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On This Page
  • Why Are Alien Voices so Popular?
  • Best 5 Alien Voice Changers and Generators
  • Top 10 Popular Alien Voices
  • Get a Lip-Sync Talking Prometheus Alien with Vidnoz
  • Are Voice Changers Illegal?

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Best Alien Voice Changer to Make You Sound a Real Alien


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With the latest alien voice changer technology, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer can easliy create an authentic-sounding alien voice text to speech for you! Try now!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate in an alien language? With the advancement of technology, alien voice changers have become a fascinating tool for altering and modifying human voices to create otherworldly sounds. These voice changers allow users to transform their voices into eerie and mysterious tones, simulating the experience of speaking like an extraterrestrial being. These AI alien voice changer and generator tools have taken the alien themes to another level with their various alien sounds and voice effects.

Alien Voice Generator

On This Page
  • Why Are Alien Voices so Popular?
  • Best 5 Alien Voice Changers and Generators
  • Top 10 Popular Alien Voices
  • Get a Lip-Sync Talking Prometheus Alien with Vidnoz
  • Are Voice Changers Illegal?

Why Are Alien Voices so Popular?

Love alien-voiced videos? Then an alien voice generator is a perfect tool for you. The alien voice text to speech is getting popular nowadays for many reasons, such as;

◐ The alien voices can readily create a sci-fi atmosphere.

◐ People can alter their original voices by using alien voices for fun and content creation. The aim is to garner some positive attention or interest, nothing criminal, mind you!

◐ Alien voice changers help people prank someone for a mutual laugh by changing the caller's voice to a deep or echoey alien one.

Now that we know the whys of alien voice usage, let's move on ahead to look deeply into an alien voice generator online by selecting the 5 topmost ones for reviews.

Best 5 Alien Voice Changers and Generators

You will find many alien voice changers and generators online. But are they the best ones? Getting confused there; no worries! We make the selection process easy for you by thoroughly comparing the best 5 alien voice generators with their pros and cons.

1. iMyFone MagicMic Online Alien Voice Changer

Best Alien Voice Changer - ImyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic is a fantastic online alien voice changer to prank your friends with an incredible alien voice. It can also work in real-time, changing your voice naturally to your desired alien voice in a video game or live streaming. This AI voice changer offers numerous functions, such as voice effects, AI voice cloning, sound effects, voice customization, etc.

  • Click once only to get real-time voice changing

  • More than 200 AI voice filters to change your voice

  • Plenty of voice effects

  • Voice-recording support

  • Easy voice customization

  • Highly compatible with multiple platforms like Skype, Fortnite, PUBG, Discord, etc.

  • The free version offers limited voices and sound effects

  • Demanding system requirements for a few users

2. Voice.ai Text to Alien Voice Generator

Best Alien Voice Changer - Voice.ai

Think of a unique alien voice changer website; you get Voice.ai. It allows users to modify their voices in real-time. You can make a prank call or have fun by generating an authentic-sounding alien voice. This alien voice generator online is easy to use, offering a wide range of features and effects to transform your voice into an alien one through AI technology.

  • Real-Time Voice Changing during live streams or phone calls

  • Customizable alien voice effects

  • Highly user-friendly with easy usage method

  • Compatible with many platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

  • Generated alien voice content can be shared on social media platforms

  • Inaccurate voice-changing effects in some cases, impacting potential user satisfaction

  • Limited Applications for some users

3. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer for Alien Voice Text to Speech DIY

Didn't find the alien voice you were looking for in other voice changers and generators? Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is here for you! It offers a range of famous AI voices that you can choose from. Besides, it allows you to clone any alien voice you like and generate an alien voice text to speech in just a few clicks!

To generate any alien text to speech, here is what you should do:

Step 1. Upload an audio that includes the alien voice you want

Step 2. Input the text you want the alien voice to speak out

Step 3. Clone the alien voice now!

4. VoxMaker Alien Voice Text to Speech Generator

Best Alien Voice Changer - UnicTool VoxMaker

Looking for alien voice generator text-to-speech? You get UnicTool Voxmaker, a trusted and unique AI alien sound generator. Who can compete with text-to-speech dubbing available in more than 40 human languages and above 3000 AI voice type options? In addition to these features, you get a realistic experience with an outstanding AI voice clone. Voice customization features are a bonus in this alien voice generator.

  • Provides ample support for multiple output and input formats

  • An excellent, easy-to-use interface

  • Creates content with an alien voice and a click for multiple platforms like YouTube, TikTok, etc.

  • Offers AI voice cloning and customization to make fun videos having alien voices

  • Offers 100% security with trusted transaction protection

  • The free version carries limits of 5k characters & 5 mins time plan.

