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On This Page
  • Top 10 AI Song Lyrics Generators (Free & Paid) 
  • How to Generate Lyrics with the AI Song Lyrics Generator
  • More AI Tools for Music Creation, Beginner-Friendly
  • FAQs on AI Lyrics Writers

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10 AI Song Lyrics Generators for Unique & Quick Songwriting


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Want to write unique song lyrics but don’t know how? Here 10 AI song lyrics generators are tested and collected for amateurs and hobbyists in demand.

We live in an AI-powered world where AI song lyrics generators are becoming popular among the musicians. These tools help everyone regardless of being a pro or someone looking to start a career in music. AI song lyrics generator is beyond doubt a lifesafe that offers a quick and efficient solution. If you are looking for the best AI lyrics writer, this blog has your back. Read on to discover the 10 outstanding AI song lyrics generators that will make your musical journey easier.

AI Song Lyrics Generator

On This Page
  • Top 10 AI Song Lyrics Generators (Free & Paid) 
  • How to Generate Lyrics with the AI Song Lyrics Generator
  • More AI Tools for Music Creation, Beginner-Friendly
  • FAQs on AI Lyrics Writers

Top 10 AI Song Lyrics Generators (Free & Paid) 

Are you looking for an AI lyrics generator? Here are the top 10 options that you may check for the best results.

#1. Song Lyrics Generator

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

Song Lyrics Generator is the great free online song lyrics generator that helps you to create song lyrics as well as plots, and poems. This tool supports a variety of song genres. Be it rap, love songs, freestyle, or metal - this tool has you covered. All you need is to provide a keyword and choose the style of your favorite artist to customize lyrics.

Song Lyrics Generator with AI

#2. Freshbots

Pricing: $15 per month

Sign-up: Required

Freshbots is an AI lyric generator that uses a powerful language model trained on lots of song lyrics. It's special because it lets you create lyrics in the styles of over 40 famous artists. Each artist has their own model trained on Lyrics Beast data. You pick an artist and set the number of syllables you want for your lyrics, making it personalized and fun.

AI Song Lyrics Generator - Freshbots

#3. Lyrics by Mathigatti

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

Lyrics by Mathigatti is a user-friendly, AI lyric generator. This tool covers multiple music genres without requiring registration. It simplifies songwriting by generating lyrics inspired by the phrases or words you provide. If you are a musician looking for quick and diverse lyric ideas, this is the most convenient tool to aid you in the process.

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AI Song Lyrics Generator - Lyrics Mathigatti

#4. Junia AI

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

Junia AI is a game changer in the field of AI song generation. This tool is especially designed to empower budding songwriters. You will find a user-friendly interface and customizable templates on this tool to help you simplify the creative process. All you need is to input your chosen keywords, and let the AI do the work. 

Junia AI Song Lyrics Generator

#5. Staccato AI

Pricing: $6.49 per month

Sign-up: Required

Staccato AI is like a friendly helper for making music and writing lyrics. It loves your ideas and helps you figure out what to do next. So if you ever feel stuck when creating music or writing lyrics, Staccato is there to give you ideas in real-time. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or just starting – Staccato has got you covered to make your musical journey more exciting.

Staccato AI Song Lyrics Generator

#6. ToolBaz Lyric Generator

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

You can craft rap lyrics effortlessly with ToolBaz Lyric Generator. It's free and easy to use. All you have to do is type in a few keywords or phrases, and it'll create personalized rap lyrics for you. This tool boosts your creativity and let you create your own unique rap verses effortlessly.

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ToolBaz AI Song Lyrics Generator

#7. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

"These Lyrics Do Not Exist" is a clever AI tool. It can make up brand-new song lyrics really fast when you're having trouble coming up with your own words for songs. So consider giving it a try and see how AI can create cool lyrics instantly.

AI Song Lyrics Generator - These Lyrics Do Not Exist

#8. Rytr

Pricing: $9 per month

Sign-up: Required

Rytr is one of the best AI lyrics writer. It helps you write songs easily. All you have to do is follow four simple steps, and Rytr will make creative lyrics for your music of any type. With this tool, you will not have to waste time and money on content creation as Rytr's AI-powered smart technology does it for you. 

