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How to Create Explainer & How to Videos with Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI is a professional free AI video generator that helps create superior videos with AI easily. See how to make explainer videos and tutorial videos in 3 simple steps with Vidnoz AI!

Make Vidnoz AI Explainer Videos Step 1

Step 1.

Choose a Video Template

Choose a suitable explainer video or how to video template from 1000+ video templates.

Make Vidnoz AI Explainer Videos Step 1

Step 2.

Customize Your Video

Pick or customize an avatar for your video, edit your speech script, add animations, etc.

Make Vidnoz AI Explainer Videos Step 2

Step 3.

Generate Your Video Now

Click “Generate the video” to get your explainer videos or how to videos in seconds.

Make Vidnoz AI Explainer Videos Step 3

1-Click to Produce Explainer Videos & How to Videos with Templates

Produce eye-catching AI videos with massive how to & explainer video templates by one click! Bring videos to more engagements and drive you to success!

Explainer Videos How to Videos
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Quick App Intro Video Template
Quick App Intro
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Science Learning Video Template
Science Learning
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Marketing Strategy Video Template
Marketing Strategy

Why Choose Vidnoz AI to Make Striking Explainer & How to Videos

Best explainer video maker to enjoy various beautiful & professional video templates and powerful AI features to create marveling videos easily!

10x Faster to Create AI Videos

10x Faster to Create On-demand Videos for Free

Easy and 10x faster to create your on-demand AI explainer videos and tutorial videos for free with Vidnoz AI. Reduce the time for topic research, frame organization, video shooting, etc.

Explainer and How to Videos Templates

90+ Explainer & How to Videos Templates

Select from 90+ explainer videos and how to videos templates that meet all your demands, such as app/website introduction, online education, marketing, job interview tips, how to tutorial, etc.

AI Avatars for Explainer Videos

Realistic & Anime AI Avatars for Explanationn

Realistic & anime AI avatars differing in ages, ethnicities, and costumes as the presenter of explainer or how to videos. Save you both time & cost of camera shootings.

Lip-sync Voiceover for Explainer Videos

Lip-sync Voiceover with Various Speed & Emotions

Quickly convert your text to 470+ lip-sync AI voices at different speed and emotions that fit your explaining videos well. 140+ languages for speech to choose from in total..

Explore More Features for AI Explainer Videos & How to Videos Creation

Natural Gestured AI Avatar

900+ AI avatars with natural gestures and poses while presenting.

Customize AI Presenter

Make your customized AI avatars to build your own digital image.

Updated Video Templates

More explainer video templates are coming to the explainer video generator.

Background Remover

Easily remove and replace the original background of videos.

Massive Video Assets

Rich effects, images, audio, BGMs on the explainer & how to video maker.

Multiple Languages

140+ languages with different accents, English, Greek, German, etc.

Upload Audio for Speech

Support to upload your own audio as the video speech voice.

Text to Video by 1-Click

Generate AI explainer and how to videos with text only by one click.


on Explainer Video & How to Video Maker

FAQs on Explainer Video & How to Video Maker

1. What’s the best explainer video maker

Vidnoz AI. This amazing free AI video generator offers plenty of explainer video and tutorial video templates along with multiple AI features.

2. Why use Vidnoz AI to make explainer videos and how to videos?

It’s extremely fast and easy to create engaging and captivating explainer videos & how to videos with 1000+ video templates, 900+ AI avatars & voiceovers and more features on Vidnoz AI.

3. What are some tips to make a great explainer video with Vidnoz AI?

1. Choose the most suitable video template that matches your topic properly.
2. Customize your own avatar as presenter to help audiences know you better.
3. Make your explainer videos animated and attractive to catch audiences’ eyes.

Discover More Video Templates in Vidnoz AI

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E-learning Videos - Math Lesson
E-learning Videos
click to play
E-commerce Videos - Company Profile
E-commerce Videos
click to play
Social Media Videos - Game Tips
Social Media Videos

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