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Vidnoz Flex - Innovate Digital Video Marketing

Vidnoz Flex, the innovative video marketing tool from Vidnoz. Use it to convert more leads, understand customers better, and expand brands worldwide.

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Smart Features to Boost Video Marketing

    Video Creation

    Video Editing


    Free Templates

    Video Sharing

    Video Analytics

Create Video for Marketing

Upload files or choose from the three recording options: Camera, Screen+Camera, and Screen to create videos. Have a smooth flow during your presentation with the help of the teleprompter.

Create Video
Record a video
Upload a video
Edit Video for Marketing

Trim, cut, crop, resize videos, add text, images, emojis, and adjust video settings. Use quick and advanced editing options to make your videos professional and show your unique brand identity.

Add Video CTAs for Marketing

Insert CTA buttons in videos to encourage direct interactions for sign-up, purchase, subscription, opening promotion pages, etc. Define CTA types, set the duration, and customize viewer options.

Use Templates in Video Marketing

Get a head start with the pre-designed templates for your video landing pages and email scripts. Create personalized and crafted videos readily.

Share Videos for Marketing

Send videos via email, upload videos to social platforms, and embed them anywhere. Vidnoz Flex supports all popular platforms for sharing marketing videos.

Video Analytics in Digital Marketing

Analyze marketing data in video with powerful algorithms and high accuracy on a central dashboard. Plan out impactful strategies driven by actual data.

Video Marketing Wins Over Non-Video Marketing

  • Non-Video Marketing

  • Non-video ways like email marketing include more plain text that people will skip over.

  • People leave earlier as it takes more time to grasp non-video marketing content.

  • Texts and still images in traditional marketing result in less interactive experiences.

  • Non-video marketing is weak to drive actions and improve high conversion.

  • Traditional marketing analytics relies on manual processing for data-driven tactics.

Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate

Audience Retention

Audience Retention

Lead Engagement

Lead Engagement

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Strategy Optimization

Strategy Optimization
  • Video Marketing  with Vidnoz

  • Video content gradually becomes people’s preference to receive marketing information.

  • Video makes people understand the information faster and consume the content longer.

  • Stirring videos for marketing can elicit stronger emotional responses and more engagement.

  • Posting a video for marketing on a landing page can lift about 80% conversion at least.

  • Advanced video analytics make it easy to get crucial metrics and develop killer strategies.

Non-Video Marketing

Video Marketing

with Vidnoz
Click-Through Rate Low Higher
Audience Retention Bounce quick Stay longer
Lead Engagement Little interaction Highly interactive
Conversion Rate Fairly less 80% More
Strategy Optimization Outdated & manual Smart & Innovative

Vidnoz Flex Powers Up Video Marketing

Vidnoz Flex will be a kill shot to shorten the path to your success.

Visualize Every Idea into Video

Visualize the whole business marketing process from awareness to conversion in the form of videos. Connect deeper with your customers and convert more leads.

Make Videos Interactive Enough

Add interactive components to your videos and engage better with your customers. Encourage people to take action on your videos via CTA buttons to increase conversion.

Maximize the Exposure of Videos

Easily reach audiences on all platforms with the handy share features. Broaden the scope of your visibility and increase brand awareness.

Perform Marketing Analytics Like a Pro

Get instructive video performance analytics in real-time. Understand your customer better, adjust data-driven decisions in time, and boost returns in the end.
Convert All to Video
Interactive Video for Marketing
Extend Exposure Everywhere
Advanced Video Analytics

Make Digital Marketing Videos Striking with
Ready-Made Templates

You can easily create unparalleled video pages for marketing, with the treasure trove of customized templates on Vidnoz Flex. There are also templates for sales, collaboration, and customer support videos.

What Vidnoz Flex People Say

PPC Manager
PPC Manager, E-commerce

Russell Nardone

Russell Nardone

“Decided on video marketing for my small T-shirt designing business. Vidnoz Flex is really easy to use. I’m learning fast and having a blast using this platform as a newbie. If you’re ALSO looking for easy video marketing tools, I think you will find it a gem.”

Digital Marketing Consultant,
Digital Marketing Consultant, Advertising

Myra Ray

Myra Ray

“It is ready for quick and on-the-go production on videos for communication and other activities in marketing. I do love all the options you have at your disposal and love to see some of the high engagements on my videos! All thanks to Vidnoz Flex!”

Information professional
Information professional, Education

Deon Sellman

Deon Sellman

“Have been using the website for a long time. It’s full-featured and can make videos from my webcam and screen together. The better thing is that I can put it into the customer activity. It indeed facilitates my marketing process.”

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