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On This Page
  • What is YouTube Video Templates  
  • Various Types of AI YouTube Video Templates  
  • How to Choose the Best AI YouTube Video Templates
  • How to Create Video for YouTube Using AI  
  • Applicable Scenarios of AI YouTube Video Templates 
  • Should You Use Video Templates for YouTube   
  • Future of YouTube Video Creation: Content & AI   

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How to Use AI Video Templates for YouTube to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Kristie Sawyer

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Use the best AI video templates for YouTube to make your videos quickly go viral. How to create engaging YouTube videos with AI for free? Check immediately.

Producing YouTube videos is daunting for many. YouTubers who are not experienced enough in making videos always meet challenges, including mastering video editing software, creating eye-catching graphics, and maintaining a consistent visual style. Let alone beginners for a YouTube channel. Fortunately, video templates for YouTube offer a solution. 

AI Video Templates for YouTube

YouTube video templates provide pre-designed layouts, animations, and images that simplify video production for a YouTube video. With YouTube video templates, and with an AI video generator for YouTube, creators can effortlessly create YouTube videos. Whether you want to maintain a professional look, or to add animations, all is solved by video templates and AI tech. Save time, and cost, and boost creation efficiency. Ultimately, boost your channel's appeal and success with AI video for YouTube.

On This Page
  • What is YouTube Video Templates  
  • Various Types of AI YouTube Video Templates  
  • How to Choose the Best AI YouTube Video Templates
  • How to Create Video for YouTube Using AI  
  • Applicable Scenarios of AI YouTube Video Templates 
  • Should You Use Video Templates for YouTube   
  • Future of YouTube Video Creation: Content & AI   

What is YouTube Video Templates  

First, you should know what a video template is. Video templates are pre-made videos that content creators can use as a framework to add their own content. They can also have some built-in cuts, AI talking avatars, voiceovers, effects, and graphics. 

Then, let's come to YouTube video templates. Essentially, a YouTube video template is a video template dedicated to YouTube, which is also already premade. Free YouTube video templates are designed to give you an idea and help take some of the stress out of making a video like deciding on a framework. Whereas, AI YouTube video templates also help save the hassle and cost of hiring models or recording yourself. 

Various Types of AI YouTube Video Templates  

So, when you start making a YouTube video, what kind of template should you choose? Now, let’s take a look at what kinds of video templates for YouTube out there are available. Till now, there are some common types of YouTube video templates used for AI video creation at this time:

1. YouTube Video Templates for Explainer Videos

Commonly used to explain complex concepts, product technologies, unexpected use errors, or something like that. With AI text to speech, your explanation videos will be easier to generate, and you can switch languages to generate country-specific voices to satisfy audiences in different countries.

2. How-To Videos Templates for YouTube

This kind of AI tutorial templates are designed for creating step-by-step guides on using something, software, a solution, settings, etc. 

3. Product Reviews Video Templates for YouTube

YouTubers always make revenue by creating product reviews or comparison videos, for this case, a review video template for YouTube helps a lot. 

Types of AI YouTube Video Templates

In addition to the three most common YouTube video templates mentioned above, there are also the following video templates that do not occupy a large proportion yet are still needed by some YouTubers:

4. Tutorial video templates for YouTube: teach viewers how to do something

5. Unboxing video templates for YouTube: Show your viewers what's inside a product, like the coming iPhone 15

6. Vlog video templates for YouTube: Share thoughts and experiences with viewers

7. Storytelling YouTube video templates: Tell a story through a YouTube video with a free AI talking head or a talking presenter

8. Reaction YouTube video templates: React to hot news, popular stars, video, song, or other piece of content

More template video YouTube free will come in the future

How to Choose the Best AI YouTube Video Templates

So, how to choose the most suitable YouTube video template and a good AI video generator among many choices? When choosing a video template and AI video generator, it is important to consider the following factors: 

  • the goal of your video, 
  • the content of your video, 
  • the audience of your channel,
  • the budget,
  • and whether to use an AI voice.

To save effort and cost, there is no denying selecting an AI website that offers free YouTube video templates and AI voice for YouTube videos free. You may not know that in the AI video creation industry, the production cost is calculated based on the length of the video. In most cases, the template and the AI voice are free to use when you purchase a time plan. Fortunately, some AI video makers, like Vidnoz AI, are well aware of the difficulty of video production and the limited cost of start-up companies and users. So, it offers free time each day for free creation, limited but precious.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz AI is a 100% free AI video generator that really offers free time for video creation. As one of the best AI video generation platforms, it offers all you need to make YouTube videos.

