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On This Page
  • Is It Possible to Colorize Video Online Free
  • 3 Best Free AI Video Colorizers Online
  • 3 Steps to Colorize Video Free with AI
  • 4 Tips to Turn Black and White Video Into Color
  • How to Make the AI-colorized Videos More Engaging

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Top 3 AI Video Colorizer Tools to Turn Black and White Videos Into Color


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How to colorize videos online free? Use the best 3 AI video colorizers to turn white and black video into color online free with no effort.

In the old days, almost all visual media was presented with black and white, from photography to Hollywood films and altered to color as technology improved. Nowadays, black and white is recognized as a special artistic style with vintage charm. It is not surprised there are countless black and white videos over the internet, from classic movie clips to captivating artwork. In some occasions, we desire to add color to a black and white video making it to be modern and vivid. But how?

AI Video Colorizer Online

Fortunately, with AI technology, you can make video colorization a reality. In this article, we would like to recommend the best 3 AI video colorizer tools that can turn black and white video into color efficiently.

On This Page
  • Is It Possible to Colorize Video Online Free
  • 3 Best Free AI Video Colorizers Online
  • 3 Steps to Colorize Video Free with AI
  • 4 Tips to Turn Black and White Video Into Color
  • How to Make the AI-colorized Videos More Engaging

Is It Possible to Colorize Video Online Free

Absolutely yes! Online AI video colorizer, the cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to add color to black and white or faded videos, can perfectly complete the task. The technology leverages deep learning algorithms to analyze the grayscale in each frame and predict the most likely colors that were presented in the original scene.

It doesn't require any technical skills or software installation to colorize video online free with an AI video colorizer. The tool can breathe new life into old footage, making the video more engaging and visually appealing. Furthermore, it can help filmmakers and content creators add a unique touch to their videos by creating vintage effects.

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3 Best Free AI Video Colorizers Online

When it comes to colorizing videos online, several tools stand out due to their advanced AI technology and user-friendly interfaces. Here are three of the top 3 AI video colorizer online tools that you can use for free.

Neural Love

Neural Love is an exceptional web-based AI video enhancer and art generator that can colorize video online through the magic of AI. To bring your black and white footage to life, simply upload it, sit back, and let the AI technology work wonders. This AI video colorizer analyzes the grayscale information in the video and uses its neural network to predict and apply the most suitable colors. The result is a colorized video that looks as if it was originally shot in color.

Neural Love AI Video Colorizer

Key Features
  • Quick & easy to colorize videos online through dragging and dropping
  • Add natural, realistic colors to old, black-and-white videos
  • Sport colorization models to colorize old hockey or basketball games
  • All files are stored privately and encrypted without privacy leakage


Editingtools.io is another excellent tool that lets you colorize pictures or videos with AI, turning black and white to color in seconds. This remarkable video colorizer online tool leverages advanced AI technology to analyze your footage and automatically apply the most suitable colors, thanks to its deep AI video colorization capabilities. Its automated process ensures simplicity and accessibility for users of all skill levels. Editingtools.io excel as an AI video editor, it also serves as a robust editing tool, encompassing an array of features such as cropping, resizing, and rotating. With its comprehensive range of functionalities, it serves as a convenient all-in-one solution for all your video editing requirements.

Editingtools.io AI Video Colorizer

Key Features
  • Turn black and white video into color online free without installations
  • Advanced algorithm to ensure accurate and lifelike color rendering
  • Simple workflow to make it easy to use for users of all skill levels
  • Efficient rendering to greatly reduce the time to colorize videos online


Flixier is a comprehensive video editing and color-grading tool that works on any device directly from your browser. This colorize video AI sets itself apart from other tools by offering more than just a free online AI video colorizer; it presents a comprehensive video editing platform. Leveraging Flixier's advanced AI technology, you can effortlessly enhance the colors in your videos, infusing them with vibrancy and captivating visual appeal.

Flixier Video Colorizer Online

Key Features
  • Intuitive interface to create high-quality colorized videos at the touch of button
  • Comprehensive toolset to make color grading adjustments, from video gamma to brightness, contract and more
  • Smart AI video color correction to make the footage look as natural as possible
  • Make color editing on any device directly from browser at super speed

3 Steps to Colorize Video Free with AI

How to colorize videos online free with AI? As a matter of fact, most online AI video colorizers share the similar tutorial. So, let’s take Neural Love as an example. Follow the steps to convert black and white video to color online free now.

