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  • #1. SpongeBob AI Voice Changer for TTS - Vidnoz AI
  • #2. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - 15.AI
  • #3. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - Fake You
  • Bonus Tip: SpongeBob Voice Video Generator - AI Talking Head
  • How to Use SpongeBob Voice on TikTok?

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Best 3 SpongeBob AI Voice Generator Free Online - Tutorial

Gary Henderson

Updated on

Spongebob squre pants get one of the most rediculous sounds. If you want to change your voice into SpongeBob AI voice, check this

Try SpongeBob AI voice generator to generate hilarious text to speeches or voice clones easily. Thanks to AI's skyrocketing development, we can now create vivid and realistic audio clips featuring all kinds of anime characters' voices, with the right tone and emotion. And it is just full of fun to create pranks or audio messages with SpongeBob's AI voice. This article recommends 3 free AI voice generators, all of them are offering free tries each day. Please read on to know more details!

Best SpongeBob Voice Generator Options

On This Page
  • #1. SpongeBob AI Voice Changer for TTS - Vidnoz AI
  • #2. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - 15.AI
  • #3. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - Fake You
  • Bonus Tip: SpongeBob Voice Video Generator - AI Talking Head
  • How to Use SpongeBob Voice on TikTok?

#1. SpongeBob AI Voice Changer for TTS - Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI has delivered dozens of stunning and free AI  tools for its users, ranging from AI video generators to AI anime generators. Yet the editor assumes that it is the AI voice changer that is the most captivating. You can change your voice to SpongeBob, Goku, Naruto, Mickey Mouse, etc. The text-to-speech audio file later produced bares the most natural speed and tone, and you can generate lengthy AI TTS or voice-clone files for free. 

Spongbob AI Voice Generator Online Free

#2. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - 15.AI

Adopting deep learning models, 15.AI has received largely positive feedback since its release. Here’s a brief review of the freeware.

Overview: Launched in 2020, 15.AI is a non-commercial artificial intelligence web application that can help you generate natural-sounding speech from text for free. Combining the audio synthesis algorithms, speech synthesis deep neural network, and sentiment analysis models, 15.AI is an outstanding voice generator to create high-fidelity speech, with adjustments for voice and emotion available.

15.AI is not just a great SpongeBob voice generator, it has a wide range of voices for you to choose from, for instance, the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the narrator from The Stanley Parable, and so much more. The AI voice changer has had a significant impact on internet fandoms, making content creation accessible to everyone.

Can You Use 15.AI’s SpongeBob Voice Generator?

15.AI used to be the best free tool if you want to make a video with AI voice. However, the voice generator is currently offline. It was taken down temporarily on September 8, 2022, for an upcoming update, but the new version doesn’t seem to be available at the time of writing.

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#3. SpongeBob AI Voice Generator - Fake You

So what else to use when 15.AI is still offline? Check out FakeYou, a solid 15.AI alternative that can generate audio or videos of your favorite characters with its deep fake tech.

The core features of FakeYou

-FakeYou is a SpongeBob voice generator text to speech tool to create AI-based deep fakes for free.

-FakeYou is not only a SpongeBob voice generator but also a funny Elon Musk voice changer AI. It offers 3,000+ voice options including celebrities, politicians, and more.

-FakeYou is a useful voice cloning tool to change your voice into your favorite characters.

-FakeYou is also an AI video generator that can create avatar videos with natural lip sync.

Disadvantages of FakeYou

-You need to queue in line to wait for the speech to be converted.

-The free trial is limited, and you need to pay at least $7/month.

-Voice building highly relies on community contributions.

-No options for language, speed, pitch, etc.

How to Generate and Download SpongeBob Voice Audio Files?

Step 1. Head to FakeYou’s official website.

Step 2. Click on AI Tools > TTS from the menu on top.

Step 3. Locate SpongeBob’s voice from the voice options.

SpongeBob Voice Generator FakeYou Locate Voice

Step 4. Input the text you want to convert. Click on the Speak button to generate audio.

SpongeBob Voice Generator FakeYou Convert Text

Bonus Tip: SpongeBob Voice Video Generator - AI Talking Head

Vidnoz Talking Head is another funny tool to create SpongeBob videos when the 15.AI SpongeBob voice generator is not available. Simply upload an image and you can create realistic SpongeBob talking avatar videos instantly.

The core features of Vidnoz Talking Head

Lip-synced narration: Vidnoz Talking Head is an excellent alternative to the SpongeBob voice generator 15 AI. It can create SpongeBob videos with lip-sync narration. So your avatar will look 100% natural and realistic.

Natural accent, 8 major languages supported: You can convert text to 8 major languages including English, French, and more, with natural-sounding male/female voices and accents guaranteed.

AI knows the punctuation, pitch, and tone: The AI voiceover generator is so intelligent that it knows the best punctuation, pitch, and tone for your text. Just input the text and leave the job to AI.

Free download talking head video: Vidnoz Talking Head is 100% free to use. Simply sign up with an email address and you can convert text, generate and download the video for free.

How to Make a SpongeBob Talking Head?

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz Talking Head. Sign up with an email address(Google, Microsoft, Linkedin).

Step 2. Navigate to Vidnoz Talking Head. Upload a photo of SpongeBob.

Step 3. Enter the text for the video. Adjust language, speed, and voice.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Vidnoz Talking Head

Step 4. Click on the Generate Video button and you will get the talking head video by email.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Vidnoz Generate Video

How to Use SpongeBob Voice on TikTok?

Now you know the best SpongeBob voice generator free online tool and the way to create SpongeBob talking head videos. So what’s next? Create funny SpongeBob videos for your social media channels like TikTok and YouTube! Here’s how to make it in 2 simple ways.

Way 1: Instantly upload the Talking Head video to TikTok.

Step 1. Download the Vidnoz talking head video from your email.

Step 2. Go to TikTok and log in with your account. Click the Upload button in the top right to upload the video.

Step 3. Write a caption and adjust settings if desired. Post your video when you are ready.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Upload TikTok Video

Way 2: Download the audio file from FakeYou, insert it into your video, and then upload it to TikTok.

Step 1. Go to Veed online video editor and sign up with an email address.

Step 2. Start a new project. Upload the video and the audio file you download from FakeYou.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Add Audio to Video

Step 3. You can arrange the audio and video files on the timeline. Click on the Done button to export the video.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Export Video

Step 4. Head to TikTok and upload your video.

That’s it. So is there any SpongeBob voice generator TikTok feature? TikTok indeed has a “Trickster” voice filter that sounds like SpongeBob but it’s not directly affiliated with SpongeBob in any way. So what about adding AI voiceovers to YouTube? Just check out how to use AI voice for YouTube videos to learn more.


Adding SpongeBob voiceovers is a brilliant way to boost your content creativity. While 15.AI is not available, don’t worry, just try the alternative SpongeBob voice generator or create SpongeBob videos instead. Here Vidnoz Talking Head is definitely the best choice. Simply upload a picture and input the text, and you can make SpongeBob talk in various languages with natural-sounding voices. The entire process is super fast and easy. Just try it and create engaging SpongeBob videos for free now!

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