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On This Page
  • What is an AI Voice Changer?
  • Benefits of Free Voice Changer AI Tools
  • Best Examples of Using AI Voice Changers
  • 7 Best AI Voice Changers for Any Voices
  • How to Change Voices Online Free with Voice Changer AI Tool
  • FAQs on AI Voice Changer 

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7 Best AI Voice Changers to Customize Your Voice | Online & Software

Eleven Wednesday

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AI voice changer can help create a customized voice tone. Here are the top 7 voice changer AI online tools and software to change your voice for varied cases.

People are always looking for some fun and creative ways to make communications better. One of the best ways to do that is using a free AI voice changer to change your voice and talk to other people. That's not the only use of an AI voice changer though, you can do a lot more with it. In addition to changing your voice to a pet or a celebrity and calling your friends and seeing their reactions, you can also add emotional elements to your audio that can motivate others.

AI Voice Changer

An AI voice changer can do all that and much more. It lets you customize your voice however you want. This is the reason why this article will discuss the best AI voice changer tools in the following context. Keep reading to find out everything about voice changer AI free online platforms.

On This Page
  • What is an AI Voice Changer?
  • Benefits of Free Voice Changer AI Tools
  • Best Examples of Using AI Voice Changers
  • 7 Best AI Voice Changers for Any Voices
  • How to Change Voices Online Free with Voice Changer AI Tool
  • FAQs on AI Voice Changer 

What is an AI Voice Changer?

An AI voice changer is a tool that can change the tone and timbre of your voice with AI, to create a new tone that is totally from the original. Using an AI voice changer online, you can change your voice to sound like a pet, robot, man or woman, child, and the list is endless. Besides real-time voice changers, there are AI video voice changers for changing voice-overs in videos or clone and swap voice AI in audio files.

An AI voice changer starts with analyzing your video and using its deep learning, it can modify the voice in real time. A voice changer, then, applies a set of algorithms to the voice and changes its tone to create a new one. Although it can be used by everyone, gamers, YouTubers, Vloggers, and content creators mostly use the artificial intelligence voice changer tools to spice up their videos.

Benefits of Free Voice Changer AI Tools

The AI voice changer has made breakthroughs in human enjoyment and employment, particularly in content creation. So, as an individual, content developer, or other social position, what benefits might you expect?

High-quality content creation: AI voice changer online free voiceovers your scripts in a high-level & lifelike voice, saving you time and resources over traditional recording techniques. Professional voiceovers and additional content needing voice actors may improve your podcasts, videos, and audiobooks.

Cost-effective: Whether you host podcasts, make videos, or generate audiobooks, an AI voice changer free may dramatically decrease production costs by removing the need for voice actors.

Privacy & Anonymity: If you're worried about your privacy during online activities like gaming or conference calls, real-time voice swap AI apps can help you stay anonymous. They can help you escape from identity theft and harassment.

Best Examples of Using AI Voice Changers

Then let's delve into the popular cases in which you can use an AI voice changer online free tool to simplify processes and amplify results.

  • Voiceovers for video: Some free voice changer AI apps can change your speech or text to an audio file with your desired voice. Thus, you can quickly generate personalized voice-overs for your video content.
  • Game: You can change your voice while playing a game with a real-time voice changer software or online app, to mask your voice and add more fun to your game experience.
  • Streaming: AI voice changers are also widely used by live streamers to create entertaining moments and attract more viewers.
  • Meeting & Calls: AI voice changers are also useful for you to adjust your voices during meetings and calls, which can drive more creativity to your virtual interaction for better communication.
  • Podcast: If you have launched a podcast online, you can use an AI voice changer to apply various voice effects and make your voice more appealing.

7 Best AI Voice Changers for Any Voices

1. Vidnoz AI Voice Changer - Best Free Voice Changer AI

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is a powerful AI voice changer online to change your voice to any celebrity voice or clone any person’s voice effortlessly. You can use it to carry out various voice customization tasks.

