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On This Page
  • What Is a Text Summarize Tool?
  • Top 5 Summarize Tools in 2023 to Improve Your Productivity
  • How to Use a Text Summarizer?
  • Text Summarizer FAQs

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Enhancing Efficiency and Precision with Top 5 Text Summarize Tools

Myles Owens

Updated on

Discover the efficiency and convenience of text summarize tools in condensing lengthy passages into concise summaries with the top 5 tools in this article.

Imagine being a student overwhelmed by a vast array of research papers, each containing hundreds of pages packed with valuable information. Or picture yourself as a professional grappling with a time-pressing project, buried under piles of lengthy reports, articles, and documents.

Text Summarize Tool

In both scenarios, the need to extract key insights swiftly and efficiently becomes paramount. This is where text summarize tools step in, offering a solution to the daunting task of digesting huge amounts of text.

In this article, we will delve into the world of text summarize tools, exploring its defination, top text summarizers, and how to use one. Stay tuned!

On This Page
  • What Is a Text Summarize Tool?
  • Top 5 Summarize Tools in 2023 to Improve Your Productivity
  • How to Use a Text Summarizer?
  • Text Summarizer FAQs

What Is a Text Summarize Tool?

A summarize tool or a text summarizer is an AI application online that condenses lengthy articles into its main concepts in shorter paragraphs or texts.

Two methods are used in the text summarize tools - Extractive and abstractive text summarization. Extraction-based summarization works by identifying important sentences in the large dumps of the text and grouping them into clear and concise summarization. No new sentences are created. As opposed, abstraction-based summarization uses advanced natural language processing to interpret the lengthy text and rewrite it into a new summarization.

Currently, most text summarization tools are extraction-based because an abstractive method is hard to realize. However, the abstraction-based technique is more useful as it represents the full-fledged AI content generator with high-level understanding of human language, which is the pursuit of many scientists.

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Top 5 Summarize Tools in 2023 to Improve Your Productivity

As text summarize tools use advanced algorithms, users can rest assured that the succinct summary is accurate. The only thing you need to do is find the best text summarizer for yourself.

Text Summarizer | QuillBot AI

The Best Summarizer QuillBot

The text summarizer is one of the AI products of Quillbot AI. To make a summarization, you can either upload a doc from your computer or paste the text to the summarizer box; the output is also selectable with two options (key sentences and paragraphs). Moreover, you can manipulate the summary length and integrate QuillBot AI’s text summarize tool into your Chrome if you find it really useful.

  • 100% free unlimited summarization
  • Two modes of summarization: Key Sentences & Paragraph
  • Various articles can be summarized: news articles, research paper, confusing paragraph
  • Chrome extension
  • 1200-word limit


The Best Summarizer Paraphrazer

Paraphraser summarize tool applies an advanced algorithm to shorten a lengthy article by using NLP which retains its meaning but changes the sentence structure. The steps of using Paraphraser text summarizers are similar to other text summarizers. But the difference is that Paraphraser can check grammar and plagiarism, paraphrase, download, and copy the summarized text. Additionally, Paraphraser offers 8 languages.

  • Free usage
  • Paraphrase & plagiarism check
  • 8 languages supported
  • Control the length of summarization
  • Only 1500 words are allowed for AI-powered summarization

Summarizer.org Text Summarizer

The Best Summarizer Summarizer

Summarizer.org’s text summarizer is best to summarize lengthy articles as it has no word limits. Users can also control the summary length more accurately than that of other text summarizers. More surprisingly, it not only provides paragraph and bullet summaries but also highlights the best line of the article to increase the readability. Additionally, Summerizer.org summarizer supports 6 different languages.

  • Free text summarizer
  • No word limit or daily limit
  • More choices for users to modify outputs
  • Bothering Ads


The Best Summarizer Online Tldrthis

Tldrthis is the best text summarize tool online with a clear and concise design. It allows users to either paste the URL of the article or paste the text article. In terms of the output control, you can choose between key sentences and AI (human-like) summary, short/concise or detailed/section-wise summary, as well as whether to display important keywords or not. The texts summarized by Tldrthis are just like an article because it mimics the original one with the pictures, styles, and author information. If you want to check your previous summaries, you can do it on Tldrthis too.

  • Paste URL directly if the article is too long
  • Various controls on the output performance
  • View previous summaries
  • Users must register at Tldrthis


The Best Summarizer Smodin

Smodin text summarizer is similar to Tldrthis that supports both URL summarization and pasting the text. The difference is the way of controlling the length of the summarized text. Smodin allows users to decide how many sentences they want according to the length of the article. For example, an article with 6000 characters can be summarized into 1 - 3 or 4 - 6 sentences. Additionally, Smodin text summarize tool provides 47 different languages, which is unparalleled to any other text summarizer.

  • Free to use
  • Paste URL directly for summarization
  • Control summary length by sentences
  • 30000 characters are limited

How to Use a Text Summarizer?

How to use a text summarizer is quite simple. With just a few clicks, you’ll get a concise version of an article or a paper. A huge amount of time can be saved if you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Google “Text Summarizer Tool”

You can choose a random one or look for text summarizers like Tldrthis that allows you to paste the URL directly.

Step 2: Paste the article you want to summarize to the summarizer

Step 3: Customize the output length and style

Usually a text summarizer offers two output styles - Paragraph and bullet points; meanwhile, the output length can be controlled.

Step 4: Click “Summarize” to get your condensed version.

Text Summarizer FAQs

Are Text Summarize Tools Trustworthy?

Text summarizers are good tools for sure but it is not recommended to rely on them completely, especially when dealing with serious research topics in the academia field.

Who Uses Text Summarize Tools?

Text summarize tools are for everyone. Teachers and students can use a text summarizer to understand the study materials quickly; marketers can use it to summarize competitor analysis or AI content marketing; editors or journalists can use it to grasp the essence of a topic or a story.


Text summarizers are very useful tools that empower individuals in today’s sea of texts. You can pick your favorite text summarize tool from the best 5 options in this blog after comparing their strengths and weaknesses.


Myles Owens

Myles Owens is a Content Marketer at Vidnoz based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.