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On This Page
  • What is AI Gender Swap and How Does It Work?
  • Top 9 Gender Swap Apps to Find Another You
  • How to Use AI Gender Swap Apps Safely?
  • Meet the Gender-Swapped You with a Gender-Consistent Voice

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Top 9 Gender Swap AI Tools - Change Your Gender in Seconds


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Want to know how your opposite gender looks? Explore the top 9 AI gender swap apps with gender swap filters to enjoy excitement and express yourself freely!

AI-powered gender swap technology is the talk of today, where digital self-expression is the new freedom of expression. So, are you curious about your appearance as the opposite gender? Now you can easily see how you would look if you were born as the opposite sex and free of cost too. This article will explore the top 9 AI gender swap apps that allow you to transform your appearance. Also, experience the thrill of a gender switch and how to use such apps efficiently.

Gender Swap

On This Page
  • What is AI Gender Swap and How Does It Work?
  • Top 9 Gender Swap Apps to Find Another You
  • How to Use AI Gender Swap Apps Safely?
  • Meet the Gender-Swapped You with a Gender-Consistent Voice

What is AI Gender Swap and How Does It Work?

AI gender swap apps are mobile applications that use AI technologies to transform a person's appearance, making them look like the opposite gender. By analyzing facial features, these apps generate a gender-swapped image that closely simulates an individual's appearance if they were born as the opposite sex. You get an amusing glimpse into an alternate reality because the results are mostly highly accurate. The additional features in each app regarding gender swap images give something extra to every user. Gender swap AI online free was never that easy and quick before.

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Top 9 Gender Swap Apps to Find Another You

Let's find the top 9 gender swap apps to help you digitally explore your other gender look.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat gives a fun and easy-to-apply gender swap function to its users with a multitude of entertaining filters. You can get My Twin filter to change your gender in the image from male to female or female to male.

How to Use:

Tapping the Smiley face opens the filter list. Click the Explore option on Snapchat. Now, use the search engine to locate My Twin filters, a woman with painted lips for a female-to-male gender swap AI online, and a bearded face filter for a male-to-female gender modification in an image or video. After selecting a filter, click a pic with Snapchat cam or record a video and apply it.

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2. TikTok

The gender swap filter is viral on TikTok nowadays. TikTok uses FaceApp and CapCut for producing gender exchange images and videos, respectively. TikTok provide a special filter to change your gender when you are recording a video

How to Use:

Open TikTok and search the term Gender Swap Filter in the search bar. Look for a user already using this filter. Then find CapCut – Try this template above their username and click it to get redirected to the CapCut page. Finally create the gender-swapped video, save it, and upload your clip to TikTok.

Swap Gender on TikTok

3. Vidnoz Face Swap 

Vidnoz Face Swap is an amazing AI gender change app that can easily and high-quality generate face swap content. Its gender swap feature gives your uploaded images a unique, opposite-gender look. It is effortless to use and completely free, you only need to upload the base photo of the face you want to swap, and then upload another photo of the opposite gender, Vidnoz Face Swap will quickly process and generate the perfect opposite-gender face swap picture.

How to Use:

The steps to use this AI gender swap online tool are very clear and simple. All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself as the base image and then upload a target face image for which you want the gender swap. Click Swap Face Now instantly to get realistic and interesting pictures or videos of the opposite gender. Then you can share the generated gender swap photo online free to any social platform or your family and friends.

Vidnoz AI Gender Swap Free

4. FaceApp

FaceApp rules the AI gender swap online niche with its vast array of fun filters, including the gender swap. You get multiple choices in the Gender exchange filter option.

How to Use:

Upload a clear face image to FaceApp and select from the 3 available gender options. With a click, you can see yourself as the opposite sex and save this image to your device or exchange it with friends and family for a laugh.

Gender Swap - Face App

5. FaceMagic App

FaceMagic app is famous for its face-swapping and gender-swapping features through AI technology. It allows you to upload selfies to seamlessly transition them to other individuals and gender.