  • It supports 70+ voices, covering celebrity and popular characters.
  • You can convert text to speech in any voice.
  • Vidnoz AI Voice Changer supports changing voices in both audio uploads and real-time recordings
  • The voice cloning tool empowers you to change your voice to anyone’s.  

Vidnoz Free AI Voice Changer

  • A free AI voice changer without a hidden fee
  • Large library of AI voice models
  • Support multiple options to AI change voices
  • Easy to use
  • 1-minute audio upload limit

2. Voice.ai - Ultra Realistic Free Real Time AI Voice Changer

Voice.ai is a realistic and AI voice changer free that you can use to change your voice on different platforms. The platform offers a lot of cool features and here are some of them:

  • With voice.ai, you can change your voice while playing games or using various apps.
  • It comes with a library of customizable voices that you can use to sound like other famous personalities.
  • It is also an AI voice generator that you can use to create your own voices and use them.
  • With AI voice synthesis technology, the voices created perform well for everyone.
  • It is a paid platform but you can earn free credits by sharing it with your friends and completing other tasks. You can also earn credits for participating in their voice creation campaigns.

Free AI Voice Changer - Voice.ai

  • More than 1000 voices and new voices are added every day.
  • Compatible with a wide range of games and apps.
  • An easy-to-use interface.
  • Some bugs are found as the platform is still in its beta stage.
  • Only available for PCs.

3. Murf.ai - Professional AI Voice Changer to Create Studio Quality

Murf.ai is primarily a text to speech tool but now it is also a voice changer that you can use to create studio quality voices.

Here are the features that Murf.ai provides.

  • If you have written text, you can use this tool to create audio files such as audiobooks and voiceovers.
  • With its clone voice feature, you can make a copy of your voice or you can use a recorded voice to create a new tone.
  • It offers more than 120 voices.
  • Murf.ai supports over 20 languages and every language comes with different accents.
  • You can customize the tone, speed, pitch, and emotion of the voices.

AI Voice Changer - Murf.ai

  • A free plan that comes with 10 minutes of voices every month.
  • A simple UI to create new voices.
  • Natural and realistic voices.
  • To use voice changer exclusively, you will have to subscribe to its $39/month plan.
  • It comes with very few advanced customization options.

4. Resemble.ai - Accurate AI Voice Changer Online and for PC

This voice changer for PC is as accurate as it gets. You can use this tool on your Windows computer to create accurate clones of your voice in seconds.

Here are the features that Resemble.ai offers.

  • Same as Murf.ai, Resemble.ai also lets you clone your own voice in a few clicks.
  • If you prefer other voices, you can choose from over 50 tones.
  • The voices are available in more than 20 languages.
  • For your voice creation, you can use different languages, accents, and emotions.
  • Resemble.ai comes with low latency API to create accurate accurate clones of your voice.

AI Voice Changer - Resemble.ai

  • Lets you create real and natural voices.
  • A free plan with limited options.
  • Only the pro plan lets you create voices in different languages.
  • You have to pay by the second to change vocie.

5. Voicemod - Cross-platform AI Voice Changer for Gamers

Voicemod is an AI voice changer platform that is specifically designed for gamers and content creators. With diverse sound effects of animals, material, texture, etc., it can also work as a dog voice changer online.

Here are the features that Voicemod offers.

  • It is a free tool that lets you change your voice to sound like any other person, man or woman, or a demon, such as Donald Trump voice.
  • You can apply different voice filters with a single click.
  • It is compatible with every desktop game and communication platform.
  • It has a library of memes and voices that you can download and share.
  • It offers a video voice change AI free with a video editor.

AI Voice Changer - Voicemod

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Available for PCs as well as Android devices.
  • Quick to change voice AI-based.
  • You may face compatibility issues with some apps and games.
  • Fewer customization options.

6. MagicVox - AI Real Time Voice Changer for Content Creation

MagicVox is a very powerful AI voice changer online free that is suitable for content creators and gamers or gamers who create content.

Here are the features that MagicVox offers.

