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On This Page
  • What Should Be Included for Email Sales
  • Free Tool to Make Sales Video Emails - Simple and Personalized
  • How to Write a Sales Email with Vidnoz Flex
  • FAQs about Sales Email

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How to Write a Sales Email for High Conversion Plus Sales Templates

Grace Holland

Updated on

How to write a sales email persuasive enough? Find a sales email tool to help you send successful sales emails with templates. Click up, deal up.

How many emails are sent per day? It’s estimated that 347.3 billion emails will be sent and received daily in 2023, and this figure is supposed to be 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025, according to data from Statista. Sending an email to sell something are also overwhelming nowadays. It’s not a difficult thing to write a sales email, of course. The key to successful sales via email lies in how to write a sales email that attracts eyes, gets response, and receives deals. That’s what the article focuses on. And a tested useful sales email tool is available to help you create emails quickly by taking advantage of sales email templates.

Sales Email

On This Page
  • What Should Be Included for Email Sales
  • Free Tool to Make Sales Video Emails - Simple and Personalized
  • How to Write a Sales Email with Vidnoz Flex
  • FAQs about Sales Email

What Should Be Included for Email Sales

How to write a sales email? Before that, let’s learn the structure of email sales which is not unchanged, but some important and universally acknowledged elements are indispensable for a sales email.

  • A subject line that indicates the topic of the email

The subject is essential, affecting email receivers to open and check the email content or not. So the sales email subject lines should be concise, clear, powerful, and personalized. It’s the same with cold email and follow-up email subject lines.

  • An on-topic opening line that provokes interest or stimulates curiosity

The email opening line is the first sentence of your email message. It’s critical to get your customers engaged and continue reading the text messages. Sales email, different from greeting email, should get straight to the point and arouse interest at the same time.

  • A strong CTA along with a button in the closing copy

For sales emails as well as marketing emails, a strong CTA, and a clickable button are a must. It leads to closing a deal with a shorter sales cycle than ever.

A persuasive call to action makes your customers click the download or buy button instantly.

  • A professional signature

An email signature is a block of text at the bottom of an email that included key information of your name, title, and company branding. A professional signature promotes brand recognition/awareness and increases the opportunity to build trust between you and your customers.

  • A helpful body copy

Body copy matters for closing a deal. Texts or videos, what have you’ve been used to create a sales email? Video sales emails, compared with text sales email, grab much more attention from clients and drive more engagement than ever. Sales video email are tested to reach more results and increase more sales from the following components that are key points of successful sales.

Video Sales Email
Button click rates +40%
Email reply rates +20%
Purchase rates +10%
Sales cycles 35% shorter

It is, indeed, time and energy wasted to create a video email for sales unless you get the right tool, introduced in the next part, to assist you.

Free Tool to Make Sales Video Emails - Simple and Personalized

The great all-in-one tool for sales email is Vidnoz Flex, a product developed by Vidnoz and designed to help create fantastic and personalized videos fast for increasing sales and revenue. More than that, video editing, sales email templates, and video analytics services are available. Find how Vidnoz Flex helps you make outstanding sales emails and increase revenue in various aspects.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Record and edit sales videos for email. Record a sales video with webcam and teleprompter. After that, you can edit with a built-in video editor to make a satisfactory video. Add CTAs and buy buttons are such an easy thing with high conversion.

Get sales email templates. Various sales templates are offered in Vidnoz Flex for different purposes, including email sales templates (professional sales email designs). What you need to do is to put the prepared video and texts on the template. Then one click share to email services like Gmail and other selling platforms.

Get video analytics in sales emails. What does the performance of your sent email sales videos? Vidnoz Flex offers some most important metrics to help you analyze and improve sales, like viewers, plays, reactions, comments, and likes.

Enjoy more features with Vidnoz Flex. In addition to email sales videos, you can use Vidnoz Flex to do more things. Create and share videos for marketing to increase exposure and CTR. Record personalized customer service videos to solve problems effectively. Make async communication videos to achieve effective and time-saving communication, and more.

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How to Write a Sales Email with Vidnoz Flex

How to write a sales email with the help of Vidnoz Flex? Follow the easy steps below to create sales videos and send sales emails with one click.

Step 1: Sign up and log in to Vidnoz Flex.

Step 2: Record a sales video with webcam or upload a prepared video. Edit the video with various features. Don’t forget to add CTA and button at last.

Step 3: Go to “Templates”, choose a sales email template you like, and fill in the template. Then one click to share your sales email to Gmail or other email services.

Sales Email Templates in Vidnoz Flex

What can you do after a sales email is sent? With Vidnoz Flex, you can track and analyze your sales video performance by checking viewers, plays, likes, comments and so on.

FAQs about Sales Email

What’s the best time to send a sales email?

The best time to send a sales time depends on your customers’ region or country and lifestyle. But the so-called best time is not so accurate. Use Vidnoz Flex to analyze what time of day your customers are most active and determine the best time to send a sales email.

What’s the structure of a good sales email?

As introduced in the first part, an effective sales email consists of 5 key parts: the subject line, the opening line, a body copy, a call to action, and a signature.

What is a sales pitch email?

A sales pitch is a short but informative presentation to explain the benefits and values of a product brought to potential clients. In summary, a sales pitch email should be clear, concise, and as short as possible.

Is the sales email video creator Vidnoz Flex free to use?

Yes. Vidnoz Flex is 100% free to use. You can sign up with a Gmail account or type your email address. Then you can enjoy the free email sales tool to create, edit, share, and analyze videos to reach goals easily.

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Successful sales email takes a lot of effort, even though sending sales emails to potential clients is a commonly used way to expand brand awareness and improve conversion. Try Vidnoz Flex, which provides sales email templates, to create marvelous sales videos inserted in an email to replace texts only. One-click share sales emails and close more deals with a shorter sales cycle.


Grace Holland

Grace Holland is our talented author. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares blogs to offer practical advice on how to grow business by driving sales, building customer relationships.