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  • How to Send Marketing Emails - Steps
  • How to Send Marketing Emails - Better Way
  • How to Send Marketing Emails - FAQs

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How to Send Marketing Emails [Ultimate Guide & Tips]

Eleven Wednesday

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Email marketing is an effective way to nurture leads. And, this article will show you how to send marketing emails to scale your business.

Although sometimes email is recognized as an outdated measure for communication compared to social media and messaging services, it is still widely used in government, education, business etc., nowadays for transmitting important information. Due to the low cost and high return, email is also one of the most effective strategy for marketing.

How to Send Marketing Emails

Email marketing gives the focus on contacting with active users and prospects to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and make sales. How to get started with email marketing? How to send email marketing? Here, we will introduce the ultimate guide to send marketing emails for attracting your audiences.

On This Page
  • How to Send Marketing Emails - Steps
  • How to Send Marketing Emails - Better Way
  • How to Send Marketing Emails - FAQs

How to Send Marketing Emails - Steps

It is an easy process of sending emails to someone whom you need to build a relationship with. But, sending email marketing is much sophisticated. You should prevent any possibilities of junk or unreachable emails and try all the best to persuade your customers to read the email, even make interactions. Here are a series of key steps to create and send a marketing email that can actually boost sales.

Choose an Email Service Provider

A good email service provider plays a primary role in email marketing. Besides the efficiency to deliver and receive messages, the service builds in helpful tools to manage your email list, personalize marketing campaigns with templates/interactions as well as perform email automation and data tracking.

Some big names, like Gmail/Outlook, are the preferences to send marketing email. They offer business plans enabling you to work with email marketing professionally, intelligently and securely. In addition, email marketing platforms, for example, HubSpot/Brevo, excels in advanced features to send mass marketing emails quickly and successfully.

Create an Email List

Explore target audiences from the database of subscribers and gather them in an email list. And, you’d better follow some points to filter contacts for your email marketing list.

  • Don’t include invalid and duplicate email addresses in the list.
  • Segment highly relevant audiences, for example, by gender, age, region etc.
  • Collect contacts in a legal, ethical way. Put a sign-up form on website, social media to encourage prospects to register with available email addresses. Contrarily, a purchased email list will never help you improve conversions and probably get you blocked or marked as spam by email service providers.

Design Your Marketing Email

Content is crucial. Not only text, but appropriate styles and objects (such as images, call-to-actions and so on) can make your email more engaging.

  • Define goals and know your audiences: Confirm the goal you can achieve with marketing emails, growing sales, building customer loyalty or other. Also, learn what information that can arouse your audiences’ interests and drive engagement.
  • Give impressive subject lines: A good headline can greatly increase email open rates. Keep your title short but impactful with key information. Don’t use misleading words which possibly make your email go to spam.
  • Write valuable content: Persuasive messages bring better response rates. Use a thoughtful tone to speak with your audiences. Make them feel that you exactly care about what they want. Short paragraphs and bullet points can keep the email body concise for better reading experience.
  • Include interactive elements: Encourage your audiences interact with you through links, buttons and other call-to-action objects. Redirect users to your landing page for sharing more information. You also add image or take advantage of email templates to optimize design.

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Send a Marketing Email

There are two things you should pay attention before sending marketing emails, test and time.

Do a send test. It helps you recheck whether there are some spelling mistakes and inappropriate sentences in subject and body. It can also help you modify the email to avoid sending failure or going to spam.

What is the best time to send marketing emails? It differs from your audiences. Every individual has special habits and daily routines. Choose suitable time to send emails to your customers through existing data or relevant researches. You can also create a sending schedule of how often to send marketing emails, for example delivering newsletter per month. And, there are some tests say that the best day and time to send email marketing campaigns is Tuesday 9am.

Track Your Marketing Email Performance

An in-depth analytics is beneficial for improving conversion rates of your email campaigns. Open rate shows how many people open your email and drives you to enhance the subject lines and sender name. Click-through rate tells how many people clicks on the links or CTAs inside the mail. It is an important factor to understand engagement. Unsubscribe rate can indicate whether the content is relevant to your subscribers.

