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On This Page
  • The Art of Storytelling Marketing - Why Do We Tell Stories?
  • 5 Storytelling Marketing Tricks You Must Know in 2023
  • Storytelling Marketing Process - A Useful Tool for Email/Video Marketing
  • Extra Features of Vidnoz Flex that Marketing Can Use
  • Extra Tips: Storytelling Marketing Helpful Resources

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5 Tricks to Get You Started for Storytelling Marketing and Boost Sales

Gary Henderson

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Storytelling marketing helps to boost your net profits. See the tricks gathered from the Internet to improve your market - network, social media

Storytelling marketing is the ultimate way to grab audience attention in this era when they are bombarded with countless ads daily. Storytelling in digital marketing is a tactic to create an interactive video story highlighting your organization’s core values and strengths that can build a deep-rooted and emotional bond with customers. Such stories are better accepted and processed by customers and show a visible increase in sales and profits.

The key is to convey your business message with a meaningful story and as one of the famous Storytelling marketing quotes says “Every business has a story to tell” so you only have to identify a worthy story to share. No matter what mechanism you are opting for currently to convey that message, it is better to switch to a video version of that message to multiply its impact and reach.

Cover of Storytelling Marketing

On This Page
  • The Art of Storytelling Marketing - Why Do We Tell Stories?
  • 5 Storytelling Marketing Tricks You Must Know in 2023
  • Storytelling Marketing Process - A Useful Tool for Email/Video Marketing
  • Extra Features of Vidnoz Flex that Marketing Can Use
  • Extra Tips: Storytelling Marketing Helpful Resources

The Art of Storytelling Marketing - Why Do We Tell Stories?

Definition: Storytelling marketing is all about building a narrative through an impactful story to which the target audience can relate. Storytelling in digital marketing refers to conveying the business message through digital tools such that they leave a meaningful impact on target customers and compel them to make a purchase.

The Strategic Meaning of Storytelling Marketing: Storytelling marketing strategy Revolves around building a meaningful organizational narrative that shares the core values of the organization, identifying your potential audience, and making sure that the narrative can positively engage the audience and make them see your brand more than a mere seller.

Why Do We Tell Stories? As a brand, you tell stories to build a narrative and promote your core business values in a way that develops an emotional connection between the brand and the customer. Through these stories, you engage the audience and develop a deep, meaningful connection with them.

Storytelling Marketing Example Two

5 Storytelling Marketing Tricks You Must Know in 2023

Storytelling marketing is the real game changer to grab customers’ attention in this era of digital marketing. It can multiply the impact of these 5 marketing methods by enhancing their effectiveness and influence over customers.

1. Using storytelling pictures or videos in emails can create a huge impact on customers. An attractive picture or engaging video is much more likely to gain customers’ attention than a written message.

2. Embedding your storytelling video on your website to share your message with customers and win their attention. Even a short video clip highlighting your organizational values can win over a customer.

3. Video ads with a storytelling touch are surely winning the ad battle between competing brands. Ads with a significant and worthy storyline captivate the audience as they can feel a special connection with that message.

4. Influencer marketing is one of the most secret social media marketing tools. But even those influencers can enhance the impact of their message if they opt for effective storytelling by which they can emotionally charge their followers.

5. SEO writing is another engaging marketing tactic whereby brands try to seize their audiences’ attention. When SEO content has emerged with effective and impactful storytelling then the content becomes even more powerful and captivating. Quality content brings sustainable growth of organic traffic in the SEO digital marketing.

Storytelling Marketing Examples

Storytelling Marketing Process - A Useful Tool for Email/Video Marketing

The storytelling marketing process entails creating and sharing the storytelling video with customers through effective channels. The most effective way of sharing the video is the brand’s website which their potential customers can visit anytime. Or else brands can give a more personalized touch and share the storytelling video in the email message as part of a promotional email campaign. Vidnoz offers 2 typical digital marketing tools that help you produce marketing Emails/Videos with flesh and bones. Let's see what you can do to boost your sales with this free online marketing tool.

