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  • What Is Object Tracking?
  • Common User Cases of Object Tracking in Our Everyday Life
  • AI Video and CTA Button to Help with Your Sales and Marketing Plans

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3 Common Usages of Object Tracking You Must Know - Sales, Industrys and Smart Lifestyle

Gary Henderson

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Click to see AI’s contribute to the object tracking territory. See how it reshapes the modes in sales, industries and smart lifestyles. 

Object tracking is one of the most successful applications of artificial intelligence. It is the proud outcome in the industry of Computer Vision. Object tracking can be divided into video tracking, image tracking and visual tracking. With AI’s powerful calculation, objects’ attributes can be easily recognized and marked for subsequent other usage.

On this page, you will see some applications of object tracking in retailing, industries, and smart lifestyles. Maybe you can get some inspiration to improve the way you live with AI. Let’s dive in!

Cover of AI Object Tracking

On This Page
  • What Is Object Tracking?
  • Common User Cases of Object Tracking in Our Everyday Life
  • AI Video and CTA Button to Help with Your Sales and Marketing Plans

What Is Object Tracking?


Object tracking is an application of artificial intelligence to identify objects, and people in video, images, and monitors. Nowadays this technology is rather mature and can instantly match with information once trained well.

Mechanism and usage:

Mechanisms: Training AI to recognize, identify, and classify, and after the continuous input of a large database, Object Tracking can mark items, people, and any other objects in a video or in an image. Yet the big dilemma in the first stage of development are many including the ‘tracking speed’, ‘background distractions’, and ‘spatial scales’, but they all find good solutions to get addressed respectively.

Visual tracking: This is a warmly-talked-about application in Computer Vision. Basically, you can regard it as a type of movement prediction technology. The algorithm will show the most possible path of a moving object without the need of tracking the whole process.

Image Tracking: Image tracking has things to do with image augmentation and detection. Normally, images with high contrast degrees and identifiable differences are most easily get tracked in the movement.

Camera tracking: This is an application of AI technology integrating with cameras. Camera tracking avails the camera to identify objects in a real-time video stream.


Object tracking brings much convenience to our daily lives. The application of it with video and images makes counting, tracking, and locating as easy as drinking water. And the accuracy is stunning too. In the next part of this article, you can find object tracking’s creative application in Retailing, Industries, and Smart Lifestyles. Please read on!

Common User Cases of Object Tracking in Our Everyday Life


AI Object Tracking in Retailing

Contactless checkout

Object detection saves labor costs by allowing customers to check out without cashiers. To achieve this feature in real life, cameras and sensors are needed to prevent omit of commodities. Items are tagged with price and name and when customers walk through the doorway, the items they select will be scanned and checked out with cashless purchase.

Inventory management

For effective arrangement and placement, object tracking really improves the processes of inventory management. With AI trained to identify commodities into categories, workers can instantly know what items needed to be restocked to what position. The best part of it is that it can even predict the batches of goods in the near future.

Employee management

Object tracking can still be leveraged to supervise your employees remotely, which is a pretty smart way to have a good monitor the total number of goods. Also, the collection of workers’ activities can be concluded and produce a report reflecting when is the peak shopping period in the span of daytime. Read Also: How to Make Video for Marketing? >>


AI Object Tracking in Industry

Product assembly streamline

Object tracking can help with the right streamlining of product assembly. By recognizing the components and making sure the right processes, product streamlining can see a huge upscale by avoiding wrong operations in advance.

Quality classification

Scanning and identifying, Computer Vision has the ability to sift low-quality goods out. With a stable performance of the camera and AI identification, damaged goods and goods with flaws can be easily classified, not intermingled with quality goods.

Smart Taffic

Autonomous Driving

Tesla is the best example of object tracking in the smart lifestyle area. Our diver friends love its ability to predict accidents that bare eyes are not aware of. The object tracking function embedded in vehicles is mature enough to detect traffic lights, roaders, obstacles and other materials commonly seen during steering.

Traffic monitoring

Detecting drivers, and license plates, and estimating the scale of current traffic for better conditions. Object tracking in traffic monitoring also contributes to the recording of rule breakers as well as checking the current status of driver’s licenses.

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