AI Song Lyrics Generator - Rytr

#9. Class X AI Lyrics Generator

Pricing: FREE

Sign-up: Not required

Discover the future of music creativity with Class X AI Lyrics Generator! This amazing tool lets you put in your favorite song, and you can even mention the artist if you want. It then helps you easily make your own lyrics. Whether you're changing a song, writing something new, or just looking for ideas, Class X AI Lyrics Generator is here to help you be creative. 

AI Song Lyrics Generator - ClassX

#10. HIX.AI's Song Lyrics Generator

Pricing: $19.99 per month

Sign-up: Required

HIX.AI's Song Lyrics Generator is an advanced tool with which you can create song lyrics that truly connect with your audience. It allows you to write your own lyrics and have complete control to edit. You can improve or even completely change the lyrics to match your unique style. So, if you are in search for exceptional songwriting experience, this tool is the right choice.

AI Song Lyrics Generator - HIX.AI

How to Generate Lyrics with the AI Song Lyrics Generator

Generating lyrics with an AI Song Lyrics Generator is easy and straightforward:

Step 1. Open the AI song lyrics generating website of your choice from the list of provided options.

Step 2. Input the necessary information for your song. 

This typically includes selecting the lyrics language, genre (e.g., rap, love, rock), mood (happy, sad), tone (upbeat, melancholic), song idea or theme, keywords (words or phrases to incorporate), desired length, and creativity level. Some generators may also offer further lyric editing tools, allowing you to fine-tune the generated content.

Step 3. Waiting for the AI to generate song lyrics for you.

Once you've filled in or selected all the relevant options, click the "generate" or a similar start button. Depending on the specific service and your chosen settings, it may take a few seconds or minutes for the AI to generate lyrics. Once the process is complete, you can easily copy the generated lyrics for your use.

More AI Tools for Music Creation, Beginner-Friendly

Beyond just generating lyrics, there are beginner-friendly AI tools that can enhance your music creation experience:

Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover - Free

If you are looking for a way to remix songs or create karaoke tracks, Vidnoz AI Vocal Remover is your perfect choice. It effortlessly removes vocals from any song as a result, you can use the background music. In that music, you can insert your own vocals as well as the lyrics provided by AI lyrics generators.

Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar - Free

Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar helps your transform your generated lyrics into engaging visual content. This tool lets you turn your lyrics into lip-syncing videos using custom pictures or avatars. It's a fun way to bring your lyrics to life and share them on various platforms.

Create Your AI Talking Avatar - FREE

  • 600+ realistic AI avatars of different races
  • Vivid lip-syncing AI voices & gestures
  • Support 140+ languages with multiple accents

Both these tools are AI-powered and allow you to expand your creative possibilities. It will make the process of music creation accessible and enjoyable, especially for beginners.

FAQs on AI Lyrics Writers

1. Is the AI song lyrics generator free to use?

It varies. Some AI song lyrics generators offer a free version with limitations, while others have premium versions with additional features.

2. Are the song lyrics generated unique and usable?

Most AI-generated lyrics are unique, but it's advisable to use a plagiarism checker if you plan to use them for formal song-making. This ensures originality and avoids potential copyright issues.

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3. How do I start song lyrics writing without a free online AI song lyrics generator?

While AI-generated lyrics can be helpful, starting song lyrics writing without them is entirely possible. As a beginner, you can:

  • Learn different lyric forms and structures.
  • Analyze lyrics from popular songs to understand their techniques.
  • Collaborate with experienced songwriters for guidance.
  • Express unique thoughts and emotions to try new lyrical forms to develop their style.

While AI is a very useful tool, it is important to develop your own lyrical creativity if you want a  rewarding journey as a songwriter.


If you are a music enthusiast, an AI song lyrics generator offers a promising starting point. These tools are handy and allow the aspiring songwriters to explore their creative potential. Moreover, if you want to create further improved music, you should consider using the free Vidnoz AI tools mentioned in the blog along with any AI song lyrics generator. Besides that, always remember to respect copyright laws. Make sure to avoid the use of copyrighted music for illegal purposes. Be creative and enjoy the journey of music creation



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