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Access the online video colorization tool in Neural Love and upload the B&W video which want to add color. 

How to Colorize Video Online Step 1

Step 2: Customize Your Video

After the AI video colorize complete analyzing the video, you can make customizations. For example, upscale video to 4K, change the frame rate to 60fps, enhance facial details and make slow-mo. 

How to Colorize Video Online Step 2

Step 3: Preview and Download Your Colorized Video

Neural Love will start processing your video after all settings are done. Once the processing is complete, you'll be able to preview the colorized version of your video. If you're satisfied with the result, click on the "Download" button to save the colorized video to your device.

4 Tips to Turn Black and White Video Into Color

AI video colorizers offer the most cost-efficient solution to add vibrant colors to black and white footage. Besides, you should keep in mind of the following tips to achieve the best possible AI colorize video results.

1. Use High-Quality and Clear Videos

To get the best results with AI video colorizer, it's crucial to use high-quality and clear videos. The AI algorithms work best when they have more information to work with, and a high-resolution video provides that. Clear videos with less noise and distortion allow the AI to accurately identify and colorize the different elements in the video.

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2. Adjust the Brightness and Contrast of Your Video

Before colorizing your video, consider adjusting the brightness and contrast. This can help to bring out the details in your video, making it easier for the AI to colorize. A well-balanced video with good contrast between the different elements can lead to a more vibrant and realistic colorization.

AI Video Colorizer Online Sample

3. Experiment with Different Colorization Modes

AI video colorizer may offer different colorization modes. Don't hesitate to experiment with these. Each mode may interpret and colorize your video differently, and you might find one that suits your video better than the others. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in colorization, and what works best can vary from video to video.

4. Make a Copy of Original Video

It is essentinal to back up the original black and white video. With a secure copy of the unaltered footage, you can revert or make adjustments if needed. 

Moreover, it is a good idea to share the colorized videos with friends or on social media. You can improve the results with valuable insights and constructive criticism.

How to Make the AI-colorized Videos More Engaging

What’s your purpose to colorize video online free? Some of you only want to bring the life to a picture and some others need a more engaging clip to attract more audiences. If so, you can take advantage of an AI video generator. Vidnoz AI is such an intuitive online free platform to create and enhance AI videos with ease. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz AI enables you to upload a video as resource into your project. It offers an array of editing features to enhance your video. Besides basic cropping, you can add text/subtitle, image and music and apply text animation, transitions and other effects. Additionally, it allows you to add a realistic avatar to make an AI talking head with perfect lip-syncing as presenter to introduce your video. The AI video generator also builds in an AI text to speech engine to transfer your script into voice over in multiple languages. 

Vidnoz is pretty easy to use. Follow the guide, you can make your AI-colorized videos more engaging.

Step 1. Access to Vidnoz AI from your browser. 

Step 2. Click Create > Start a blank and select a layout, Landscape, Portrait or Square.

Create a Black Project for Importing Colorized Video

Step 3. Click Material > Upload image or video and import the colorized video.

How to Upload the Colorized Video into Project

Step 4. Write your script into the Speech Text box, select Voice and Language. Then, add avatar, text, image, music or other elements if needed.

Step 5. After all settings are done, click Generate. The video will be saved to My Creations. From here, you can edit, download and share it at will.

How to Generate a More Engaging Clip from a Colorized Video

As an AI video generator, Vidnoz AI is equipped with more functionality to help you make an AI video efficiently.

More Features from Vindoz AI You'll Love
  • 300+ video templates - Create various videos from marketing, sales, education and so on.
  • 470+ AI voices - Generate male/female voice overs with natural tones and pitches.
  • Free media library - Provide thousands of images, icons and audios to personalize your videos much easily


Ultimately, the choice of the best AI video colorizer online depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Each of these black and white video to color tools offers unique features and advantages, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient colorization experience for users. You can try Vidnoz for further colorized video editing.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.


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