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On This Page
  • What Is Whispering Text to Speech/Whisper TTS?
  • 4 Best Whispering Text to Speech Online Websites Recommendations
  • How to Make Whisper Voice Text to Speech with AI?
  • Free Unlimited Whisper Text to Speech Tool Online Without Registration

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[Howto] 3 Best Whispering Text to Speech Online Tools Powered by AI

Gary Henderson

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Generate natural, fluent, and emotional whisper text to speech free - the 3 tools can help you, no register, and free download.

AI has overturned the industry of Text to Speech. It adds so many emotions and intelligence to the robotic TTS once prevailing in Microsoft Word/PPT and Google Translate. Another surprise brought by AI is that it develops tons of voices that sound ‘soft, angry, friendly, or terrified.’ This article focuses on introducing readers to one particular TTS voice - the Whispering Text to Speech voice, to address special occasions such as scary film voiceovers, bedtime story narrations, or soothing podcasts.

Let’s take a quick glance at the 4 best whispering Text to Speech AI Tools online no download. 

Whispering Text to Speech Cover

On This Page
  • What Is Whispering Text to Speech/Whisper TTS?
  • 4 Best Whispering Text to Speech Online Websites Recommendations
  • How to Make Whisper Voice Text to Speech with AI?
  • Free Unlimited Whisper Text to Speech Tool Online Without Registration

What Is Whispering Text to Speech/Whisper TTS?

Whispering TTS refers to a special type of TTS tool powered by AI. By adding pauses, and adjusting pitches, speed and volume, AI creates whispering voices for users to address their particular situations.

You can use the generated MP3 files to replace the narration in your videos or as podcasts for bedtime stories. And for a special group of people who demand more specific types of whispering text to speech such as ‘female whisper text to speech’ or ‘creepy whisper text to speech’, they can also find help from AI. 

The next part is the recommendation of 3 qualified whispering TTS tools online. Let’s read on!

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4 Best Whispering Text to Speech Online Websites Recommendations

In this part, you can see 4 brilliant online Whispering text to speech AI tools that offer murmuring TTS services. Some demand you to configure the volume and speed to achieve the whispering effect, and some are natural text to speech tools waiting for you to use. Let’s take a look at the 4 candidates selected by the editor, and see if you can choose a free tool to easily get started with.

#1. Vidnoz

This AI Voice Generator Whisper is skilled at offering AI voice effects for Text to Speech online. You can find a slew of celebrity voices as well as special voice effects - affectionate, whispering, embarrassed, envious, or shouting. Free generation, free download, No need to queue in line, and no coins or credits needed. 

The best part of this Whisper tts online website is that it lets you clone your own voice, maintain the tones, pitches, and emotions in your voice, and add extra filters to your cloned voice. Vidnoz lets its users make whispering text-to-speech, a free download. Here are 3 major ways to create whisper text to speech online with Vidnoz: 

#1. Online Whispering text to speech - free tries

#2. Your own whispering voice generator and cloner

#3. Make voiceover videos with templates and digital avatars

Whispering Voice Filter Offered by Vidnoz AI

#2. Voicemaker

Link: https://voicemaker.in/

This is the most straightforward whisper text to speech online tool that allows you to generate whispering voice audio. You can directly choose the whispering/breathing /soft voices offered in the ‘Voice Effect’ and proceed, or you can also achieve this goal by adjusting the volume of the voice (from -20db to 20db), and the speed of the whisper tts online, so a barely-be-heard-of voice can be made. 

VoiceMaker Whispering TTS

The second whisper TTS is selected here for its clean interfaces and intuitive workflow. Even a green hand knows how to get around this tool in 1 minute. If you are seeking more dispersed voice types other than whisper voice generators, you can also head to the ‘Voice Effects’ to choose its ‘angry, shouting, fearing, terrified’ voices.

The Option for Whispering Voice

#3. Whispering Text to Speech

Link: https://www.texttovoice.online/?emo=whispering

This site is so far the best-ranked AI text to speech site that provides whispering TTS service for us. The most thoughtful part of this online AI voice generator is that it allows you to configure the emotions of your sample voice (this feature is Premium, however). When you hit on the 'Whispering' option, you can see dozens of other voices to choose from. This webpage does not contain massive instructional content to read so it is pretty straightforward. Yet the premium license's limitations are a little bit annoying, if you don't mind the credits thing, you can use this tool to generate whisper text to speech audio files in seconds.

Best Ranked Whispering TTS Online Tool

#4. Fasthub.net

Link: https://fasthub.net/

This site is selected from Reddit. 

Doing a good job of reading out loud textual inputs, translating languages, and recording text to speech, Fasthub manages to win the strictest Reddit users’ hearts with its reliable performance. This site is pretty ‘hardcore’ though. Without any traces of commercial interference, its interfaces are outdated. Yet it won’t bother with the generation of whisper text to speech. As you can see in the picture below, you can adjust the pitch and speed of your voice. 

The trick of creating a whispering voice is that you need to select the right ‘Voice type.’ From the dropdown menu, find ‘Whisper.’ Then drag the Speed to the lowest setting. Then you will get what you want. 

The Pick of Reddit Users

How to Make Whisper Voice Text to Speech with AI?

Considering the most user-friendly experience, the editor chooses Vidnoz AI to showcase how to generate an audio file featuring a whispering voice/creepy whisper voice text to speech/female whispering text to speech. This tool is not misleading; you will love its operations and performance. Let’s spend 3 minutes to learn how to use this online tool:

Step 1. Navigate to Vidnoz AI.

Step 2. You type in words into the blank bar, adjust the volume, speed, pitch. The most importantly, hit the circled option to select the Whispering voice effect.

Vidnoz AI Whisper TTS Online

Step 3. Check the option just as the picture below.

Vidnoz Whispering Sound Effect

Step 4. Now you can hit the ‘Generate’ button to create the whispering TTS audio file.

Free Unlimited Whisper Text to Speech Tool Online Without Registration

From the list above, you can see that the AI text to speech tools on this market are not cheap at all. And to get its specially-designed voices (soft/friendly/whispering/angry) you either need to buy its subscription/upload the license, or risk yourself watching ads or clicking redirects. Isn’t there any clean and green Text to Speech online tool that requires no registration, and credits at all? 

Vidnoz Text to Speech is right now one of the rarest websites that offers free services in terms of AI powered TTS. 

Link: https://www.vidnoz.com/text-to-speech.html

Please type in texts into the box below and quickly have a free try.

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This article introduces 3 practical AI powered whispering text to speech tools from the Internet. The 3 TTS tools selected in this article all provide the ‘Whispered voice’ option for users. Yet not all of them are for free, some set this feature as exclusive for only premium users. Yet Vidnoz is a 100% free platform that offers natural text to speech tool to read content aloud, translate language and read with different voices. Please feel free to try it!


Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson once was the most-viewed writer under Quora's 'screen recorder' catagory. You can still find him professionally solving people's puzzles that related to videos, screenshots and gaming.