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  • What Is Eleven Labs AI Voice? Full Review
  • Users' Most Curious Question: Eleven Labs APK Download
  • Eleven Labs AI Voice Tutorial - How to Custom Your AI Voices?
  • Eleven Labs AI Voice Alternative

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Eleven Labs AI APK, Review, Tutorial, Alternative and Pricing

Gary Henderson

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Click to see how to download Elevenlabs apk, how to use it for Leon Kennedy voice AI and how to clone your voice. All in this Elevenlabs AI review.

When it comes to voice cloning and voice creation using AI, Eleven Labs AI Voice is one of the most well-known brands in the field. Their advanced text-to-voice technology accurately reproduces human speech patterns, emotions, and intonations. 

However, it has been chastised for its bugs, ethical issues, and high pricing. Different pricing plans are offered for different people. This list covers almost all you need to be cautious about Eleven Labs AI Voice. Please keep reading to see if it's cost-effective.

Eleven Labs AI Voice

On This Page
  • What Is Eleven Labs AI Voice? Full Review
  • Users' Most Curious Question: Eleven Labs APK Download
  • Eleven Labs AI Voice Tutorial - How to Custom Your AI Voices?
  • Eleven Labs AI Voice Alternative

What Is Eleven Labs AI Voice? Full Review

Here in this part, let’s explore the power of Eleven Labs Voice AI. After you’ve gone through the features and pricing, you can decide whether to use it or not.


Eleven Labs is an American software company founded in 2022 that specializes in cutting-edge AI-driven speech transformation. One of this company's products, Eleven Labs AI Voice, is an excellent AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) generator and voice clone tool. It provides a wide choice of voices and accents from which to pick so that you can customize AI voices. The quick voice cloning feature of Eleven Labs AI Voice allows you to clone any voice from a minute of audio, including Taylor Swift AI voice. This implies that you may create high-quality audio content in minutes without voice actors or recording studios.

Eleven Labs AI Voice has been consistently praised for its user-friendly interface and high-quality output. Its popularity is well-deserved given its outstanding performance.

Elevenlabs AI Voice Interface


Let’s take a look at the Eleven Labs AI Voice pricing. This site has different pricing plans for different needs.

Free Plan Starter Plan ($5/month) Creator Plan ($22/month) Independent Publisher Plan ($99/month) Growing Business Plan ($330/month)
Only 3 custom voices are allowed to use Get 30,000 characters, Unlock Eleven Labs AI voice cloning, and Expand to 10 custom voices Gain 100,000 characters, premium audio, and 30 custom voices Access 500,000 characters, volume-based discounts, and 160 custom voices Utilize 2,000,000 characters, enterprise-level support, and 660 custom voices

Additionally, a tailored Enterprise plan is available beyond Eleven Labs AI's free and paid options.

Core Features:

Create voice from text Customize voice Clone voice from anyone Build voice library
You can input any content and Eleven Labs will offer you the speech version You can choose gender, accent, age, and strength according to your needs Just a minute of voice is needed, you can get any speech in the same voice You have a plethora of voices to choose from and you can build your own for later use


The free version comes with ONLY 3 custom voices per month. Furthermore, no famous AI character voices can be utilized due to ethical issues. The voice customization also adds complexity. In total, there are MANY limits and inconveniences to using this robot voice generator.

Users' Most Curious Question: Eleven Labs APK Download

As an online tool, Eleven Labs is easy to access. If you want to access it on your phone, an app is the best choice. Is there an Eleven Labs AI voice APK? The answer is NO. As of now, there is no official app according to the official website of Eleven Labs. You can access Eleven Labs through its online website on your mobile.

Another workaround is downloading Evelenlabs Walkthrough - the only relative result for searching Elevenlabs apk premium or Elevenlabs pro apk. Link for the produce page in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elevenlabs.walkthrough&hl=en-SG

Elevenlabs Walk Through APK Download

So far this app has 100k+ downloads and is literally the most used app version of Elevenlabs voice clone or other AI voice features.

