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  • What Is an AI Song Generator From Lyrics?
  • Best 3 AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice
  • Create a Unique Music Video for Your AI Song With Vidnoz AI

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Get AI Song Generator from Lyrics to Compose Music With Ease

Tim Henderson

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Discover the power of AI song generators from lyrics! Explore how to use artificial intelligence to turn your words into melodies with our detailed guide!

Have you ever thought of having AI to sing a song from lyrics? Maybe it was not possible a few years back, but it is surely possible nowadays. AI has taken everything to new levels, even the music industry. It has inspired music makers and played a vital role in opening up new opportunities for newcomers in the music industry. When it comes to self-expression, AI song generators with lyrics provide more options to the users. In this article, you are going to get enough information about the AI song generators from lyrics and how they are used to bring more benefits.

Get AI Song Generator from Lyrics to Compose Music With Ease

On This Page
  • What Is an AI Song Generator From Lyrics?
  • Best 3 AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice
  • Create a Unique Music Video for Your AI Song With Vidnoz AI

What Is an AI Song Generator From Lyrics?

AI song generator from lyrics is a tool that creates a song from the given lyrics. This tool analyzes the lyrics and makes use of the words according to the symmetry and composition. It generates algorithms that analyze musical data, natural language, and deep learning and then organize music according to the lyrics.

You might be interested in making some songs with your lyrics already written on your copy. If you want to do it, an AI song generator from lyrics makes your way easier. It can easily resolve your problems if you think you cannot sing your lyrics or are still not a professional in this field.

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Benefits of Using an AI Song Generator from Lyrics

There are a number of benefits associated with AI song generators with lyrics. 

  • Take off all the hard work from your shoulders after writing lyrics.
  • Helps you sing a song with different languages and voices.
  • Analyze the best possible voice artist for a specific song.

Best 3 AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice

In this part, we’ll guide you through the best 3 AI song generators from lyrics easily and fast, with these tools, you can create your own artwork effectively, keep reading to explore more.

1. Melobytes

Melobytes AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice

Melobytes is an amazing AI music remixer that helps you create music and have fun. It is probably the best AI song generator from lyrics. It allows you to use 80+ applications to produce music, songs, text-to-speech and much more. Melobytes provides useful results more often. However, the quality also depends on the commands you give to the system to operate. For example, you need to put the right kind of lyrics into the system and then all other commands, including the voice of the artist, the tunes, drums, and the low and high pitches while singing the lyrics. So, it is not just about using the platform. It is about how to get most of the benefits from the platform.

Key Features:

  • Users are allowed to sign up and perform five executions per day.
  • For more actions, you need to buy premium services. 

How To Use:

Use of the Melobytes is easy. You don’t need to run something extra to start. However, there are multiple sections you need to fill out to bring the best possible results. 

It is free to use if you are in need of 5 executions per day or you are using limited features of Melobytes. For full and unlimited executions, you can choose premium plans. The monthly plan starts from $9 per Month. 

2. Topmediai

Topmediai AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice

Topmediai is another AI tool that can help you generate music and songs. How strange is it that AI generates songs from lyrics? AI song lyrics generator technology is used in this tool, which converts written text according to the nuances of the text into singing. It also used natural language processing (NLP) features to understand ideas about the written content. Topmediai is a little ahead of the other platforms when you talk about emotions in the song. It is very hard to obtain that for an AI song generator from lyrics, but with time, things are going to get a lot more professional.

Key Features

  • You will find 70+ languages and 3000+ voiceover options.  
  • It uses multiple famous voices like Peter Griffin. 
  • It is also planning to introduce an audio-to-text converter as well.

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How to Use:

It is not just about pasting lyrics, there are other things to take a look at for sure. Here is how to use this AI song generator with lyrics properly.

  • After Signing up, Choose the voice artist and genre of your music.
  • Upload your lyrics in the required section.
  • Fill out all the boxes like time limit, voices, scales and style.
  • Download the song after processing. 









Clone Basic 


Clone Premium 


Clone Plus


3. Voicemod

Voicemod AI Song Generators From Lyrics for Practice

Voicemod is an AI that generates songs from lyrics and AI song cover generators. It is used to generate songs with the help of written lyrics. Voice modulation techniques for Voicemod are highly rated and help you get more beneficial results. Some of the artists use this platform to test their skills and experiment with new things. It is quite useful for newcomers to groove their skills as well as get good quality songs from their lyrics. Demo tracks are played in this useful AI tool, which makes it more popular.

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Key Features:

  • You are allowed to use different filters.
  • It has an immense numbernumber of tools but is stillis easy to use and works smoothly.
  • Video templates are available to work with.

How to Use:

Voicemod is, just like other AI tools discussed earlier, easier to use. Here are a few steps to take before creating something new.

  • Click text to songs and paste your written text.
  • Set the tempo, style and genre of the song.
  • Click Generate and wait for the tool to process things.
  • Download the song when it is ready.

Create a Unique Music Video for Your AI Song With Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

Vidnoz AI is one of the best AI video generators in the market, it helps millions of music makers create the best possible music video. You can enrich your music through the AI talking avatar. The fun factor can help you boost your ratings, views and likes. You will be able to customize video scenes according to the music. That creates a different feel when someone watches it. You can use different frames according to your needs. If you are creating music for an advertisement, you will find pre-designed templates in Vidnoz AI that will ease your work a little more.

1. Visit the Vidnoz AI website.

2. Click Avatar, select 'Talking Photo,' and upload the photo.

Click Avatar Select Talking Photo

3. Choose language/speed, then generate talk; Remove background if needed.

Choose Language/Speed

4. Go to "Music" and upload pre-generated AI music.

Go to Music & Upload Pre-Generated AI Music

5. Adjust video size, position the Avatar, and avoid overlap. There are a number of avatars in the Vidnox AI Library. You have the liberty to choose one according to your needs.

6. Enter lyrics, add the Black Scene if needed, and insert video scripts.

Enter Lyrics Add Black Scene

7. Preview, and then generate for the Talking Photo effect.


AI Song Generator from lyrics is going to revolutionize the whole music industry. It is quite helpful for the musicians now to understand their needs, like what kind of voices are needed for specific lyrics. Video connects the music with the audience, so visualization is important. Here, you have a chance to avail yourself and let Vidnoz AI help you create a valuable, funny and attractive video that can engage the audience. So, what are you waiting for? Create some amazing videos using Vidnoz AI in no time.


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