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  • What Is an AI Video Enhancer?
  • 5 Best Free AI Video Enhancers to AI Upscaling Video Online
  • When to Use 4K Video Enhancer Online Free?
  • Marketing Your AI-enhanced Videos with Vidnoz Flex

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Best 4K Video Enhancer Online Free AI: Upscale Video Quality Easily

Myles Owens

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Try the best 4k video enhancer online free to enhance low quality video to 4k. Use the powerful video upscaler free to upscale your photos to the next level.

What to do if your video falls short of expectations due to low lighting, shaky camera movements, or noise interference?

Try an AI video enhancer! This state-of-the-art AI technology offers a groundbreaking solution that enhances the visual fidelity, sharpness, and overall appeal of videos in ways that were once unimaginable.

AI Video Enhancer Online Free

In this full guide, you’ll learn everything about a free AI video enhancer, including the definition, scenarios, and the best tools. Stay tuned!

On This Page
  • What Is an AI Video Enhancer?
  • 5 Best Free AI Video Enhancers to AI Upscaling Video Online
  • When to Use 4K Video Enhancer Online Free?
  • Marketing Your AI-enhanced Videos with Vidnoz Flex

What Is an AI Video Enhancer?

An AI video enhancer is a software that allows you to AI upscale video quality online automatically. Whether it is about converting low-resolution footage to 4k or removing unwanted noise and blur, all you do is upload the video and AI will take over the rest.

This is made possible thanks to the advancement in artificial intelligence. Through deep learning, an AI video enhancer analyzes your video and makes adjustments to the overall quality, such as improving the resolution, enhancing colors, and fine-tuning details. With just a few clicks, you’ll have a stunning video that looks like it’s been made by a professional video creator.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketing world, an AI video enhancer plays an even greater role for marketers as customers like videos and they expect high-quality visuals.

If you want to make professional-looking videos and conduct AI content marketing but lack skills or with only a small budget, it is highly recommended for you to have a free AI video generator.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

5 Best Free AI Video Enhancers to AI Upscaling Video Online

After you’ve learnt about the usages of an AI video enhancer, are you planning to try it yourself? Belt up! We’ve selected 5 best free AI video enhancers so you won’t waste time on unwanted software. Keep reading to find out their strengths, features, and costs in detail and pick your favorite one to upscale your videos.

1. AVCLabs

AVCLabs claims to be the best AI upscaling video software which offers free trial to AI upscaling video online. It aims at helping amateur video creators to make professional-looking videos. Indie filmmakers, video marketers, and anyone working in the visual field can benefit from the AVCLabs’ state-of-art Artificial Intelligence technology.

AI Video Enhancer - ACVLabs

Key features:

  • Upscale low-resolution and blurry videos into stunning HD, 4K, or 8K masterpieces
  • Remove noise, artifacts, and blurring
  • Single and multi-frame enhance
  • Face recovery and refinement
  • Sharpen to make videos clearer
  • Color correction, calibration
  • Colorize B&W videos


  • Free Trial
  • $39.95/month
  • $119.95/year
  • $299.90/lifetime

2. Vidnoz AI Video Enhancer - 100% Free AI Upscaling Video Online

Vidnoz AI Video Enhancer is a free 4K video enhancer online free, which means you don’t have to download anything on your device. It gives users unlimited access to its best-in-class 4k video enhancer online free tool to improve video quality. All you need to do is open Cutout.pro, drop a file, and wait for your output.

Vidnoz AI Video Enhancer

Key features:

  • Improve low-quality videos to high resolutions like 2K, at maximum 30fps
  • Reduce any shakiness, noise, and motion artifacts
  • Generate cinematic frames
  • Recover age-old footages

Pricing: totally free

3. Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI is made for professional use with its production-grade AI model. Though this video quality enhancer 1080p online free only focuses on a few video enhancement tasks, Topaz Video AI has honed its techniques to world-class level. A myriad of renowned media, such as BBC, the Verge, Mashable, and FastCompany, featured Topaz Video AI on their pages. Many professional photographers and Pro video editors also use Topaz Video quite often for AI upscaling video online free.

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AI Video Enhancer - Topaz Lad AI

Key features:

  • Upscale while improving true video quality
  • Enhance and upscale videos to 4k/8k
  • Recover low-quality / noisy videos
  • Deinterlace interlaced footage
  • Restore old footage
  • Upscale CG or cartoons
  • Create new frames for 60 FPS conversion or cinematic slow-motion
  • 24 to 60 FPS conversion at its best
  • Increase video smoothness
  • Smooth slow motion
  • Slow motion with difficult footage
  • AI-powered shake stabilization
  • Smoother panning
  • Reduce camera shake
  • Stabilize subjects in motion



4. Aimages Video Enhancer

Aimages logo is also an 4K video enhancer free online. It boasts to enhance video quality in less than 3 minutes and there is no installation needed on this video upscaler free. Everyday Aimages logo upscales thousands of videos and images. A number of teams, such as Film & Video Distribution, Real Women, Rapid Eye Movies, etc. also integrate Aimage logo video enhancer AI free into their daily work.