Eleven Labs AI Voice Tutorial - How to Custom Your AI Voices?

In this part, you can learn how to use Eleven Labs AI Voice to customize AI voices.

Step 1. Visit the official page of Eleven VoiceLab and sign up or sign in to your account.

Step 2. Click the plus icon to add your voice.

Add Voice to Eleven Labs

Step 3. You have two choices if you’re using the free plan. You’ll get Eleven Labs AI voice Leon Kennedy if you’re using the upgraded plan. Here are the steps for the free plan.

1) Voice Design:

Select Voice Design and you’ll enter the customization interface. Here you can choose the Gender, Age, Accent, and Accent Strength. At the bottom, input the text you intend.

Customize Voice for Voice Design 2

Click Generate to preview the voice.

Preview Voice for Voice Design

If you’re satisfied with the result, click Use Voice. Then enter the Name and Description to save it.

Save Voice for Voice Design

Then you can find it in your library for future use.

Find Voice for Voice Design

2) Voice Library

Click Voice Library and you can see tons of voice samples. You are allowed to filter the samples by Category, Gender, Age, etc. Click Sample to preview a voice. Just click Add to VoiceLab if it suits your need. If you can find the right sample, you can even use it as a president AI voice generator.

Add Voice from Voice Library

Step 4. Click Use in your added voice. In the Speech Synthesis, input the actual text in the frame and click Generate.

Use Voice from VoiceLab

Eleven Labs AI Voice Alternative

In the field of voice technology, Eleven Labs AI is a game changer in AI voice changer field. There are, however, a myriad of effective alternatives accessible to you. Meet Vidnoz Text to Speech from this part, which is free, does not require registration, and is easy to use.

Overview of Vidnoz Text to Speech:

Vidnoz Text to Speech is the best AI speech tool you can find. It generates voice files in minutes without hassle. You are allowed to choose the language and gender voice you want. Vidnoz Text to Speech is a real helper in many fields. Whether you’re a content creator, a customer service employee, a small business owner, etc. you can get more effective than you imagine with this speech tool. Recording scripts and reading stories or books are no longer disturbing! Most importantly, there are no limits to using it. You can enter long texts and download the source audio file totally for free.

How to Use Eleven Labs AI Voice Alternative to Make TTS?

Step 1. Visit the official website and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2. Enter your text in the frame. Then choose your desired language and voice gender from the drop-down list.

Customize Voice in Vidnoz Text to Speech

Step 3. Click the Play icon to preview the voice. You can see the speed control button next to it.

Step 4. You can check your email for the original voice file for future use.

The Core Features of Vidnoz Text to Speech:

AI-Powered Text to Speech Natural voices with the right accent 8 Mainstream languages flexibly converted Unlimited Text to Speech
All you need to do is to enter the target text and make sure it’s accurate. Then let the AI handle it. The cutting-edge AI technology will generate a fluent and human-like voice for you. No matter what language you choose, the output speech is authentic. Vidnoz Text to Speech is an international tool for people from different countries and backgrounds. The 8 mainstream languages will cover the needs of most people in the world. This speech tool enables you to generate up to 5,000 words each time. Don’t worry if your word count exceeds. You can use Vidnoz Text to Speech unlimited times and combine them.

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!


You have just read an overview of Eleven Labs AI Voice and the best alternative. ElevenLabs AI is a revolutionary product in the field of artificial intelligence voice technology. The cloning feature enables you to create any voice even a Kanye West AI voice. Because of its high-quality output and easy operation, Eleven Labs AI Voice is a popular option among content creators and publishers. 

There are more cost-effective solutions for you. Vidnoz Text to Speech is a fantastic free option for generating a lifelike AI voice with no restrictions. The ultimate selection is based on your specific needs and budget. Vidnoz Text to Speech is worth trying from both the usability and financial perspective. Don’t hesitate to surprise yourself with Vidnoz AI tools now!

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