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  • What Is Marketing Analytics?
  • What Does Marketing Analytics Include?
  • Why Is Marketing Analytics So Important?
  • 5 Must-Have Marketing Analytics Tools for Digital Marketers

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What Is Marketing Analytics & Why Is It So Important?

Myles Owens

Updated on

With marketing analytics, marketers can optimize marketing performance and approach success. Keep reading this article to get best tools for your marketing.

All companies have high expectations for their marketing teams. But what contributes to a successful marketing strategy? Marketing analytics must be an indispensable part if not being the most important factor because any business success is measured by data. Without it, a company will be like a ship sailing without a compass.

Marketing Analytics

Therefore, this blog aims to tell you everything about marketing analytics, from its definition and components to its importance and popular tools.

On This Page
  • What Is Marketing Analytics?
  • What Does Marketing Analytics Include?
  • Why Is Marketing Analytics So Important?
  • 5 Must-Have Marketing Analytics Tools for Digital Marketers

What Is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics refers to the practice of measuring, managing, and analyzing data related to marketing efforts and initiatives. It aims at gaining insights and making data-driven decisions to optimize marketing performance and achieve business objectives. To do that, marketers have to use data and statistical models to evaluate marketing strategies, campaigns, and customer behavior.

What Does Marketing Analytics Include?

Marketing analytics involves many aspects. But generally speaking, marketers track and analyze these four areas - key performance indicators (KPIs), customer behavior and preferences, the return on investment (ROI), and the effectiveness of marketing channels and campaigns.

Additionally, it is important for marketers to collect data from multiple sources, whether they are from online and offline channels, social media, customer interactions, or sales data.

Why Is Marketing Analytics So Important?

By leveraging marketing analytics, organizations can gain valuable insights into their target audience, identify trends and patterns, measure the success of their creative marketing initiatives, optimize marketing strategies, and allocate resources more effectively. It enables marketers to make data-informed decisions, improve targeting and personalization, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

5 Must-Have Marketing Analytics Tools for Digital Marketers

As marketing analytics are so important and useful, how to do it then? In the digital marketing field, marketers use various marketing analytics tools to gather data for understanding and improving traffic, conversions, and sales.

Vidnoz Flex

In 2023, 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 87% of marketers feel that video has a direct and positive impact on sales, according to Wyzowl, one of the world's market leading explainer video companies. As videos are becoming an increasingly important marketing channel, marketers should also keep up the pace to update their marketing analytic tools.

Video Marketing Analytics

Vidnoz Flex is an all-in-one video editing tool that allows marketers to create, edit, market, and analyze videos at one place. It is free to record your screen and webcam in 4k; make interactive videos with no time limit, no watermarks, or downloads. Vidnoz Flex makes it also easy to share your video through email marketing or social media with templates. More surprisingly, you can track your video marketing performance, such as the total and unique views, average watch rate, reactions, comments, and likes.

If you’re doing video marketing, Vidnoz is a trustworthy tool to reach your marketing goals. Try it for free today!

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Marketing Analytics Tool Semrush

Semrush is by far the most powerful SEO marketing tool that every digital company should have. Broadly speaking, Semrush offers great insights about your website performance, enhances your content marketing with keyword research, and analyzes your competitors in detail.

Keywords are the lifeblood of your online business. Semrush allows digital marketers to gain the full picture about a keyword, such as the search volume, search intent, search difficulty, and SERP features. When you run out of keyword ideas, Semrush is also your best assistant because it recommends you all the possible keywords searched by users.

Moreover, all marketers have to keep a close eye on their competitors. On Semrush, all you need to do is enter your competitor’s domain name. Then you’ll find out what keywords and content bring the most traffic and conversions to the competitor’s website. Other metrics of your competitor, such as content gaps, advertising analytics and samples, backlinks and top anchors, and marketing countries are also available to you at a glance.

Google Analytics

Marketing Analytics Tool Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free marketing analytic tool that identifies what works on your own website. It indicates the number of visitors to your website, what pages they’ve visited, how much time they’ve spent on a page, the interactions, conversions, and sales.

SEO marketers often use it to monitor the traffic of each page of the website, such as the homepage, blog pages, or campaign pages. Marketers also use Google Analytics to track the performance of an A/B test so they can understand what content or anchor text works on their websites.

In general, Google Analytics offers a detailed overview about your website’s traffic. Furthermore, if you want to improve the traffic and sales of a specific page on your website and gather data for feedback, Google Analytics is the indispensable market analytic tool for that. Additionally, Google Analytics offers the information of your audience’s demographics, behaviors, interests, interactive marketing, etc.

Google Search Console

Marketing Analytics Tool Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the marketing analytic tool to track the performance of your content. It gives you the information about what keywords your visitors use to reach your website as well as the traffic, impressions, click-through-rates, and rankings of the keywords on your pages.

Marketers rely on Google Search Console to optimize their content according to the keywords searched by visitors. It is also a useful tool for discovering opportunities as new keywords appear on the queries from time to time. More often, SEO marketers use Google Search Console to identify the reasons why the traffic of a specific page surges or plumages in a period of time.

What’s more, Google Search Console monitors the issues of your website; submits the sitemap; increases the chance and the speed of your pages to get indexed.


Marketing Analytics Tool Ahrefs

Backlinks mean the links from one website on another website through an anchor text. Google sees them as the “votes” to determine the quality and the relevance of a specific page in order to assign an authority score. So every digital marketer also needs a marketing analytic tool for analyzing backlinks. That tool is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs can help you find out where your competitors got their backlinks, which competitor’s page attracts the most links, and all the pages that contain the anchor texts you want to target.

Meanwhile, Ahrefs is similar to Semrush. Marketers can use it to do competitor analysis, such as the comparison of the traffic and content gap. You can also conduct keywords research to maximize the full potential of your marketing strategy. For example, Ahrefs can tell you what pages are ranking high in the SERP and how much they possibly worth.


Marketing analytics is crucial to a business’ success as it helps marketers understand customers, find out the patterns for selling more, and distribute resources wisely. With the help of the five marketing analytics tools in this blog, your business will also take off soon.


Myles Owens

Myles Owens is a Content Marketer at Vidnoz based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.