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Vidnoz Flex - Best Tool for Video Email

Embed your video directly into your email and send it to your customers or target group easily and free of charge. With Vidnoz Flex you can not only increase your Email open rates, but also close more deals and achieve amazing sales growth.

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Best Tool for Video Email

Video Email Empowers Clearer and Easier Communication

With Vidnoz Flex, you can edit videos, embed them directly into emails, and easily share them with clients, teammates, and friends through email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. - without taking up your computer storage space. Tailored and specific email videos could make your asynchronous communication more effective to reach more potential collaborations, optimize marketing strategies and boost sales.

Send Video by Email to Different People Embed Video in Email Free

Video Email Helps Achieve Your Email Campaign Goals

Reach Email Campaign Goals with Video Email
Increase email open rate by 19%
Increase click rate by 65%
Increase response rate by 200%

Using Vidnoz Flex to embed video in email encourages your customers to click and watch, contributing to higher email open rates, conversion rates and expanding superior brand advertising impact.

In addition, Vidnoz Flex enables you to track and analyze user data. Simply embedding videos in your emails can provide you with real-time insight into their behavior and preferences. This tool allows you to better identify user needs, formulate and adjust the right market strategies and plans.

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  • Video Email Skyrockets Sales for You and Your Business

    Video Email to Increase Sales

    Sales representatives can use Vidnoz Flex to record and edit various videos and store them in the Vidnoz Flex library without taking up computer memory. Numerous templates can be quickly and easily customized to suit your customers' needs. Vidnoz Flex supports docking with Gmail and Outlook so you can quickly send emails with embedded videos to your customers. By embedding videos directly into emails, you can increase your email open rate and sales conversion rate.

    Video Email to Increase Sales

    Through Vidnoz Flex, customers can provide feedback on the content after watching the video, and sales representatives can track user needs timely and adjust sales strategies. Vidnoz Flex also makes it easy to manage customer feedback and communicate efficiently between the two parties to ensure collaboration and increase sales for individuals or companies.

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  • Video Email Facilitates More Efficient Work, Communication and Collaboration

    Send video by email to simplify complex email content and help you deliver information more accurately and clearly. This allows you to communicate more efficiently and directly.

    This online tool from Vidnoz helps record, edit, and embed video in emails. The videos in email can be viewed, liked and commented on, with prompt interaction and communication for both senders and recipients. It allows better discussion and work details and project plans to be set. Video email saves your time and improves individual or team efficiency.

    Video Email Makes Your Work Easy and Efficient - Vidnoz Flex

Video Email Offers a Unique and Innovative Way to Your Life and Work

Merely sending videos via email is not enough to unique your email. Use Vidnoz Flex to get high open and conversion rates.

  • Embed Video in Mail with Vidnoz Flex With Vidnoz Flex you can record/upload your videos and edit them in the library. You can attach exclusive images, text, links and various gadgets to elaborate your content and make your video content more detailed and intelligible.
  • Vidnoz Flex- Send Video by Email In addition to embedding videos directly in emails, you can also embed Vidnoz Flex video code in presentations and other websites to make the content you want to present richer and more attractive.
  • Video Email Analyze - Vidnoz Flex Video email makes it possible to track user data and behavior in real time and do marketing work more efficiently.
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Marketing Manager

Vidnoz Flex is a great video email marketing platform and I recommend anyone who is considering another product take a second look at this one. I use Vidnoz Flex when I need to record an entire desktop or online meeting. Simply embedding the video in email to my teammates saves a lot of time in communication and team training. Such savings allow us to discuss issues and make our marketing strategies more effective.



Vidnoz Flex is a comprehensive tool for recording and sharing videos. Video emails are a perfect way to introduce your product or service to potential customers. Use Vidnoz Flex to embed a video in the email and share it with clients. I created my personal branding. This is one of my favorite aspects of the platform as it allows me to align my sales page with the rest of my marketing efforts.


SEO Expert

I use Vidnoz Flex for SEO audits all the time to show my clients. With Vidnoz Flex, it's always easy and fast to edit professional videos and embed them in emails.

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