Massive Pre-made AI YouTube Video Templates

Vidnoz AI's YouTube video templates cover a variety of YouTube video types, including product introductions, explainers, tutorials, reviews, ads, sales, greetings, and more. The templates are professionally designed and easy to get started, helping you create professional YouTube videos quickly.

Authentic AI Voices for YouTube Videos 

There are over 100 AI voices for creating your YouTube videos free with templates. Meanwhile, it supports multiple languages including English, German Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, etc. The accent is clear, natural, and decent.,

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!

Realistic Video Presenters with Talking Avatars 

Adding an AI presenter to YouTube videos makes it possible for those who want to build a faceless AI YouTube channel. However, you can decide to select and use a pre-photographed AI presenter to represent you or make an avatar with your real photos. If you use the AI avatars, you can easily change different skins, tones, hairstyles, and clothing. No need to film live or record yourself.

Then, how to create a video for YouTube using AI with a premade video template? Let’s see the step-by-step guide below.

How to Create Video for YouTube Using AI  

Here is how you can generate a video for YouTube with a free video template and free AI video making tool.

Step 1. Access the app directly or create a new account with your email.

Step 2. From the navigation, select Templates, choose your ratio, and type YouTube for a quick search.

How to Create Video for YouTube Using AI - Step 2

Step 3. Preview and click Use this template, and then enter the customize interface.

Step 4. Customize your video’s title, voiceover, BGM, video presenter, etc., and then click the Generate button to start AI producing your YouTube video immediately.

How to Create Video for YouTube Using AI - Step 4

Applicable Scenarios of AI YouTube Video Templates 

Scenario 1. Creating videos quickly and easily

AI video templates are an easier way to create videos compared to traditional video shooting methods, with no need to buy professional photography equipment, and without having to learn any complex video editing software.

Good for: Beginners, Individuals

Scenario 2. Creating engaging and professional-looking videos

AI video templates for YouTube can be used to create engaging and professional videos. With AI tech and rich video creating resources, as well as professional video effects, your output videos will look very high-end and professional.

Good for: Businesses, Organizations, Busy professionals, and Individuals

Scenario 3. Experimenting with new video formats and styles

AI video templates can be used to experiment with new video formats and styles without having to start from scratch. 

Good for: Creators, Influencers

Scenario 4. Creating educational or informative videos

AI video templates can be used to create educational or informative videos that are easy to understand and engaging to watch. 

Good for: Teachers, Trainers, Staff in education

Scenario 5. Promoting products or services

AI video templates can be used to create promotional videos for products or services that are effective and eye-catching. 

Good for: Businesses, Organizations, Marketers

Should You Use Video Templates for YouTube   

Using video templates for YouTube can be a helpful shortcut for many YouTubers. Particularly, those content creators who are just starting on YouTube or looking to streamline their YouTube video production process. However, whether or not you should use a YouTube video template depends on your personal needs, goals, budget, and even time. Then, it is necessary to understand its benefits and consider potential drawbacks.


  • Video templates provide a pre-designed structure that can save a lot of time in video creation
  • Keep consistency by templates, better to maintain a consistent brand image and style across your YouTube channel
  • Ease of use, don't require advanced video editing skills
  • Templates can serve as a source of inspiration
  • Video templates are available for free or at a lower cost than hiring a professional video editor. Budget-friendly and cost-effective creation


  • You should strike a balance between using templates and adding your individual touch to stand out
  • Do not overuse the same template repeatedly without variation

Future of YouTube Video Creation: Content & AI   

Overall, the future of YouTube video creation is bright and promises exciting advancements. This optimism is primarily driven by the convergence of content creation and AI-powered video-making tools. This convergence promises to revolutionize the way creators produce content. Opportunities and challenges coexist.

In terms of creating methods, AI is transforming video creation on YouTube. Making videos with AI eases the creation process and more affordable way for anyone to share their stories and ideas with the world. AI-generated videos can be tailored to the specific interests of viewers, and they can be created at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production.

In terms of content, audience-oriented content that can truly convey practical information to the audience or provide the audience with practical and effective solutions is always the foundation of content creators. No matter how beautiful the video is, it means nothing if the audience is not interested.

Therefore, when faced with opportunities and challenges in the new era, it is recommended that every YouTuber not forget their original aspirations and use the ever-advancing AI technology to create truly valuable video content for the audience.

The Bottom Line  

Using AI video templates for YouTube is a powerful way to enhance your video creation efficiency. Stunning AI-generated YouTube videos help get better feedback. To ultimately foster growth and success for your YouTube channel, select a video template and start creating your video with AI free now.


Kristie Sawyer

Kristie Sawyer is an adept SEO content writer and IT researcher. Dedicated herself to assisting a multitude of readers in resolving related issues in video creation, AI generation, picture enahncing, etc.