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Ethical Use of Synthetic Media: Vidnoz Platform Policy

At Vidnoz, our paramount commitment is to offer a secure and pleasurable environment for all patrons. Specializing in AI video creation, we comprehend the profound influence of video in storytelling and information dissemination. However, this influence demands a profound responsibility. We are duty-bound to ensure that the content gracing our platform adheres to standards of respect, ethics, and the values we uphold as a company.

To fulfill this responsibility, we have formulated a stringent policy outlining the types of content strictly prohibited on our platform. Although you retain ownership of your work, the content within is subject to our platform guidelines. Prohibited content encompasses materials that endorse violence, hate speech, or discrimination; engage in illegal activities or promote unlawful behavior; disseminate spam or fraudulent content; and violate intellectual property rights. We believe that these types of content have no place on Vidnoz and will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, we have implemented age restrictions for specific content categories, acknowledging the need to shield children and vulnerable individuals from inappropriate or harmful materials. These restrictions are in place to ensure that our platform remains secure for all users.

To clarify our expectations for users, we have provided comprehensive guidelines. We earnestly urge users to refrain from posting any content that breaches our moderation policy, abide by all pertinent laws and regulations, and uphold the rights and privacy of others..

Regarding your portrait rights, we respect your right to your own image. You could decide how it's used. This means we will never create an AI avatar without your clear consent.

Should you encounter content on Vidnoz that appears to violate our moderation policy, we encourage you to promptly report it to us. Our dedicated moderation team diligently reviews all reports, taking swift and decisive action when necessary. If you believe a moderation decision to be erroneous, you have the option to appeal by contacting us at support@vidnoz.com.

Vidnoz is steadfast in its commitment to incessant improvement and evolution. Consequently, we reserve the right to update our moderation policy or make platform modifications as deemed necessary. Rest assured, any such alterations will be communicated to our users via email or directly on the platform.

We firmly believe that it is our solemn duty to uphold the ethical integrity of content on Vidnoz. Our commitment to fostering a secure and enjoyable experience for all users is unwavering, and we trust that our content moderation policy accurately mirrors this dedication.