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Boost Your YouTube Channel with AI YouTube Video Maker Free

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How to boost your channel with content? Create great-looking, informative videos for your channel by using AI YouTube video maker. Time and cost-saving.

YouTube, one of the most popular platforms worldwide, has over 2.68 billion active monthly users and 500 hours of videos are posted to YouTube every minute, according to the data published by the DataProt website. To stand out on YouTube, you need to make consecutive outstanding YouTube videos. It spends a lot of time and energy to make videos from recording to editing by yourself. Why not utilize the industry-leading artificial intelligence technology which maximizes the power of video making at least? AI YouTube video maker, a kind of AI-powered tool, enables you to make a fantastic YouTube video in minutes. What is the best AI YouTube video maker free and how it work? Continue reading the article to get what you want to know.

AI YouTube Video Maker

On This Page
  • AI YouTube Video Maker Free
  • How to Make YouTube Videos with the AI Video Maker
  • FAQs about AI YouTube Video Maker

AI YouTube Video Maker Free

How to find the best AI YouTube video maker free? Several factors are taken into consideration. First, it has AI technology to help you create YouTube videos with less time. Then it is free to use. More than that, most of its features are free. Third, it has creative editing functions to customizable your videos to meet your demands.

Based on the criteria above, Vidnoz AI, a product developed by Vidnoz, is rated as one of the best AI YouTube video makers free. As one of the top options for creating YouTube videos, it is totally AI-driven, easy to start with templates, and cost-free. Of course, Vidnoz also has other tools that work with artificial intelligence. Let’s dive into its main features that help you make YouTube videos with AI.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Create YouTube Video with Templates

Vidnoz AI provides 200+ templates in fields like Social Media, Promotion, Marketing, Advertisement, Education, etc. With them, you can easily to make YouTube videos of tutorials, product promotions, sales advertisements, and so much content in a short time.

Generate Realistic AI Voice with Text

Some YouTubers choose to publish a YouTube video with voice by means of an AI voice generator for certain reasons. Vidnoz AI has an inserted text to speech feature that enables you to auto transform your video script into realistic AI voices from 2 genders, 15 languages, and 22 accents. You can also choose the audio speed of 11 levels.

Create YouTube Videos with Talking Avatars

Creating YouTube videos without showing your own face instead of an avatar or a talking photo also can be realized with this YouTube video maker. There are 50+ avatars of different genders, ages, races, and occupations in choices that can be used in YouTube video creation. Additionally, you can upload your own portrait to create your own talking photo without extra charge.

Fast Sharing to Get Instant Engagement

After using AI to make YouTube videos, Vidnoz AI permits you to add a call-to-action button to your video which helps bring more fast and effective interactions. Then, you can directly share it to your YouTube channel, and Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are also optional.

How to Make YouTube Videos with the AI Video Maker

Some important features of the AI YouTube video maker has been mentioned above. Then how to use AI to make YouTube videos? Here are detailed steps for making YouTube videos with Vidnoz AI.

Step 1. Sign up for Vidnoz AI to upload your video creation materials or choose a template to generate a YouTube video directly with AI.

Step 2. Edit your videos by adding an avatar, converting text to speech, and making other creative modifications as you want.

How to Make YouTube Videos with the AI Video Maker

Step 3. Click “Generate” to add a call-to-action button and directly share it to YouTube at once.

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FAQs about AI YouTube Video Maker

Why do I Need an AI YouTube Video Maker?

There are many advantages of using the AI YouTube video maker to create YouTube videos, compared with traditional video making. With AI YouTube video maker, quickly create videos using text and photos. Moreover, pre-built templates make it easier to make attractive and high-quality videos for sales, marketing, or communication.

  Traditional YouTube Videos YouTube Videos with Vidnoz AI
Video templates NO 200+
Talking avatar Record in advance 50+
Video production time 4+ hours <10 mins
Spent cost $40+ <$1
Video editing Time-consuming As easy as ABC
Voice change Recorded voice is hard to change Change at anytime easily

What is the Best AI YouTube Video Maker?

Of all the AI YouTube video maker online, Vidnoz AI is the top option. It has multiple features that are free to use. Beautiful and professional templates are available. We list some of its main features that are important for YouTube videos.

  • 200+ enrich templates for all industries
  • 100+ natural sounding AI voices
  • 50+ realistic AI avatars and talking heads
  • AI text to speech to generate voice from words
  • AI text to video to generate videos from texts
  • AI transcription to transcript voice to words
  • Customize brand or logo settings
  • Add call to action button to increase engagement

What is the Video Size for YouTube?

The smallest YouTube video dimension is 426x240 pixels while the largest is 3840x2160 pixels. The recommended YouTube video size is 1920x1080 pixels (that is 16:9 aspect ratio).

How Long the YouTube Video Should be?

Non-verified YouTube accounts can upload videos up to 15 minutes long. For verified accounts, they can upload videos up to 12 hours long. Of course, 2 to 12-minute videos are preferred.

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Vidnoz AI enables you to create engaging and professional YouTube videos with professional templates. Auto speaking avatars and customizable YouTube video editings with ease. The wonderful thing is that Vidnoz also allows you to generate videos or voice from texts in minutes. Sign up and start to use the free AI YouTube video maker now.


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