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On This Page
  • What to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Intro and Outro Maker?
  • 6 Best YouTube Intro and Outro Makers to Unblock the Power of Creativity

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6 Best YouTube Intro and Outro Makers: Unblock the Creativity


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Create stunning YouTube intros and outros with ease, here are the 6 best YouTube Intro and Outro makers. No watermark, no hassle, just creativity.

YouTube intros and outros are like a hello and goodbye for a video, they can make people want to watch more of your videos and remember your channel. So, having a good intro and outro is like having a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. A strong video intro and outro can boost your brand, engage your audience, and expand your fan base. This article lists the top 6 YouTube intro and outro makers for you to make engaging intros and outros without much fuss.

YouTube Intro and Outro Makers

On This Page
  • What to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Intro and Outro Maker?
  • 6 Best YouTube Intro and Outro Makers to Unblock the Power of Creativity

What to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Intro and Outro Maker?

When picking a tool to make YouTube intros and outros, it's like shopping for the best ingredients for a tasty meal. You've got to think about a few things:

Length of Intro and Outro:

You don't want your intro and outro to be too long or too short. A long intro might bore viewers, and they might skip or leave. But if it's too short, they might miss it. Most intros last between 5-10 seconds. Just make sure it feels right for your video.

Your Wanted Style:

Think of this as your video's dress code. Do you want it to be fun and colorful, or serious and professional? Maybe you want a cool cartoon or a sleek animation. Your intro and outro should match the vibe of your content. So pick a style that feels like 'you' and suits your video topic.

Music Adding Feature:

Just like how movies have theme songs, your videos can have their own beats too. Some tools let you add music, which can set the mood. If you're making a fun video, think of upbeat tunes. For something calm, maybe go with soft and mellow sounds. Music can make your video even more memorable.

YouTube Intro and Outro Makers Example

Easy Logo Design:

A logo is like your video's signature. If you've got one, you want it to pop. Some tools can help you create or place your logo in the intro and outro. This way, people can quickly recognize it's your video.

Compelling CTA: 

CTA stands for "Call to Action." It's like asking your viewers to do something, like "Subscribe!" or "Watch more!" A good outro often has a CTA, nudging viewers to take action. So, ensure your tool can help you add a catchy and clear video CTA.

6 Best YouTube Intro and Outro Makers to Unblock the Power of Creativity

Powtoon - YouTube Intro and Outro Maker

Powtoon YouTube Intro and Outro Maker

Powtoon is a YouTube intros and outros maker that is designed with simplicity in mind, so it is accessible to creators of all skill levels. With Powtoon, creating captivating YouTube intros and outros is not only achievable but also cost-effective. Here are some key features that make Powtoon a game-changer:

Key Feature
  • 100s of Ready-Made Templates: No need to start from scratch; these templates are professionally designed and ready to use.
  • No Design Skills Required: Powtoon simplifies the video creation process, ensuring that anyone can produce high-quality intros and outros effortlessly.
  • Brand Customization: Easily edit your intro and outro videos to align with your unique brand identity, including fonts, colors, and logos.
  • Music Selection: Upload your music or choose from a library of millions of royalty-free soundtracks.
  • User Support: Powtoon provides robust user support with tutorials, webinars, and a training center to guide you through any challenges.
  • Affordable Pricing: Access a free YouTube intro maker and explore subscription plans for various business sizes, from small to large.




Perfect for small businesses with unlimited premium exports and team collaboration.





Designed for medium to large companies with corporate branding and top-tier security.




Customized for large deployments with dedicated customer support and flexible licensing.


Elevate your YouTube channel with Powtoon's user-friendly features and start making memorable videos today.

Vidoz AI - YouTube Intro and Outro Maker with Avatar 

Vidoz AI YouTube Intro and Outro Maker with Avatar

Looking to streamline your YouTube intro and outro creation process without the hassle of starting from scratch? Look no further than Vidnoz AI, a top free YouTube intro and outro maker. It simplifies the process of making captivating YouTube intros and outros with talking avatars. Vidnoz AI lets you effortlessly craft impressive video intros and outros through its user-friendly online video editor. But what makes Vidnoz AI one of the best too? Here are the key features that set it apart:

Key Feature
  • 200+ Video Templates: Vidnoz AI offers an extensive library of templates to suit various needs, whether it's for sales, marketing, communication, or personal content.
  • 1 Minute Free Daily: Enjoy 1 minute of free AI video creation every day.
  • 70+ AI Avatars: Choose from a diverse range of AI avatars, ensuring your videos connect with a broader audience.
  • 200+ Video Templates: Find templates for various scenarios, making it easy to create engaging content.
  • 1080P Export Resolution: Get high-quality video output for professional-looking intros and outros.
  • Flexible Pricing:  Vidnoz AI offers both free and Business plans, with 30 monthly video minutes and priority generation.all to large.




Start creating AI videos for free with 1 minute of daily usage, 70+ AI avatars, and 720P export resolution.





Upgrade to 15 minutes of usage per month, remove watermarks, access 1080P export resolution, and enjoy priority video generation.




Unlock 30 minutes of monthly usage, longer video durations, and all the features of the Starter plan.