How to Use:

Upload your image to the FaceMagic AI gender change app and click on the Gender swap filter to get an altered sex fun image. You can even go with a live gender swap. Share your swapped gender image on your social media and get instant likes!

Gender Swap - Face Magic

6. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is considered one of the best gender swap apps. Whether you choose photos from your gallery or use the app's live camera feature to swap faces in real time is up to you. You can get multiple face-swapping options in gender exchange, including one-to-one swaps, where two faces are swapped, and face merging, where two faces are combined.

How to Use:

Record your videos or photos using this app, then see the magic with the live gender swap AI technology of Face Swap Live. No need for static images only. Just go for live recording and swap genders in real time within no time.

Gender Swap App - Face Swap Live

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7. DeepSwap.ai

DeepSwap.ai is an AI gender swap app that refaces images, videos, and, most strikingly, GIFs to the opposite gender within no time. It gender-swaps gifs, too, along with images and videos. A unique feature is that you can reshape up to 6 faces in the same clip on this online gender swap software.

How to Use:

Upload the video/photo/gif you want to swap face on. Now, choose the face of the opposite gender you want to generate. Download the refaced video/photo/gif.

Gender Swap App - Deepswap

8. AILab Tools

AILab Tools provides gender-swapping AI technology for your images on PC with excellent results. Its outstanding gender exchange filter generates quality ai swapped images in no time.

How to Use:

Upload your image to his gender swap free online app and apply the desired filter. Save your opposite-sex look to prank your friends.

Gender Swap Tool - AILAB Tool

9. Fotor

Fotor is quite a famous name in AI image edits. It offers a comprehensive gender swap AI online with special gender swap effects provided. In addition to the gender swap function in the face swap, you also get special head swap and headshot generating features.

How to Use:

Upload your image to the Fotor gender swap AI filter option, and with a click, see yourself in a swapped gender pic. Save this generated content. Additionally, you can go for a head or face swap in your gender-altered image to make things more hilarious and interesting.

Gender Swap - Fotor

How to Use AI Gender Swap Apps Safely?

You should take some precautions while using a gender swap AI online free.

Ensure Privacy and Data Security

Before trying gender swap AI apps, you should always read and understand the app privacy policies to protect your personal data privacy from being misused.

Obtain Consent

You should always take the consent of another individual before transforming their image through an app filter so as not to hurt anybody emotionally or ethically.

Avoid Misuse

You should never use this fun and exciting gender-swapped content with wrong intentions to do some harm, such as impersonation or harassment. Respect others' boundaries and never abuse your freedom to use gender swap filters.

Meet the Gender-Swapped You with a Gender-Consistent Voice

Using a gender swap filter online tool will give you an image of the opposite gender. Not only that, you can also make this gender-swapped image into a vivid video through Vidnoz Talking Avatar. This feature transforms static images into lifelike animated avatars with precise voice and lip sync with the transformed gender-congruent voice.

Step 1. Go for AI gender swap online first, male-to-female or female-to-male.

Step 2. Open the Vidnoz AI page and sign up.

Step 3. Go to AI Talking Photo interface, and upload the image you got using the gender swap filter. Enter the desired text you wish the avatar to speak and choose the language and voice. Click Generate Video. Now you get an excellent quality lip-synced video with a gender-swapped image.

Make Gender-Swapped Photo Talk

Actually, Vidnoz could help you do more after using gender swap apps. This free AI video generator has templates for various topics, which allows you to create rich content videos with your gender swapped photo as soon as possible. Get AI-generated voice according to your swapped gender in multiple languages. It has many male and female options before changing texts to voice. Frequently used languages,  English, French, German, Italian are available. Try it now to make memorial videos in seconds for your gender swapped look.

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AI gender swap technology carries tremendous transformative potential. Express yourself freely with the latest free AI technology. Ready to take your social media game to a higher level? Join the gender swap filter trend and create a buzz-worthy opposite-gender photo. Win over likes and fans by sharing gender-altered images on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook! Here Vidnoz gives you a unique added feature of its Talking Avatar, providing a realistic feeling lip synchronization video to your gender-swapped images.



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