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On This Page
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Male to Female Voice Changer
  • Explore the Top 8 Male to Female Voice Changers
  • Tips for Effective Use of Male to Female Voice Changers

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Top 8 Male to Female Voice Changers to Unlock Your Vocal Potential


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A male to female voice changer lets you add exciting sound effects to your voice while altering your pitch and tone, to make it seem more realistic.

Looking for a male to female voice changer? The software can be immensely useful for altering the pitch, tone, timbre, and other parameters of the user’s voice. You can record audio, modify it and share it conveniently with others or on streaming platforms. It comes with several types of voice effects that can be applied in real-time. So whether you wish to create a professional voiceover, disguise your voice while chatting, or have some fun pranking friends, there are many male to female voice changers online (free). This article lists the top 8 male to female voice changers (not ranked), so you have a wide range to choose from.

Male to Female Voice Changers

On This Page
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Male to Female Voice Changer
  • Explore the Top 8 Male to Female Voice Changers
  • Tips for Effective Use of Male to Female Voice Changers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Male to Female Voice Changer

Accuracy and naturalness of voice conversion

When you look for the best male to female voice changer online, it is imperative that the voice conversion seems authentic and not forced. The final output should sound natural, with the right sound effects, instead of seeming fake and unusual.

Voice options

You should be able to pick and choose from several voice options, starting from animals and cartoon characters to robots and aliens. They also have funny effects and include background noises.Male to Female Voice Changers Voice Option

Compatibility with different devices and platforms

While choosing the software, make sure it is compatible with Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS. It gives you the opportunity to create incredibly realistic sound effects, without device and platform restrictions being a hurdle.

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User-friendliness and ease of use

Installation should be hassle-free, while the interface and operation must be easy. No point in wasting time figuring out software via complex instructions!


Most of these apps have both free and paid versions – select one that offers the features you need totally free, or at least a nominal rate.

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Explore the Top 8 Male to Female Voice Changers

Before you start using these voice changers, it is suggested that you should use the online microphone tester to see if your mic is set up correctly.

Clownfish Voice Changer

It is a voice changer that supports different media formats and comes with a built-in Virtual Studio technology plug-in. All applications that utilize microphones and other audio formats are affected, as the app is installed at the system level.Clownfish Voice Changers

  • Seamless integration with desktop applications like Twitch, Discord, etc.
  • Numerous customization options with audio characteristics adjustments.
  • Generates realistic sounds with keystrokes and speech level tags.
  • Integrated with text-to-speech, automatic tune, and hotkeys.
  • Updates aren’t frequently available.
  • Compatibility issues with the microphone.
  • Lacks customization as compared to other pro software.
  • Sometimes classified as malware by other antivirus programs.

Price: Free


Voicemod has a wide range of compatibility with chat servicing programs such as Paltalk, Viber, Hangouts, etc. You can use it as a male to female voice changer, and even change your voice to a robot. The easy-to-use SDK feature lets you modulate voices in real time.

Voicemod Voice Changers

  • Includes tons of high-end audio effects, such as voice distortion, among many others.
  • You can generate a high resolution modulated voice output in MP3 and WAV audio file formats.
  • Responsive and user-friendly working interface.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Reliable and high-quality output.
  • Free version has limited features.
  • Paid version is accessible only after downloading the program.

Price: Quarterly: $3-4, Yearly: $10, Lifetime: $20

MorphVOX Pro

The app is a highly efficient male to female voice changer. You can select from two modes – Skinned and Studio, respectively, to select and customize preset voice options, or modify the voice pitch and tone. It can include background noises to create a real-time recording clip.

Morphvox Voice Changers

  • Generates a high-quality voice modulation output.
  • App can be integrated with online games and chatting programs.
  • Facilitates customization of joystick and mouse-related features.
  • It doesn’t require much memory storage as the program is small in size.
  • There is a huge library of audio effects and pre-recorded voices.
  • Paid subscription is expensive.
  • Working interface could be confusing.
  • Installation is non-intuitive and tough.

