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Vidnoz Online Sound Test

Free online sound tester to check your audio left and right

Click the left and right play buttons to test sound

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How to Fix No Sound?

Quick steps to find out the problem causes your device no sound.

STEP 1: Make sure all the cables are rightly connected and all cords are plugged in.

Check if your audio is set to mute and the volume is loud enough for testing.

STEP 2: Check the cables of audio devices.

Make sure all the cables are rightly connected and all cords are plugged in.

STEP 3: Make sure your audio device is default.

Make sure the audio device you are using is chosen as default in “Sound” and the audio source matches your output device.

STEP 4: Update sound driver.

Then check if your sound driver is broken or outdated.

How to Fix No Sound - Step 1
How to Fix No Sound - Step 2
How to Fix No Sound - Step 3
How to Fix No Sound - Step 4
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FAQs of Sound Test

How to test sound with this online tool?

Click the left play button to check your left stereo sound and the right play button to check your right stereo sound.

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