Vidnoz is your secret weapon for creating captivating YouTube intros and outros with a talking avatar. You can also choose the text to speech feature to AI speak for you in a professional way.  Elevate your videos and captivate your audience with ease.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

VEED.IO - Free Intro and Outro Maker

VEED.IO Free Intro and Outro Maker

VEED.IO is another ultimate tool for crafting attention-grabbing YouTube intros and outros that leave a powerful message with a professional touch. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, VEED.IO empowers you to make stunning video clips effortlessly, enhancing brand recognition and audience engagement.

Key Feature
  • Inspiring Templates: Jumpstart your creativity with a variety of templates designed to captivate your audience from the start.
  • Easy Creation: VEED.IO provides user-friendly editing tools to add titles, stickers, and more, making your intros and outros dazzling.
  • Multi-Use: Your intros and outros aren't limited to one video. Use them across various videos and platforms with ease.
  • Professional Touch: Elevate your videos with professional-looking intros and outros, framing your content and reinforcing your brand.
  • Versatile Pricing: VEED.IO offers a range of pricing plans to suit your needs, from a free plan with essential features to Pro and Business plans catering to pro video creators and teams.

Free Plan



Essential editing, watermark, 30 min subtitles, 1GB upload.




Remove watermark, 720 min subtitles, Full HD exports

Pro Plan 



 AI-powered editing, 1,440 min subtitles, stock media

Business Plan



Team plan, custom templates, video analytics

VEED.IO simplifies the process of creating captivating video intros and outros, ensuring your content leaves a lasting impression. Try it out, and take your video content to the next level.

InVideo - YouTube Intro and Outro with Templates

InVideo YouTube Intro and Outro with Templates

InVideo is an excellent online tool for creating watermark-free YouTube outros quickly and easily. You can personalize your outros using a wide range of templates from their extensive library. This makes your videos look professional, and it takes just a few minutes to complete. InVideo makes it simple to promote your channel and showcase your latest content.

Key Feature
  • Tailor-made templates: Ready-to-use YouTube outro designs that suit every genre.
  • Quick YouTube outro creation: Drag, drop, and design your outro in under a minute.
  • Cross-promotions: Collaborate with fellow creators or brands, expanding your audience reach.
  • Pro-quality graphics: From text effects to social buttons, elevate your outro's aesthetic.
  • Vast stock content library: Dive into 16mn+ stock images and videos to enrich your content.




6000 templates, AI script generator, team collaboration.


$15/mo (billed annually)


Packed with advanced features, from unlimited questions per PPT to priority support.


$30/mo (billed annually)


Unlimited exports, 120 iStock media/mo, 40 background removals.

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Intro and Outro Maker for iOS

Intro and Outro Maker for iOS

Intro and Outro Maker stands as a simple yet effective solution for creating captivating intros and outros for your YouTube and iMovie projects.

With just a few taps, this app enables you to craft professional-looking openings and closings that are sure to grab your audience's attention. No matter the video project you're working on, this all-in-one editor has got you covered.

Key Feature
  • Real-Time Editing & Preview: Edit as you go, and see the changes in real time.
  • Diverse Template Selection: Over 50 well-designed templates, with more being added regularly.
  • Customizable Texts, Stickers, and Music: Personalize your video with unique texts, stickers, and music.
  • Ultra-Fast Rendering Speed: Quick rendering ensures you don't have to wait long.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive, making video editing a breeze.

Weekly Subscription



Get access to all features for a week.

Monthly Subscription



Enjoy uninterrupted services for a month

Yearly Subscription



Gain unhindered access to all features.

All payments are easily managed through your iTunes Account, providing a hassle-free subscription and renewal process.

Canva - Free YouTube Intro Maker

Canva Free YouTube Intro Maker

Canva is an online free YouTube intros maker. It's user-friendly, making it perfect for beginners. You can create professional video intros quickly using its drag-and-drop interface.

Canva offers a wide range of video templates, audio options, motion graphics, and typography. This makes it easy to create eye-catching intros, whether you're a seasoned content creator or just getting started. Canva's intro maker can help your YouTube channel look impressive and unique.

Key Feature
  • Support for Multiple Video Formats: Download your intros in popular formats like MP4, GIF, and MOV.
  • Direct Social Media Sharing: Share your masterpiece directly to YouTube or other platforms with a click.
  • Vast Template Library: Dive into a plethora of high-quality templates; simply choose, drag, drop, and customize.
  • Easy Customization: Add essential details such as the video title, logo, and a catchy description.
  • High-Quality Outputs: Canva ensures your videos resonate professionally, enticing viewers from the get-go.




Letting everyone access Canva’s intro maker.

Canva Pro Membership

$12.99 to $30 a month


This premium subscription unlocks exclusive design elements.

Its features are well-thought-out to cater to a content creator's essential needs, making the intro and outro creation process a fun and creative journey.


Having a catchy intro and outro for your YouTube videos is like having a good book cover; it grabs attention and invites people to dive in. This article explored 6 fantastic YouTube intro and outro makers that can help you craft these attention-grabbing elements. Now, it's your turn to take action. Choose one of these tools from the list and start enhancing your videos. A compelling intro and outro can elevate your channel to new heights.



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