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On This Page
  • What is an Acapella Extractor?
  • What Makes the Best Acapella Extractor?
  • Introducing the 8 Top-notch Acapella Extractor Free Apps

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8 Best Acapella Extractor Apps to Create Acapellas from Any Song

Vita Wesley

Updated on

Looking for an acapella extractor to make acapella of any song? This article collects the best acapella extractor online apps. 

No matter whether you are a professional music producer or an amateur music enthusiast, you may need an acapella version of a song for listening or repurposing. This article reviews the best 8 acapella extractor apps that can help you create a vocal-only version of a song without any musical instruments or backing tracks.

Acapella Extractor

Let's get started.

On This Page
  • What is an Acapella Extractor?
  • What Makes the Best Acapella Extractor?
  • Introducing the 8 Top-notch Acapella Extractor Free Apps

What is an Acapella Extractor?

An acapella extractor is a tool designed to isolate or extract the vocals from a mixed audio track, leaving behind the instrumental or background music. Acapellar extractors typically use complex audio processing and machine learning technologies to analyze the audio waveform and attempt to separate the vocal and instrumental components.

This can be useful for various purposes, such as remixing songs, karaoke creation, or simply enjoying the vocals of a song without the distraction of the accompanying instruments.

Audio Tracks By Acapella Extractor

What Makes the Best Acapella Extractor?

What makes the best acapella extractor can depend on individual needs and preferences. Here are some most agreed characteristics by common users for evaluating the best acapella extractor online app.

  • 1. Web-based acapella. Using acapella extractor online tools gives users the most convenience as users don't need an acapella extractor software download or to install any complicated audio editing software. 
  • 2. Free acapella extraction. The best acapella extractor should at least offer a free trial or free version to assess the effectiveness and quality of the extracted acapella track.
  • 3. Fast vocal extraction. The best acapella extractor online tool should automate the process and make it fast to extract acapella tracks.
  • 4. High-quality output. The tool should have a high degree of accuracy in separating vocals from instruments as well as preserve the audio quality of both the vocals and the instrumental track.
  • 5. Easy to use. The best acapella extraction tool should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface to help users use the software effectively, even if they are not audio engineering experts.

Introducing the 8 Top-notch Acapella Extractor Free Apps

Strictly aligning with the mentioned criteria, this article has carefully selected the 8 top-ranking acapella extractor online products. You can use the tool that most appeals to you and meets your needs to help you separate vocals from the background music in a song.

Here is a comparison table if you are in a hurry:

Acapella Extractors Online App Free App Max File Size Supported Audio Formats Extraction Speed Acapella Output Format
Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover Yes     Yes     50MB MP3/WAV/M4A/OGG/FLAC Fast WAV
Lalal AI Yes     Yes     50MB or less than 10 minutes MP3/WAV/M4A/OGG/FLAC, etc. Fast Not Available for free plan
Acapella Extractor Yes     Yes     80MB or less than 10 minutes MP3/WAV Fast WAV
Vocal Remover & Isolation Yes     Yes     30MB MP3/WAV Fast MP3/WAV
Acapella Generator Yes     Yes     30MB MP3/WMA/FLAC/WAV/AIFF Slow MP3
Voice Separator Yes     Yes     Unlimited MP3/FLAC/WAV Moderate MP3
AI Vocal Remover Yes     Yes     Unlimited MP3/WAV Moderate MP3
Moises Yes     Yes     Less than 5 minutes MP3/WAV/FLAC/M4A/MOV/WMA Fast M4A/MP3

#1 Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover

Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover is a specialized online acapella extractor using advanced artificial intelligence. It can process your uploaded audio file and separate vocals instantly with one click. This acapella extractor by Vidnoz is super intuitive and it is useful for performing acapella extraction in both simple and complex music recordings.

