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On This Page
  • 5 Best Mugshot Makers for Crafting Funny and Memorable Mugshots
  • How to Create a Funny Mugshot Step-by-Step
  • Face Swap the Mugshot Picture to Entertain Your Friends and Family

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Top 5 Mugshot Makers to Create Funny Portraits


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Here are the best mugshot maker apps and AI generators for crafting funny and memorable mugshot memes.

Mugshot meme content is an evergreen collection for meme maestros and digital jesters. They are the pictures of the individuals when they get arrested with the front and side view. The shots also require them to hold a nameplate. Pranking your friends with mugshot memes with hilarious captions boosts the level of humor and engagement. Our guide is here to spill the beans on the top 5 mugshot maker apps and platforms. These aren't just tools; they're your companions on the journey to meme greatness.

Mugshot Maker

On This Page
  • 5 Best Mugshot Makers for Crafting Funny and Memorable Mugshots
  • How to Create a Funny Mugshot Step-by-Step
  • Face Swap the Mugshot Picture to Entertain Your Friends and Family

5 Best Mugshot Makers for Crafting Funny and Memorable Mugshots

Following is the close up information on the 6 best mugshots. Read on to their features and try it yourself to find the one that works best for you. 


Mobilefish Mugshot Maker

Mobile Fish is a free mugshot maker that was founded in 2002 by Robert Lie and crafts mugshot memes quickly with no difficulty. If you have a laptop with a working camera and internet, you are good to go. You only have to head to the Moblefish website and allow it to use your webcams. Stay still for the pose, and let it capture your meme treasure. Click the "Take Snapshot" button, and voila, the picture will be taken after a short delay. 

Make it customization features works to craft a masterpiece. Add the police department of your country or name and crimes. Here comes the creativity part: make it more hilarious with the "offender" a quirky alias or spice up their backstory with unexpected talents. If satisfied, download it and share the laughter with your friends.

Key Feature
  • Mobilefish has saving and revisiting mugshot options.
  • Mobilefish is web-based so it can be accessed from any.
  • location through the Internet.

Imgflip Mugshot Meme Generator

Imgflip Mugshot Meme Generator

Imgflip is an AI meme generator, it ensures quality and delivers laughs that resonate with its users. It has a vast library of over 1 million user-uploaded options or the ability to upload templates directly from devices or URLs. Imgflip offers broad customization features that allow users to manipulate text boxes by moving and resizing them. Users can also adjust font colors and outlines and explore a wide array of fonts, including user-installed and over 1,300 free options. Sounds very convenient! Isn't it?

This mugshot maker online free website's construction process is easy to understand. It's as simple as selecting a template, customizing it with text, photographs, stickers, and drawings, and fine-tuning the space on the meme canvas. Users may then instantly share the created meme on numerous social channels, download it to their device, or interact with Imgflip's diverse meme communities.

Key Feature
  • Imgflip provides 1 million+ user-uploaded templates or direct uploads.
  • It has a vast variety of templates, images and stickers.
  • Users can make multiple changes to the mugshot memes through its extensive customization options. 
  • It gives the extra enhancement to the meme by adjusting the spacing in it. 
  • It can be used both on a laptop and mobile. 

 Mugshot Me

  Mugshot Me Mugshot Generator

The third of our best picks is Mugshot Me, which comes from the acclaimed makers of “Masterpiece Me”. This AI mugshot app allows users to add their facial features to a curated selection of over 200 mugshots. The best part about Mugshot Me is its “Goodies Pack” features. It includes 216 extra images, a tool for adding captions, and frames to make your pictures look even cooler. Mugshot Me is the premier mugshot generator iPhone app, which enables users to integrate useful customization features such as color caption and resizing etc. Furthermore, it has a variety of 40 frames to give the mugshot a more intensified look.

Key Feature
  • MugshotMe has great 40 frames .
  • It offers up to 200 faceless mugshots.
  • It has a Goodies pack feature for extra customization.
  • Mugshots can be shared from this app to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via SMS.

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Wanted Poster Maker Frames

Wanted Poster Maker Frames Mugshot Generator

As the name suggests, Wanted Poster Maker Frame, this mugshot maker Android app, is wanted by meme makers and enthusiasts. It offers an entertaining approach to creating personalized wanted posters inspired by the popular manga ONE PIECE. Through this application, you can create a poster in a wanted style with a name and a rewarding price. You can also choose the quote or caption from the available options. However, it doesn’t allow customized captions.

Key Feature
  • The manga ONE PIECE inspires the posters.
  • It has a vast collection of templates and styles.
  • It offers customization options like fonts, frames and backgrounds.
  • Users can preview the picture before the final poster.
  • It has sharing options for users to share it on social media platforms.

StarryAI Mugshot Generator

StarryAI Mugshot Generator

Next comes the starryAI AI mugshot maker, which adds the mugshot memes a more creative touch. It is an AI art generator, you can create your personalized mugshot with your described features and expressions it.  Head on to the website and click on the create. Select the style and give the prompt with a detailed illustration of your requirements. Push the “generate” button, and your Mugshot will be generated in a couple of minutes.

Key Feature
  • StarryAI has various modification options, such as aspect ratios, models, styles, initial images etc.
  • The app is continuously updated to meet the contemporary world’s requirements.
  • It is available on both iOS and Android. 

How to Create a Funny Mugshot Step-by-Step

Let's have a look at the detailed illustration of how to make a mugshot meme with the ImgFlip.

Step 1 Select or upload the template:

Choose the mugshot template from the available options or upload it from your collection. 

Step2 Upload the photo

 After selecting the template, click on the Add image and upload the image there. 

Mugshot Generator ImgFlip Upload Template

Step 3 Add text

After uploading the image, add the hilarious caption appropriate for the mugshot memes. You can also modify the text color, font size, style and alignment.

Mugshot Generator ImgFlip Add Text

Step4 Use customization features

You can further customize the meme by adding effects and other modification features. 

Mugshot Generator ImgFlip Add Effects

Step 5 Click Generate

After you are done with all the customization, hit the generate button and enjoy your funny creation.

Face Swap the Mugshot Picture to Entertain Your Friends and Family

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your friend's face on a mugshot? Well, with Vidnoz Face Swap, it can be possible. Other than it being a great face swap generator, it's also a great alternative to the mugshot meme. Wouldn't it be hilariously entertaining sitting in a get-together with a family and watching each other’s faces swapped on mugshot? Here is how you can make your next family gathering more fun and memorable. 

Step1 Get a mugshot

First of all, Get a perfect mugshot picture or template using the Imgflip Mugshot Meme Generator or you can just google one.

Step 2 Use Vidnoz Face Swap

Navigate to the Vidnoz face swap to start the process. 

Step 3 Upload mugshot on Vidnoz

Upload your mugshot model seamlessly with Vidnoz Face Swap. Notice that this picture needs to be high quality and can see its front face.

Mugshot Generator Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Base Image

Step 4 Add the target face

After uploading the mugshot, add the face on which you are making the mugshot.

Mugshot Generator Vidnoz Face Swap Upload Target Image

Step 5 Generate the face-swapped mugshot

Now wait for the Vidnoz to blend seamlessly with images to generate your mugshot.

Step 6 Download and share it with friends and family

Finalize easily! Download your masterpiece, share joy on social platforms, and create memorable mugshot moments.


To sum it up, this article gives in-depth and insightful information on the best mugshot makers. It also moves toward describing the elaborated way to make the mugshot on the ImgFlip. Moreover, it has provided the best and smartest alternative to the mugshot maker- Vidnoz face swap! Head over to the Vidnoz AI to explore exciting AI features.



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