Launching successful email marketing campaigns is not a simple task. Keep your goal in mind, follow the steps to send marketing emails in a right way and analyze data through reports seriously. Then, you can get big benefits from email marketing.

How to Send Marketing Emails - Better Way

In fact, video email is proven to deliver higher ROI than text email. Most enterprises have used video email marketing strategy to achieve more leads. And, lots of video marketing platforms are rolled out to further simplify the process of sending marketing email.

Vidnoz launches a professional service titled Vidnoz Flex that enables you create and send marketing video emails at one stop. It integrates the features of video creating, editing, sharing and hosting together and helps use video emails to boost sales, build better communication with consumers.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Vidnoz Flex builds in a screen recorder that enables you to record screen, webcam and both with an AI teleprompter to create promo video, tutorial video, support video etc., that can be sent to customers via emails. It offers an array of editing tools to cut, crop, add text/image/stickers in the video. You can also insert call-to-actions, polls and forms to inspire interactions within video. The share button drives you to send marketing emails in one click. And analytics is also available to track video performance, for plays to interactions.

How to Send a Video Marketing Email with Vidnoz Flex?

Step 1. Sign up an account and log in.

Step 2. Click Create a Video > Record a Video or Upload a video.

For recording:

  • Choose what you want to record, camera, screen and camera or only screen.
  • Choose your webcam (when you need to record camera) and microphone.
  • Turn on show teleprompter and write a script if necessary.
  • Now, you can start recording.

How to Send Video Marketing Emails - Record a Video

For uploading:

You can make a marketing video at first, for example, an AI talking head video for explaining new product or service. Then, upload the video to your Vidnoz library.

Step 3. Now, you are redirected to the video page. From here, you can rename video title, write description, insert interaction elements. Click Edit button to access to video editing page. Enhance your video with offered tools according to your need. After saving the changes, back to video page.

How to Send Video Marketing Emails - Edit Video

Step 4. Click Share > Email. Important contents, give a good subject and write the content to introduce your video in simple word. Also, you can use template. Next, click Send to send the marketing email.

How to Send Video Marketing Emails - Share Video via Email

Step 5. Go to Library, select your video and click See more button to track the performance of your video email.


Focusing on offering better marketing solutions for business, Vindoz is developing more AI tools for boost sales, like text to speech. Stay tuned.

How to Send Marketing Emails - FAQs

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most used marketing channels. It empowers companies to share products, promotions and updates through carefully crafted emails. It is helpful for businesses to boost brand awareness, drive sales, increase conversion rates and consolidate the relationship with customers.

What are common types of marketing emails?

  • Welcome email: You should thank and provide information to new subscribers through sending a welcome email. It can include what service or product your company offer, how everything work and how often you will send marketing emails for updated information.
  • Newsletter email: Newsletter is the perfect option for new or update announcement of products. It can be a message of new promotion or event. You can include a CTA in the newsletter email to engage with customers.
  • Leads nurturing email: A lead nurturing campaign is a necessity in email marketing. Send marketing emails to people who has shown interest in your product but not yet made a purchase. Build relationship and keep them engaged with you.
  • Greeting email: Greeting emails or email greetings can make your audiences form a positive impression of you and build a better relationship.

How much does email marketing cost?

It depends on the service you choose. Gmail and Outlook offer free plans that you can use them to send marketing emails with no cost. Also, there are professional email marketing tools that offer premium services can let you get better results for advanced features like email automation, segmentation and templates. Based on the budget, choose the most idea plan.


Email marketing is the most cost-effective channel for business to get huge returns. How to send marketing emails to launch effectual campaigns? Follow the ultimate guide here and you can learn clearly about how to take full advantage of email marketing and create valuable emails. Also, it is highly recommended to use video email for marketing to further boost your business. Vidnoz Flex, a versatile video making and sharing platform, makes it easier and quicker to send email marketing. If you are considering using video email for marketing, it is a good choice for you.


Eleven Wednesday

Eleven Wednesday is a content writing specialist in Vidnoz. She excels in the knowledge of video making and processing. She follows AI technology closely and is willing to share all her learnings with people.