Vidnoz AI Acapalla Extractor

Tips: You can use the extracted vocals to create lyrics. Then employ Vidnoz AI Talking Head to create a lip-syncing video featuring a speaking portrait AI


  • Powerful acapella extraction with Vidnoz AI technology
  • Blasing-fast vocal separation
  • Accurately isolate vocals and instruments
  • Completely acapella extractor free option
  • Support various audio formats - MP3/WAV/M4A/OGG/FLAC
  • Downloadable separated vocal and instrument tracks


  • The maximum file size for uploads is 50 MB

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#2 Lalal AI

Lalal AI is an AI-powered solution that focuses on audio tracks. It features a professional stem separation tool that can break down a mixed audio recording into its individual components, such as vocals, instruments, drums, and more. The specialized stem separation type called Vocal and Instrumental is specially used for extracting acapella from a music recording.

Acapella Extractor - LALAL


  • Split high-quality acapella version of an audio file 
  • Support a wide variety of audio and video formats
  • Streamline the extraction process by batching processing


  • Unlimited preview and downloadable files are only available in paid plans
  • Batch processing is only accessible to paid users

#3 Acapella Extractor

Based on artificial intelligence and the open source library spleeter, Acapella Extractor can easily isolate vocals from any song with mixed instrumentals and vocals. It is a free acapella extractor online service that requires no software or account registration.

Acapella Extractor Online


  • Offer a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Make a clean acapella of a song quickly
  • Downloadable vocal-only tracks in WAV format


  • Limited compatibility with common audio formats
  • Free acapella extraction for 2 songs every day
  • A lot of waiting time when the server is busy
  • No preview for listening

#4 Vocal Remover & Isolation

Vocal Remover & Isolation is another ideal acapella extractor online option that separates voice from a song precisely and quickly. By uploading your audio file to its webpage, Vocal Remover & Isolation will process your audio immediately. You can choose to mute or adjust the volume of the music or vocal track, and then export the extracted vocals in MP3 or WAV format.

Vocal Remover and Isolation


  • Fast acapella extraction processing
  • Create a karaoke version and an acapella version of a song
  • Uses AI algorithm to process audio


  • Limited support for audio file formats
  • The maximum file limit is 30MB

#5 Acapella Generator

The Acapella Generator by edityouraudio allows you to import an audio file from your local library or paste a YouTube video URL to remove the instrumental and generate the vocal audio file to download.

Acapella Generator


  • An acapella extractor free website
  • Extract vocals from a music file
  • Offer a simple user interface
  • Downloadable acapella tracks in MP3 format


  • Relatively slow vocal extraction speed
  • The maximum file limit is 30MB

#6 Voice Separator 

The Voice Separator by ConversionTool can extract vocals, piano, drums, bass, and other instruments from music into individual audio tracks. It supports uploading a local music recording file or pasting a remote URL for isolating vocals from background tracks.

Voice Separator by ConversionTool


  • Extract acapella from a local music file or a remote music source
  • 3 processing methods to extract different tracks
  • Completely free audio-splitting service


  • Slow acapella extraction process
  • No vocal-only tracks for preview

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#7 AI Vocal Remover 

AI Vocal Remover is an acapella extractor online option with an unlimited file size limit for uploads. It can extract instrumentals for a karaoke version as well as isolate vocals for an acapella version.

Acapella AI Vocal Remover


  • Make acapella and karaoke using AI
  • Unlimited file size and audio duration support
  • Allow users to download separated instrumental or vocal track
  • No email, sign-up, or credit card information is needed


  • The website is heavily loaded with ads
  • Can't listen to separate tracks for a preview

#8 Moises

Moises is a fast and online stem separator that can extract acapella and other audio tracks from your audio and video files. The individual stem tracks include vocals, string, bass, piano, guitar, and more. You can export the extracted acapella in M4A or MP3 format.

Moises Acapalla Extractor


  • Upload audio files from a local drive, cloud service, or public URL for making acapella 
  • Separate an audio mix into up to 4 tracks with a free account
  • Additional pitch changer and audio speed changer features


  • Need to create a free account
  • Limited 5 audio separations per month
  • Unlock more voice extraction features with a premium subscription

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The Bottom Line

An acapella extractor can help you create a unique vocal-only version of a song easily. However, this tool should be used responsibly to respect copyright laws. Before using an acapella extractor online tool like Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover to separate tracks and use the extracted content for commercial use, it is necessary to contact the creator for permission.

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