Usages of Vidnoz Flex (Usage and Features)

Video is the most straightforward way to make your market strategies more storytelling, and Vidnoz Flex allows you to add stunning videos to your websites or emails in one click. Here are the core features of this free tool:

Vidnoz Flex is a powerful tool that can create quality videos - with smooth frames and high visibility.

Vidnoz Flex can be used to add interactive CTA buttons to videos.

You can also make storytelling video for marketing and edit the videos in Vidnoz Flex before sharing them in emails as part of email marketing.

Vidnoz Flex is known for its feature of creating/recording video with a webcam that can help influencers to make their storytelling video and share it with their followers.

How to use Vidnoz Flex to Create Email Marketing with Storytelling Videos?

Step 1: Sign up at Vidnoz to get access to its features.

Step 2: Record or create a video by keeping in mind your desired content or storytelling.

Vidnoz Flex Configuration

Step 3: Edit the video so that the storytelling looks natural, compelling, and effective.

Step 4: Share the video in an email. You can attach the video to your email and send it to all recipients in one click to boost your email marketing campaign with an effective storytelling video.

Use Templates Before Sending Emails

How to use Vidnoz Flex to Embed Storytelling Videos to your Blog and Website?

Step 1: Sign up or log in at Vidnoz Flex to use its’ user-friendly features.

Step 2: Create/record and edit your video.

Step 3: Add responsive call-to-action buttons such as polls, shop now, or using forms that can compel the audience to click.

Step 4: Use embed code to insert the video to your website or blog to enhance its reach to customers.

Produce Video Embed Code with Vidnoz Flex

Extra Features of Vidnoz Flex that Marketing Can Use

Along with the above-mentioned usage, Vidnoz Flex has much more features to offer to marketers. Some of the compelling features that will incline you to sign up at Vidnoz include:

1. It comes with powerful editing tools that go beyond merely trimming, cutting, or cropping the video. You can resize your videos, add images, text boxes, and even emojis to brighten up your videos. With advanced video adjustment settings, you can edit your video like a pro.

Vidnoz Video Recorder and Editor Online Free

2. It offers exceptional features of auto script templates for Email marketing campaigns. It also comes with a text-to-speech feature that can convert written text to speech through AI to enhance the click-through rate.

3. It has a useful AI talking head feature that you can leverage to build a real brand promoter on your website.

Extra Tips: Storytelling Marketing Helpful Resources

If you are still unsure as to what is storytelling marketing then refer to these resources to learn it from scratch and build a powerful story for your brand:

Storytelling Marketing Dos and Donts

1. “The Magical Science of Storytelling” by David JP Phillips: In this Ted session, David explains the effect of stories on the human brain. Through this in-depth analysis, you can understand the importance of storytelling and how they make the chemicals released in the human brain.

2. "The Story Engine with Kyle Grey": In this podcast, you can learn through the storytelling experience of various influencers, marketers, and entrepreneurs and get to know some valuable tips from their firsthand experience.

3. “How to tell a great story” by Carolyn O’Hara for Harvard Review: In this article you can learn how businesses can effectively use storytelling for business growth.

4. The business storytelling podcast with Christophe Trappe: This podcast will help you create better content and connect with customers at a deeper level.

5. Captivating brand story examples by Brand Master Academy: You can learn about 5 brands whose fate changed by storytelling marketing.


Storytelling marketing is a strategy that brands employ to convey their message based on narration and facts to establish an emotional connection with the audience and persuade them to become loyal customers. A captivating and engaging video message is the best way to reach customers in this digital age. Vidnoz Flex is hands-down the best platform to make, edit, publish, and keep analytical records of storytelling videos. Its exceptional features and AI tools make it a user-friendly and result-oriented platform to uplift your marketing campaign.


Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson once was the most-viewed writer under Quora's 'screen recorder' catagory. You can still find him professionally solving people's puzzles that related to videos, screenshots and gaming.