Price: $ 39.99

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Want to use a male to female voice changer to mimic celebrity voices? This software lets you play around timbre and pitch, as you prank friends with quirky voices or even audition professionally. Morphing, recording, or cutting & mixing audio clips – you can do it all!

AVvoicediamond Voice Changers

  • Easy to operate with no external tools or additional software assistance.
  • Compatible with all systems and versions of Windows.
  • Provides easy access to files when you need them.
  • Lets you alter voices in real-time or change it across a pre-recorded audio file.
  • Support team isn’t that responsive.
  • Some versions have outdated interfaces and irritating pop-up ads.

Price: $99.95

Voxal Voice Changer

Users looking for male to female voice changers can use the app to record and edit the voice by including funky effects and sounds. You can even create different images to match the voices.

Voxal Voice Changers

  • It is compatible with most audio and video apps.
  • Change voices in real-time.
  • Choose from multiple voice effects or customize your own.
  • Allows you to change background noise as well.
  • Supports only voxal file format.
  • Interface is tough to use.

Price: $35

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

A simple app that lets users modify voice in real-time, you can experiment quite a lot with it! It lets you alter your voice during calls and record conversations with friends or family members.

  • Large database of voices to choose from, which includes animals, robots, celebrities, musical instruments, etc.
  • Record and save modified voice for use later on.
  • Quickly tweak the pitch, speed, or volume of any recording so as to get exactly what you want from it.
  • App is prone to bugs and glitches.
  • Contains ads frequently.

Price: Free

AthTek Skype Voice Changer

This app can be installed on your computer and comes with all the basic components of a real-time voice changer. You can record and playback to hear what each effect sounds like before applying it.

  • Allows you adjust the pitch and speed of your voice to give it a more unique feel.
  • Take your pick from 50+ different pre-recorded voice types.
  • Customize voices by experimenting with pitch, tempo, or direction of the sound wave.
  • Interface looks outdated.
  • App could crash a few times while using.

Price: Free


Accusonus Voice Changer lets you modify aspects of your voice by offering controls for character, device, and environment. You can experiment with pre-recorded voices, or simply record your voice and personalize it accordingly.Accusonus Voice Changers

  • Compatible with a wide range of audio and video software like Adobe, Apple Final Cut Pro, and OBS.
  • Automatically adds built-in presets to videos at the beginning.
  • Ideal for gamers who wish to disguise their voices.
  • Slightly unstable when used on a Windows PC.
  • Few Voice filters available.

Price: $9.9 per month.

Tips for Effective Use of Male to Female Voice Changers

Practice Vocal Techniques

It takes time to hone the right vocal technique, so you must practice first. Be it pitch, timbre, resonance, or speech patterns, the best male to female voice changer online lets you analyze voice quality and gradually boost your vocal technique. Thus, you can achieve a more natural voice modification at the time of the final output. You can also start with some text to speech tools to get familiar with voice clip editing.

Start with Small Adjustments

Don’t expect your voice to sound first-rate right from the start! It takes some time to master the art of changing voices, so begin by making tiny adjustments. For instance, modify the pitch while recording, and listen to how it sounds. Next time, include some sound effects and then customize the background sounds. This way, you can adjust the controls accordingly as you go on.

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Experiment with Settings and Presets

Sound effects and pre-recorded voices are available in these voice changer apps, so you can tweak and fiddle around to hear how they sound. For example, try to speak as a female alien, or a woman talking head about current events in her podcast with mysterious theme music in the background.

Listen and Learn

If you are looking to start your career as a voiceover professional, these voice changers can help you along the learning curve. Listen carefully and make notes of where your voice needs improvement, which words need to be emphasized, what you can do to better your tone, how to modulate the pitch, and so on.


So are you ready to experiment with your voice and come up with a fascinating final output that sounds natural and compelling? A male to female voice changer can help achieve that purpose! Consult the list of the best male to female voice changers online, as mentioned above, weigh the pros and cons, and then take a call as to which one is best suited for your requirements.



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