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On This Page
  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Best Ways to Use Marketing Automation
  • Best Marketing Automation Platform - Vidnoz Flex
  • How to Automate Marketing Video with Vidnoz Flex
  • Use Page Templates on the Video Automation Marketing Platform

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What is Marketing Automation & How to Automate Marketing (with Video)

Vita Wesley

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Marketing automation continues to push businesses forward in the digital era. What is marketing automation? How to benefit more from it? Check out this post!

Marketers are trying out kinds of techniques and tools to climb the ladder of success with less effort, and marketing automation is a hot trend in the selection. Whether you start a new career or want to evaluate your business to the next level, automating marketing is a wise practice that you should use in the full circle.

Marketing Automation

This article walks you through what is marketing automation and the best tricks to adopt it. After reading the whole information, you will get a deep understanding of automated marketing and find the secrets to making the most use of it to improve your business.

On This Page
  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Best Ways to Use Marketing Automation
  • Best Marketing Automation Platform - Vidnoz Flex
  • How to Automate Marketing Video with Vidnoz Flex
  • Use Page Templates on the Video Automation Marketing Platform

What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the approach of utilizing software or platforms to automate workflows and implement more effective marketing on multiple channels online. The dominant advantage of automation is that it greatly improves the effectiveness of marketing operations.

What is Marketing Automation

Meanwhile, modern marketing automation is integrated with data-driven insight across channels, which helps business comprehend their target customers better and optimize marketing strategies for more qualified leads and higher conversion rates.

Best Ways to Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can produce marked effects throughout the entire marketing journey. You can gain double and even more by using it in the right stage or channel. How to use marketing automation properly? The following are 5 important types of marketing automation, by which you will embrace your business goals more easily than typical approaches.

  • Video Marketing Automation: The popularity of video content is changing people’s consumption behaviors and makes video marketing most powerful to increase engagement, bring traffic, grow conversion rates, and improve ROI. Automatizing video marketing will further shorten the path to these achievements.
  • Email Marketing Automation: Email marketing is a long-established strategy to reach target prospects and maintain customer relationships. With automation running in the background, you can carry out smooth email workflows in a breeze and send personalized messages that boost higher open rates. Take video sales emails as an example, automation makes it efficient from quality video creation to winning email writing, sharing, and engagement measurement.
  • Social Media Marketing Automation: Using social media platforms can extend brand exposure widely. It has been exerted by almost all businesses for promotion. Automation in this case does not only refer to automated publication but also interaction analysis, automatic response, etc. You don’t need to speed much time in social media management and can stay active all the time.
  • CRM Marketing Automation: A successful brand always makes use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). And CRM automation saves users from repetitive manual tasks and streamlines the marketing process, such as contact data storage, communication management, deal tracking. Better yet, with the prevalence of video content, dedicated video CRM automation tools emerge, delivering excellent video customer service for more effective relationships with leads and customers
  • Marketing Automation Analytics. No matter which type of marketing automation you’re going to use, you’d better integrate it with analytics to accumulate your lead customer acquisition and evaluate campaign effectiveness. Marketing automation analytics is the process of gathering data from leads and showing notable trends to help you know customers better, make good marketing decisions, and improve strategies.

Have no idea which type of automation marketing you should go for? Video marketing is an unbeatable trend now. To win the marketing game with automation, promoting video content anywhere will be the killer secret. Scroll down and get the best video marketing automation platform.

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Best Marketing Automation Platform - Vidnoz Flex

To get started with marketing automation, you need a specialized platform or software. Kinds of marketing automation tools are available for automizing different workflows. For video marketing automation, Vidnoz Flex is a suggested platform in accordance with customers’ increasingly growing demand for video content.

This platform facilitates video marketing activities from creation, to sharing, tracking, and analysis. When greatly saving time and bypassing repetitious processes, it helps you reach faster marketing success with personalized videos.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Vidnoz Flex includes an array of features and options for marketing automation. Have a look at the details.

  • Customized & automated video creation: You can upload files or record screens to create videos with the built-in screen recorder. Meanwhile, Vidnoz Flex supports advanced editing options, personalized CTA buttons, and stunning landing page templates. It empowers you to make tailor-made videos with no sweat.
  • Automated email sharing: Vidnoz Flex provides an effortless way to send campaigns and customer videos via email. You can import a list of contacts and send emails to multiple recipients at one click. There is a trove of ready-made email script templates for different topics, as well.
  • Automated social media uploading: If you’re also adopting social media marketing on YouTub, Facebook, or equivalent video platforms, Vidnoz Flex is also a good solution to automize video creation and distribution on these places. It is integrated with major social networks, with quick sharing batches.
  • Automated video analytics: With an insight feature powered by Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Lucky Orange analytics tools, Vidnoz Flex can track your video performance and generate insight on the intuitive dashboards, which can be used to enable an in-depth understanding of the leads’ responses and guide your further marketing activities.

How to Automate Marketing Video with Vidnoz Flex

This guide walks you through how to do marketing automation on Vidnoz Flex. See the details.

Step 1. Sign in to Vidnoz Flex

Sign up first for Vidnoz Flex. You can either sign in directly from your Gmail account.

Step 2. Create a personalized video

You will be taken to the main dashboard. Hit Create video and Record a video to capture the desired screen as a video file. Otherwise, click Upload a video to import a video clip from your local drive. On the detailed page of the video, you can avail of advanced video editing tools, add interactive buttons, apply a page style, and set advanced video settings of video playback and analytics.

Create Video on the Video Marketing Automation Platfrom

Step 3. Send the Video

When everything is ready, click Share to share the video via email, send it to social networks, or insert the video on a web page.

Share Video on the Marketing Automation Platform

Step 4. Track the Video Performance

Once the video is published, Vidnoz Flex Analytics will take into effect immediately and create real-time data reports. Just check your video performance in different dimensions.

Analyze Videos on the Marketing Automation Platform

Use Page Templates on the Video Automation Marketing Platform

Vidnoz Flex is a promised land of video automation marketing and it includes virtually anything you expect to automize video marketing. Besides the feature mentioned above, the customizable page template or page style for videos is another highlight that you can’t ignore therein.

Vidnoz Flex has a high-quality library of page templates. After creating a video, you can select a page template consistent with your topic and add your brand logo, interactive buttons, related videos, and other customizable elements to create a unique page for this video.

The templates cover varied topics. And here are the mean types:

Templates on the Marketing Automation Platform

  • Selling: Create sale pages with videos to increase sales.
  • Product Explainer: Show how a specific product works on a dedicated page of explainer videos.
  • Greeting: Make a greeting video page to let your customers know you better.
  • Follow Me: Add your social network links to the video page to attract more followers.
  • Training: Make a personalized video page for employee training or customer training.

The Bottom Line

Marketing automation uses tools to streamline marketing processes and workflows, which frees you from monotonous work and increases productivity. Based on different types of marketing, you need to use the right platform or software to get the most out of marketing automation. Along with the popularity of video content in digital marketing, video marketing automation becomes marketers’ preference. That is why tools like Videonoz are widely used these days. Start with Vidnoz and embrace automation!


Vita Wesley

Vita Wesley is an adventurous marketing writer from Pasadena, L.A. His deep cultivation over 10 years makes him a good advisor in the digital marketing space. Follow Vita to get the most effective tricks, methods, and strategies that will deliver a "Wow" factor!