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On This Page
  • Part 1. Can AI Voice Be Monetized on YouTube 2024?
  • Part 2. How to Do AI Voice YouTube Monetization?
  • Part 3. Does AI Voice YouTube Monetization Practical? Tricks and Taboos
  • Part 4. Bonus Tip: How Does Your Channel Get Monetized? Policies to Know

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The Policies and Tutorials for AI Voice YouTube Monetization 2024

Gary Henderson

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Developing a YouTube channel can be easy with AI technology. Read and learn everything you need to know about AI voice YouTube monetization policies.

AI voices are trending in 2023, with President plays (Donald Trump/Obama/Biden voice changer) prove to be good examples. The first batch of creations is good, igniting cyber citizens' passion to create the same things. Yet YouTube makes the later ones (duplicated content) in bad traffic and exposure and even demonetises the uploader.

So, what's the relation between AI voice and YouTube monetization? Can AI voice be monetized on YouTube 2024? Yes. Using AI voice tools, you can save your energy to do voice overs. And the only thing that deals with YouTube Monetization Policies is the content quality. Frankly speaking, you can feel free to post AI voice videos as long as it’s of high quality. To know the AI voice YouTube monetization better, you can continue to read this post and learn everything related.

AI Voice YouTube Monetization

On This Page
  • Part 1. Can AI Voice Be Monetized on YouTube 2024?
  • Part 2. How to Do AI Voice YouTube Monetization?
  • Part 3. Does AI Voice YouTube Monetization Practical? Tricks and Taboos
  • Part 4. Bonus Tip: How Does Your Channel Get Monetized? Policies to Know

Part 1. Can AI Voice Be Monetized on YouTube 2024?

2024 February updated verdict:

#1. AI natural voice on Unique Content - nothing to worry about. 

#2. AI voiceover on duplicated content - demonetizations. 

#3. Robotic AI voice on random content - demonetizations.

According to the warm discussion from the most experienced YouTubers, they are surprised that YouTube decided to demonetize all AI voice channels at the end of 2023. And they are afraid of getting demonetized due to the employment of AI voices in their shorts and channels. But surprisingly found out that in 2024, those clips mixed with unique content and natural AI voices see no influence from the new YouTube AI Voice policy

AI content is all over YouTube and users are happy to see the elimination of meaningless heap-up of duplicated/randomly-generated shorts and channels. But only in one situation does AI voices escape from the liquidation: high-quality AI voices (instead of robotic male/female voices) combined with unique and logical content. Easily enumerated two representatives of such type of channels so you can get it: 



YouTube Monetization with AI Voice Good Examole

Wrap up: Can AI voice be monetized on YouTube 2024? The answer at first is not clear in 2023 yet now we've figured out the reasons and principles behind YouTube AI voice ban. And it is okay to make shorts or videos without your own voice when natural accent AI voices are available for your unique content. 

As a result, you are recommended to utilize quality AI Text to Speech or voice changer, which gives you the appropriate tone, pitch, pause, and context comprehension.  Don't know which one to start your AI YouTube channel? Learn how to do it in the next part.

Note: the answer to 'Can you monetize AI videos on YouTube?' is still hard to answer. Because it is hard to define how 'AI' the video can be: whether it is ordinary good clips with AI filters or it is just merged with meaningless clips.

Part 2. How to Do AI Voice YouTube Monetization?

In this part, you’ll learn how to make YouTube videos with natural AI voice service to avoid being demonetized. Vidnoz AI, with powerful features even the AI YouTube script generator, is an ideal choice for text to speech YouTube monetization.


Vidnoz AI is so powerful that it offers celebrity voices and emotional voices for free. You can upload text, PDFs, PPTs, and certain local files and get a stunning AI voice-filtered new audio track. The best part is that you can directly make YouTube Shorts videos or ordinary horizontal videos with the AI voices and AI presenters. This website offers mature templates to help enrich your YouTube video and attract viewers. Moreover, over 70 talking heads and dozens of languages are offered to meet your desire. Are you intrigued by this powerful AI YouTube video maker? Let’s dive into the steps on how to achieve AI voice YouTube monetization.

How to Use Vidnoz AI to Make AI Voice YouTube Videos Quickly and Gain Money?

Step 1. Visit the official website of Vidnoz AI. Click Create an AI Video Now.

Step 2. Click the Create Video button in the top-right corner. You can choose to Start a blank, Import PPT, and Start with a template.

Start a Video with Vidnoz

Step 3. Here let’s take the template choice as an example. Click Use this template and you’ll see the editing interface. In the text frame at the bottom, please input your prepared content. From the top menu bar, you can choose to add avatars, text, shape, etc. according to your need.

Edit a Video with Vidnoz

Step 4. Hit the Generate button to get your finished video.

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!

The Core Features of this AI Video and Audio Generator:

1. Tons of quality AI voices for your videos

2. Exquisite YouTube video templates to generate videos in seconds

3. Decent materials to enrich your videos easily

4. Smart AI avatars to present your video for you

Part 3. Does AI Voice YouTube Monetization Practical? Tricks and Taboos

It is commonly seen question why is YouTube demonetizing text to speech. There are rumors that YouTube is demonetizing AI-generated content. However, the experience of some YouTubers disproves that. When it comes to YouTube channel revenue, videos with little instructional value or commentary are discouraged. YouTube also has policies in place to decrease videos with duplicate content, plagiarism, and poor content quality. That’s why things may become tricky.

What YouTube despises is the YouTube automation content. Your original TTS isn’t included in that. For consistent AI voice YouTube monetization, please follow the notice below.

1. Create quality videos

2. No repetitive content

3. Avoid AI-generated and low-quality content

4. Pick a TTS tool with natural sounds

5. Choose a theme that goes with AI voices like information and tutorial videos

6. Engage with your audience in the comments

7. Don’t upload simple slideshows

8. Verify that your account follows YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service

Part 4. Bonus Tip: How Does Your Channel Get Monetized? Policies to Know

Here in this part, you’ll get some advice on how to get monetized easily.

YouTube Monetization Overview

The first thing you should know is that only qualified accounts will be monetized by YouTube. You must first be approved into the YouTube Partner Program before you may monetize your YouTube videos. It means that your channel must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in a calendar year. This rule guarantees that only high-quality channels receive ad income.

Second, in order to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you must regularly upload content to your YouTube channel. More views and subscriptions may arise from the consistent posting of high-quality content.

Thirdly, consider short videos. YouTube is promoting the shorts to compete with TikTok. You’ll get extra views from short videos. Here is the YouTube shorts AI generator you may need.

Last but not least, please read the official monetization policies from YouTube carefully to learn about what you should and not do to achieve AI voice YouTube monetization.

Part 5. Conclusion

Monetizing your YouTube content may take a lot of your time and effort. In such circumstances, natural text-to-speech AI is the solution. After going through this post, you may know whether text to speech is allowed on YouTube. AI voice YouTube monetization is available according to YouTube guidelines and genuine experience. Vidnoz aims to make using text-to-speech in videos a more enjoyable experience. It offers a wide range of natural-sounding voices in a variety of languages. Vidnoz AI Video Generator is an excellent YouTube demonetization AI voice tool for saving time and improving the quality of your video output. Try Vidnoz AI Video Generator for free today and transform text to speech for YouTube videos.

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