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  • ai-meme.com - Free AI Memes Generator from Image 
  • Supermeme.ai Memes Generator Free Online
  • Simplified AI Meme Generator - Text to Funny Memes
  • Predis.AI Meme Generator Free for Stylish Art 
  • aimemes.fun - AI Meme Generator with Templates
  • Vidnoz AI: Free AI Meme Video Generator

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5 Best Free Meme Generators Powered by AI 2024: Create Funny Memes Effortlessly

Kevin Hart

Updated on

Learn how to make funny memes using meme generator. This article lists the best 5 free AI meme generator in 2024, using them to create mischief and joy!

Memes are getting more and more important in people’s daily life since you can see and use them everywhere. Funny memes can help close up distance when chatting with someone or express feelings properly when you feel pleasant. But using memes that already existed might be inadequate now since people all have their ideas when talking about memes. So, how can you create your interesting memes?

AI meme generator is here for you. Just entering a few texts or uploading your images to generate great memes becomes practical now! Check the 5 most popular artificial intelligence meme generators below to make your special memes.
Free AI Meme Generator

Check the table here to learn some basic facts about these tools.

AI Generator Meme Text to Meme Image to Meme Generate GIF Sign Up to Use
ai-meme.com No Yes No No
Supermeme Yes No Yes Yes
Simplified Yes No No Yes
Predis.AI Yes No No No
aimemes.fun Yes No No No

More about using these AI meme makers to create memes is included in the content below. Keep reading!

On This Page
  • ai-meme.com - Free AI Memes Generator from Image 
  • Supermeme.ai Memes Generator Free Online
  • Simplified AI Meme Generator - Text to Funny Memes
  • Predis.AI Meme Generator Free for Stylish Art 
  • aimemes.fun - AI Meme Generator with Templates
  • Vidnoz AI: Free AI Meme Video Generator

ai-meme.com - Free AI Memes Generator from Image 

ai-meme.com Memegenerator

This is the only AI meme generator from image that enables you to generate memes from the images you upload. To make memes, the tool would recognize your content and add relative texts to it. If you are not satisfied with the text it uses, you can click the generate button to refresh it. New texts would be added to your image. So, it’s pretty simple to use this free meme generator powered by AI. Only one thing, you cannot convert texts to memes using it. Here are some memes AI generated by this tool.

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AI Memes Generator Free by ai-meme



  • Free to use
  • Interesting captions
  • Fast to generate
  • No texts to memes
  • Unable to edit
  • Only 1 result at a time

Supermeme.ai Memes Generator Free Online

In this AI meme art generator, multiple memes would be generated after clicking the 'Generate' and not only images but GIFs can be generated and you can switch between these two formats easily. That’s to say, you can get images and GIF memes at the same time. More powerful than the last free AI memes generator? Not yet. You can also edit the AI generated memes to adjust text, font color, and their positions (header or footer) of them.

Supermeme AI Meme Generator Free

Just sign up to use this tool and download GIFs for free.

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  • Multiple results
  • Images & GIFs memes
  • Free to use & download
  • 110+ languages supported
  • Require signup

Simplified AI Meme Generator - Text to Funny Memes

Simplified Meme Generator Powered by AI

This is also a text to memegenerator AI  which only requires you to enter a few words to describe what you need. 6 results can be generated at a time and you can edit each of them in the way you like. This AI meme creator is more intelligent and powerful than the last one since the text it adds will not affect the image, and more things like font, font opacity, image size, etc. can be adjusted. From the left sidebar, more settings are available for you to make AI generated memes perfect.

Simplified: Free AI Meme Generator



  • Powerful editing & Intelligent generating
  • Free to use & download
  • Limited use in a month (2,000 words a month)
  • Relatively slow generating

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Predis.AI Meme Generator Free for Stylish Art 

Predis.AI Meme Generator

Similar to the tools mentioned above, you just need to input a few words to get AI generated memes from this. 1 or 2 memes would be presented and you can download or edit them (editing would require you to sign up). Images generated by this tool are also relative and funny as you can see from the examples below:

Predis.AI Meme Generator Free



  • Free AI meme generatir
  • Easy-to-use
  • Editing requires sign up
  • Limited results

aimemes.fun - AI Meme Generator with Templates

aimemes.fun AI Memes Generator

This anime AI generator meme is a little different from all the tools that enable you to enter prompts and generate memes. For automatic generation, it offers templates and you need to choose one to generate. For conditional generation, you can also enter the theme or keywords of your meme, after a few seconds, memes would be generated with more relative texts. Multiple templates for you to choose including popular Batman slapping Robin, Distracted Boyfriend, Drake Hotline Bling, etc.

AI Meme Generator by aimemes



  • Free Meme Genrator with Multiple popular meme templates
  • Fast generation
  • Unable to edit

Vidnoz AI: Free AI Meme Video Generator

AI meme generators introduced above are to generate images. What if you want to share a series of your generated memes in the most popular form: video? You are in the right place. Vidnoz AI enables you to generate AI meme videos free in minutes. How is it possible? It has hundreds of video templates to use as an AI video generator. You just need to fill the templates with meme images. Turning meme PPT into meme video directly can be realized without more complex operations. Vidnoz AI works even if you don’t want to speak personally but you want to add sound or voiceovers. Input texts, select language, and voice will automatically generated. 

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

This AI funny video generator has more features you can enjoy to create other kinds of AI videos. Choose massive realistic avatars to create professional AI videos. You don’t have to stand in front of a webcam to make promotion, invitation, or other videos. Use text to speech AI to turn texts into speech in seconds and download generated audio files in MP4.

How to Make AI Meme Videos Free

Step 1. Sign up for Vidnoz AI and log in.

Step 2. Click Create Video on the top right. Choose start a blank to make videos by your own or choose a video template to replace texts and images. The fastest way is to import made meme PPT and turn it into videos in one click.

Create AI Meme Videos Step 2

Step 3. Import your meme PPT and click Generate Video to start meme video generation automatically.

Create AI Meme Videos in One Click

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The Bottom Line

All the content about the 5 best AI meme generators free has been presented to you. Just choose one to create funny memes and entertain your life. You can also choose Vidnoz AI to make AI meme videos free. What you need to do is to add images and texts for audio if necessary. Then AI meme videos can be made in several minutes. Combined with more AI tools like text to speech and talking avatar, Vidnoz AI is the best choice for AI video maker and AI content marketing in 2024. Just sign up for free now!


Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an experienced editor for Vidnoz focused on tech blog writing. Familiar with all kinds of video editing software on the market, specializes in composing posts about videos. All the topics he chooses are aimed at bringing more benefits to users.