  • Available for Windows PC version only

5. Voicemod Real-Time Alien Voice Changer

Best Alien Voice Changer - VoiceMod

Voicemod voice changer software comes within the best 5 options due to its smooth and quick voice conversion. It is a voice changer software for Windows only that can convert a user's voice not just into an alien and also into a female, child, man, chipmunk, or robot voice. You can sound alien while playing online games in real-time or live streaming for fun and laughter.

  • Easy to use, even for a novice

  • Compatible with various software like Hangout, Viber, and Paltalk.

  • You can add many effects to your voice during the conversion.

  • Generated alien sound effects get uploaded to a sound effect library.

  • Doesn't often work with poor network servers

  • Users are forced to install games and apps while using this app

6. Voice Changer with Versatile Alien Voice Choices

Best Alien Voice Changer - Voice Changer

Voice changer is an alien voice changer that transforms your voice into sounding like an alien or any other character. This amazing online tool adds a variety of voice effects too. It is up to you whether you record your voice directly through a microphone to change it to an alien voice type or upload pre-recorded audio from your hard disk. The tool selects from three voices using different setups and generates speech from text. Creating a custom alien voice online is now made easy with voicechanger.io.

  • Select from real-time voice recording or upload pre-recorded audio

  • Text-to-speech conversion feature enabled

  • Provides various decent alien and robot voice effects

  • Free of cost and easily used setup

  • Online use restriction, no app to download

  • Starting as a small hobby project, the voice-changing effects may not sound as high-quality as other professionally made and run software.

Top 10 Popular Alien Voices

You are sorely mistaken if you believe an alien sound is of just a single type. You can get it in different shades with distinct sound patterns using an AI voice changer. These diverse alien sound varieties can then be used in multiple creative ways. Making an alien voice has become so easy with alien voice changer apps. Below, you get a comprehensive list of the top 10 popular alien voices, their prominent features, and how to use them regularly.

Alien Voice Type




Usage Scenarios

Prometheus Alien Voice

Distinct sound personality, easily identifiable

Used to sound just like Prometheus movie aliens

Sci-fi Alien Voice

Alien sound with a high pitch yet a subtle echo

Used to create a mysterious, sci-fi atmosphere

Deep Alien Voice

A deep-pitch alien sound

Used to create mysterious and dark atmospheres

Granular Alien Voice

Alien voice with a gritty texture

Gives an authentic vibe to harsh alien environments/ worlds

Distortion Alien Voice

A distorted alien voice, chaotic yet aggressive

Conveys an urgency or danger, like for tense scenarios

Predator Alien Voice

Distinctively menacing alien sound

Used in science fiction to create suspense and fright

Cartoon Alien Voice

A playful and cute tone

Used in cartoon productions (AI cartoon generator>>)

Ocean Alien Voice

Alien sound paired with deep ocean sounds

Used in science fiction to give creatures underwater-like sound

Scream Alien Voice

Unpredictable and scary alien voice

Converts casual conversation into horrific screams, adding drama

Echo Alien Voice

Alien voice with an echo effect

Creates a scary, lonely vibe, adding otherworldliness

Get a Lip-Sync Talking Prometheus Alien with Vidnoz

You can readily have a lip-synced talking Prometheus alien by using Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar, a marvelous alien text to video generator. This tool is available in 8 languages, male and female versions, and free of cost. So many features are bundled in this one Vidnoz AI talking head. Lip-synced alien AI talking head generation never felt so natural and easy before the free Vidnoz video generator. Let's see how you can generate a Prometheus alien talking video and download it later.

Step 1. Sign up for Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar in quick, easy steps. If you have already signed up, just sign in with your email id.

Step 2. Upload a photo of a Prometheus alien or any other alien image that can be recognized.

Upload an Prometheus Alien Photo

Step 3. Select language and voice options, then write or paste your desired script.

Step 4. First, listen to the audio by clicking the Preview button to check if it sounds OK. Now, you can generate the video. You will get an instant email from Vidnoz, where you can download your Prometheus alien talking video.

Are Voice Changers Illegal?

Voice changers are legal, generally speaking, and are used to alter the tone and format of voice. However, committing crimes involving voice changers is illegal. You cannot use voice-changing apps or text to speech AI tools to scam people, like scaring someone online or through a Skype/WhatsApp call with malicious intent to hurt or harm their mental or emotional peace.


Let yourself imagine and enter a world of alien wonder using the best alien voice changer apps and software. You can also make unique social media content employing an alien voice instead of your original one. Vidnoz’s AI Voice Changer tool can also tremendously help you gain a realistic Prometheus-sounding lip-synced video with only text.



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