  • You can use any of the 500+ voice filters while playing your favorite games.
  • With its fun voices, you can entertain your team members and annoy enemies.
  • You can also use it for different communication platforms such as Zoom.
  • As a real-time voice swapper, it can work as an AI song voice changer online free to swap your voice when you sing.

AI Voice Changer - MagicVox

  • More than 120 filters for real-time voice creation.
  • Record and upload your voice on the spot.
  • Limited features for free version.
  • You will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

7. Eleven Labs Voice Changer

If you hope for more voice adjustment settings to fine-tune your voices, Eleven Labs can be your next destination. This AI voice changer free promises perfect delivery and precise control over your voice. See what you can get with this online tool.

  • Upload your audio file or record your voice for voice changing.
  • Modify the output in detail while maintaining emotional integrity and consistent quality.
  • Over 1000 voices in the library in different languages and accents.

Eleven Labs Voice Changer

  • Advanced customizations
  • Seamlessly change voices to be realistic and natural
  • Rapid process & easy-to-follow steps
  • Maximum 2MB audio file is supported for uploading 

How to Change Voices Online Free with Voice Changer AI Tool

If you want to change your voice, the above are all the tools that you can use easily to complete the tasks. Here we also take the AI voice changer from Vidnoz as an example and show you the how-to.

Step 1. Open the AI voice changer

Head to the Vidnoz AI Voice Changer page. It is a web-based tool so you don’t have to install anything to get started.

Step 2. Choose your desired AI voice

Scroll down until you find the one you want on the AI voice model list. Here are the voices of all popular celebrities and characters.

Choose an AI Voice

Step 3. Upload your voice

Vidnoz AI Voice Changer supports 3 ways to change voices. You can enter scripts you want a celebrity or character to speak, upload an audio file, or record your speech.

Step 4. Change the Voice with AI

Hit the Change Voice Now. It will quickly process and change your voice to your needed one. Download the file to a local folder when it finishes.

Upload Your Voice


Vidnoz also offers a similar Text to Speech tool that enables you to easily generate an AI voice from scripts online for free. The output speech is real, natural, and smooth. You can use this tool to create voice overs for your videos hence making content creation more fun for you.

Besides the voice change AI tool, Vidnoz has prepared you with a more powerful tool: an AI video generator called Vidnoz AI. It enables you to turn texts into videos with AI avatars, multiple languages text-to-speech, as well as delicate templates. With this generator, your changed AI voices can be integrated into videos with AI talking avatars, which will be more vivid and attractive. Click the banner below to try it for free now!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

FAQs on AI Voice Changer 

Keep reading this section if you still have these questions on AI voice changers. 

1. Is AI voice changer free?

Not all AI voice changers grant you to change voices without cost. Most of them are available for free trial but require you to upgrade to a premium plan to unlock all features. Nevertheless, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer is a completely free solution in the list for budget-conscious users. 

2. What is the best AI voice changer software?

It mostly relies on your actual demands. All the 7 choices in the list feature high reliability and perfect delivery, but it is still recommended that you give each a shoot to find the most suitable tool. Or you can refer to the reviews of each voice swap AI tool above.

3. How do I install an AI voice changer?

Once you decide to use an AI voice changer, head to the official to find the authentic source or get it installed on Google Play or App Store. As many AI voice changes are web-based tools, you don’t have to install them all the time.

4. It is possible to change my voice to a different gender voice?

You can change your voice to a different gender absolutely. When you choose an AI voice model, you will apply the gender for your voice at the same time.


AI technology makes it easy to change voice. AI voice changer boasts the ability to modify your voice for recordings/videos to engage your audiences better. All artificial intelligence voice changers introduced here offer numerous voice samples for you to create hyper realistic speech. In addition, AI content generation, like the Vidnoz AI video generator, provides another way to generate and add natural, emotional and expressive voice to your videos. Sign up with an account and make voice overs with the best free voice swap AI tool - Vidnoz AI right now.


Eleven Wednesday

Eleven Wednesday is a content writing specialist in Vidnoz. She excels in the knowledge of video making and processing. She follows AI technology closely and is willing to share all her learnings with people.