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  • Top 5 AI Video Generator Apps to Ease Your Video Creation
  • Quick Guide on How to Create a Video with an AI Video Generator App
  • AI Video Generator App - FAQs

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5 Best AI Video Generator Apps for Stunning Visual Content


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Here are 5 best AI video generator apps for iPhone and Android, offering free, innovative and efficient video creation.

Exceptional AI video generator apps for Android and iOS can make the video creation smooth and quick. This article will give a thorough and insightful tour of the 5 best AI video generator apps, how to use them, and clear any doubts by answering the frequently asked questions.

AI Video Generator App

On This Page
  • Top 5 AI Video Generator Apps to Ease Your Video Creation
  • Quick Guide on How to Create a Video with an AI Video Generator App
  • AI Video Generator App - FAQs

Top 5 AI Video Generator Apps to Ease Your Video Creation

Viddo - AI Video Generator App for Android

Viddo AI Video Generator App for Android

An AI video generator should have the features and power to create videos that live up to the user’s requirements and expectations effortlessly. Viddo works on a smart algorithm, which helps users to write a script in a video that efficiently reaches the target audience. It has a broad collection of templates and themes that help in crafting visually appealing and engaging videos.

Key Feature
  • Generate high-quality videos with ease.
  • Its team has conducted an analysis of video clips from social platforms.
  • Its editors will incorporate captivating text and graphics on the screen.
  • It can elevate your performance and captivate viewers, ensuring their level of engagement.
  • It can also set you up for a video traffic campaign.







Video AI - AI Video Generator and Maker for iOS

Video AI AI Video Generator and Maker for iOS

Video AI is an AI video generator app for iOS. The feature that makes this app stand out in the competition is its emphasis on people’s convenience and comfort. Users can creatively use the pictures and footage to describe what kind of video they want, and it will come into existence. People can easily hop on the hot trends through its trending template feature. Also, If users are looking for a more detailed and oriented video they can give prompts to create their own cinematic masterpiece.

Key Feature
  • You can create videos using images or footage.
  • It allows you to choose from designed templates like anime or Joker themes.
  • You can make videos according to your style using its prompts.
  • It allows you to share your creations seamlessly on social media platforms.
  • It has a user-friendly video editing interface.
  • It can produce professional videos in minutes.

Video AI Premium W6 Free


Video AI 75C Pack6 Dis


Video AI Premium L6


Vidnoz AI - Best Online AI Video Generator Application

Vidnoz AI Best Online AI Video Generator Application

Vidnoz AI, our third exquisite pick, saves its spot in the list because of its dedication and efficacy toward producing results that leave a mark in the AI field. Trusted by 1000+ Media, Vidnoz employs smart and advanced features. People can make AI videos through text-prompt and imported videos and pictures. This cost-effective website has 300+ editable video templates, which can further be modified and enhanced to make it more personalized. 

Want to know the best part? It has a free version which will help users judge its credibility and capability to take an affordable subscription.

Key Feature
  • It helps streamline video production with advanced algorithms.
  • It helps transition raw videos into high-quality videos.
  • It exceptionally speeds up the editing process. 
  • It has editing tools for a variety of content of any genre.
  • It is easy to use on different platforms without any compatibility issues.
  • Its interface is accessible to both beginners and experts.


Monthly Price














30/ month





VideoRobot - AI Video Generator

VideoRobot AI Video Generator

VideoRobot has many useful editing tools and features that are worthy of highlighting. When it comes to interface, it has drag and drop interface which enhances the user experience. Moreover, if users are stuck somewhere in writing the script, Its AI assistance tool will come in handy, saving the cost of a writer. Users need to write the prompt, and it will create a video finding the appropriate free footage and adding the realistic AI voiceover

Key Feature
  • It has a wide-ranging, royalty-free media library.
  • It provides an extensive collection of animated avatars.
  • It offers a drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Users can also add or record their voices.
  • It has numerous animated effects.

It has a monthly subscription of 67$

Virbo - AI Video & AI Generator

Virbo AI Video AI Generator

Virbo is an AI video maker app for iOS that can convert text to video using AI. What adds a plus point to this app is its focus on diversity. Virbo has covered different variety of professions in its avatar collection to make this app more relatable and accessible. To make the videos more convincing, it leverages 300 voices and languages. One of its many useful features is cross-platform accessibility, Virbo makes sure that its users can use the app both on mobile and desktop.

Monthly Plan


20 minutes video credits

Yearly plan - essential


360mins/year video credits

Yearly plan - pro


Unlimited video credits

Quick Guide on How to Create a Video with an AI Video Generator App

Video creation is an art, and art is fun. With the right AI video generator software, users can elevate this fun. Vidnoz AI focuses on providing effortless and useful results to users through its advanced and various features. It has all the necessary editing tools and features to inflate the quality of the AI video. Here is how you can use the Vidnoz to produce some swoon-worthy video results!

Go to the vidnoz AI’s website:

The first step is to reach your target website. Click on the free AI video generator.. 

Choose the template:

Vidnoz has a great variety of different templates. Select the one that best matches your requirements and aesthetic preferences. 

AI Video Generator App Vidnoz Template

Use editing tools:

After you have selected the template, you will see various editing options on the top, such as talking avatar, text, shape, background, material, stickers, and music. These features have further advantageous options which makes the video creation flawless and practical. For example, You can change the background using the media from the stock or import it from your collection. 

Change the text:

Text can also be modified and changed. Integrate the text as a title, subtitle, and paragraph. 

Add speech and voice:

With the text to speech feature, you don’t have to add extra voiceovers to your video. You can write or paste the speech you want your AI avatar to speak. It also has options to select the language, voice gender, speed, and subtitles. 

You can also upload or record the voice through it to make it more personalized.  Moreover, users can also opt to add no speech at all. 

Select the transition format:

Add more scenes by simply clicking on the “+” options, whether as default or blank scenes. You can also choose the scene transition format from various transition options. 

Generate the video:

After you are done with all the editing and modifications, click on “Generate” to start organizing your piece of art. You can also preview the video before finalizing it. After a couple of minutes, the video will be ready. Feel free to download and share it.

AI Video Generator App - FAQs

 Q1. Are there any free AI video generator apps?

Various AI video generator apps require no subscription and are free. Some of these apps include Video Gen and DeepMotion. Moreover, Vidnoz AI also has a free version.

Q2. Do I need technical skills to use an AI video generator app?

Absolutely not! AI video generator apps are specifically designed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical skills.

Q3. Is there an AI video generator app mod APK?

There are some AI video generator app mod APK. However, using mod APKs can pose significant risks, including security threats, malware, and violation of terms of service.

Q4. Can AI Video Generator Apps be used for professional video production?

Absolutely! AI video apps work great for professional videos. They have advanced features and customization options.


Increase the quality and efficacy of your video creation using the top 5 AI video generator apps. These apps operate on High-tech AI algorithms and offer very useful and creative features that make the video engaging. Ignite your prowess with Vidnoz AI, the standout choice among the top 5 AI video apps. Its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge tech redefine content creation.



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