AI Video Upscaler - Aimages AI

Key features:

  • Enhance video quality to 4K
  • Upscale multiple videos at once even from your smartphone or tablet
  • Convert any video to 60 FPS
  • Smooth slow motion videos
  • Remove flickering and film dirt from old 8mm or 16mm films
  • De-interlace videos and remove interlacing artifacts
  • Fix shifted colors and make your video colors look natural


Free Trial

30 credits for $29

5. AI Video Enhancer - HiQuality

HiQuality is a video enhancer AI app for smartphone users. It is available for both Android and iOS systems. With a few taps on the video upscaler online free, you can upscale all kinds of videos to 4k, including selfies, anime, 2D and 3D cartoons, black and white movies, even all the videos downloaded from Tiktok and Youtube. According to the user comment on Google Play 3448 users rated it 5-star and only 1300 1-star.

AI Video Enhancer App

Key features:

  • Video Beautification
  • Anime Enhancement
  • Online Video Restore
  • Old Film Repair
  • Photo Enhancer


  • 10 credits for $1.99
  • 25 credits for $4.99
  • 60 credits for $9.99
  • 150 credits for $22.99

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When to Use 4K Video Enhancer Online Free?

People use a 4K AI video enhancer to improve the quality of videos but when is it especially useful? Check the following situations to have a comprehensive understanding of video resolution enhancer online free.

1. Enhancing low-resolution videos

If you have low-resolution videos that appear blurry or pixelated, an 4K AI video enhancer online free can help enhance the image quality by reducing noise, improving sharpness, and enhancing details.

2. Upscaling videos

When you want to increase the resolution of a video, a free video upscaler can AI upscaling it to a higher resolution using advanced algorithms. This can be useful when you want to watch an older or low-resolution video on a larger screen or a higher-resolution device.

3. Improving video stabilization

If your screen recorder has shaky or unstable footage, a free AI video enhancer can analyze the video frames and apply stabilization techniques to reduce the shakiness and produce smoother, more professional-looking videos.

4. Removing visual artifacts

Videos captured under challenging conditions such as low light, compression artifacts, or lens distortions may suffer from visual imperfections. An AI video enhancer free can upscale video to 4k online free, which helps minimize these artifacts and enhance the overall visual communication.

5. Restoring old or damaged videos

When dealing with vintage or damaged videos, 4K video enhancer AI can employ restoration techniques to repair the video, reduce noise, restore color, and enhance overall quality. This can be particularly useful for archival purposes or when working with historical footage.

6. Enhancing specific features

AI video enhancers can also be used to highlight specific features or details within a video. For example, you can enhance the visibility of text, enhance facial features, or emphasize specific objects within the frame.

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Marketing Your AI-enhanced Videos with Vidnoz Flex

If you’re a marketer or an influencer, Vidnoz Flex is the best tool for you to market your videos after using video quality enhancer 4k online free. This all-in-one video creation software online allows users to record, upload and edit videos, as well as analyze the performance of video marketing.

Key features:

  • Create, edit, and market videos at one platform
  • Host videos for saving space or privacy
  • Numerous templates for email marketing
  • Send videos that are too large
  • Measure video sales performance with detailed stats

How to Use Vidnoz Flex?

Step 1. Open Vidnoz and sign up

Step 2. Create or upload a video

How to Use Vidnoz Flex - Step 2

Step 3. Share the video

How to Use Vidnoz Flex - Step 3

You can share your videos through emails, social media, or codes.

Step 4. Check the analytics for insights

How to Use Vidnoz Flex - Step 4

More surprisingly, Vidnoz provides not only the above easy-to-use video editor but also a powerful AI video generator, Vidnoz AI. You’re allowed to create amazing AI-enhanced video with multiple strong functions. It’s 100% free and extremely easy and fast to use. 

Here, you can enjoy massive resources: 400+ AI realistic avatars, 470+ AI clone voices, and 400+ video templates that cater to various topics. Try the AI upscaling video online free to enhance video quality effortlessly!


AI video enhancers are very useful for both amateur and professional video creators. It use AI upscale video online free into 4K quality, giving marketers and social media account managers the chance to make professional-looking videos fast with a low budget. Use the 5 best AI video upscaler free tools in this blog and market your videos with Vidnoz!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Myles Owens

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