, is a type of online learning that is completed through digital resources, and videos are the most common e-learning methods. E-learning videos are multimedia content that is specifically created and designed for e-learning to convey learning material in a funny, friendly, and engaging way.

2. Can I Make Free Educational Videos for Kids?

Yes. Follow the simple steps below to create educational videos for kids.
Step 1. Enter the Vidnoz AI education video maker app.
Step 2. Choose an education video template and edit.
Step 3. Click the Generate button to produce education videos quickly.

3. How to Download eLearning Videos?

Vidnoz AI allows you to download videos for learning freely. After the eLearning or education video is completed, click the three dots on the top right of the video and choose the Download option. Then your video will be downloaded in MP4 files.

4. Why Use Videos in Education?

Give visual and interactive lessons online content to increase the engagement of your learners.
It is flexible as learners can choose to view the educational videos anytime, anywhere.
Make content easier to understand since complicated steps can be divided into simple steps.
It’s cost-effective because you can complete and deliver your education videos online.

5. Are There Some eLearning Videos Examples?

Yes, Vidnoz AI offers eLearning video templates as examples. You can save time and edit based on eLearning video templates.

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