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  • Make Workout Video at Home Prep Work
  • How to Shoot/Edit Workout Video Free?
  • Essential Tips for Making Workout Videos
  • FAQs about Workout Videos

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How to Make Stunning Workout Video at Home? [Complete Guide]

Rebecca Carr

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How to make workout videos? This guide will offer you a full video production process, essential tips from idea creation to seamless sharing. Let's dive in.

We're lucky to live in an era of advanced videography, which makes it easier than ever to shoot workout videos at home.

Whether you are a bodybuilding influencer or online personal trainer, instructional workout videos can boost your profile, build a channel, promote your business, and distribute workout compilations that can be downloaded as a set.

Make Workout Video

But how to make workout videos at home like a pro? Don't worry - we’ve got you covered below. Come pick up free editable fitness video templates and effortlessly create compelling videos for YouTube, Instagram, etc. First of all, let’s check the preparation we can do in advance. 

On This Page
  • Make Workout Video at Home Prep Work
  • How to Shoot/Edit Workout Video Free?
  • Essential Tips for Making Workout Videos
  • FAQs about Workout Videos

Make Workout Video at Home Prep Work

Poorly thought-out workout videos can leave viewers confused and disoriented, which is not what you want. So here, several things can be done ahead of time to craft high-quality and engaging workout videos, as long as you follow the essentials, which include:

Decide What to Shoot

First, define your target audience and purpose of the fitness video, bearing a clear picture of what you're going to be filming is very important. Whether it's a fitness video on loosening up the body or stretching the shoulders, or one aimed at high-level professionals or beginners, you should identify what you're going to film beforehand. Plus, don’t forget to explain some common mistakes or tips that they may encounter while performing specific movements.

Consider the Time Duration

While you can edit video length, it is always advisable to estimate a rough time to determine how much material to record ahead. 

Meanwhile, longer isn't better for fitness videos. According to YouTube statistics, people's attention spans range from about 42 seconds to 10 minutes. Therefore, it's essential to keep a short fitness video where you can cut to the chase right from the start, with what we're going to do today and what the main takeaways are.

Nail Your Audio

Even indoors, you cannot skip the microphone as the open air will steal your voice. So you can use a clip-on lavalier microphone or add voiceovers during the editing stage. 

Additionally, add some theme-matched music for your high-energy workout or relaxation yoga to keep your audience up to speed and enjoying themselves. Maximize the magic of audio and immerse them in the moment.

Make Workout Video at Home Prep Work

Set the Scene

Besides the music to set the mood, the scene can also lay the overall tone and style of your workout video. A specially designed workout spot or a separate space will help focus on the workout. Above all, scenarios are best set up simply, keeping you easily in the center of attention and not distracting the viewer from idle chit-chat. 

Plan for the Platform

As you may know, different video hosting platforms vary in terms of aspect ratio and format. Therefore, it is best to leave enough space on both sides to prevent the footage from being cut off during editing and uploading. 

For those who want to make workout videos for YouTube, it's preferred to use a video resolution of 16:9 or horizontal aspect ratio. And for workout videos for TikTok, Instagram, 9:16 or vertical aspect ratio is preferred with a shorter video length to make it more mobile-friendly.

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How to Shoot/Edit Workout Video Free?

In addition to meticulous planning and adequate footage during the actual shooting of a workout video, an engaging video presentation is an often-overlooked but crucial piece of the puzzle. After capturing enough raw footage, it is now time to orchestrate the footage to optimal effect.

How to maximize the workout video clips? One key pivot point: employing an AI-powered video generator like Vidnoz AI, with more than 200 professionally-produced, fully-customizable video templates (landscape, portrait, and square are all available) to choose from. Simply drag and drop your workout images and videos with ease, and you can create an action-packed workout video in minutes.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

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  • 200+ video templates to choose from. Vidnoz AI offers over 200 designer-made video templates to support your creations, no experience necessary. You can let your imagination run wild on this canvas and create amazing AI fitness videos.
  • Customizable avatar to explain for you. One thing that makes Vidnoz AI stand out is that it contains 100 realistic avatars to narrate and enhance interaction. Type action points into the speech box, convert Text to Speech free and the avatar you choose will narrate with perfect lip-syncing and gestures. Moreover, you can create a custom avatar of yourself.
  • Fitness matched images & music available. Choose from Vidnoz AI's royalty-free music and images to match your fitness programme. Set your fitness videos to the right tune and mood. Optionally, you can add motion and text animations to fitness captions, highlights and subscribe buttons.

Quick follow the steps below to create your first workout videos at home. 

Step 1. Prepare your video clips in advance and access the official website of Vidnoz AI. 

Step 2. Click Templates on the right column and select your best theme-matched templates. Or click Create Video > Start a blank to get started with an empty canvas. 

How to Make Workout Video - Step 2

Step 3. Enter words in the speech box. Click on the function location on the top center to add, replace or subtract images or icons and select your desired avatar to speak for you. If you want to upload a video, click Material > Upload and add it in the appropriate place.

How to Make Workout Video - Step 3

Step 4. Click Generate to witness the miracle, which can be shared directly on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and other social media. 

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Essential Tips for Making Workout Videos

Here are some basic tips to spice up your fitness videos. Take a look and adopt these tips to make the video perfect. 

1. Provide revisions and progressions

Remember that people of various fitness levels, abilities, and limitations will watch your videos. Providing modifications and progressions for each exercise will cater for both beginners and more advanced viewers.

2. Keep fitness videos concise

As mentioned above, shorter fitness videos engage viewers better, and studies have shown that intense workouts can be beneficial to people's physiques. This can be done with arrows or text indicating the direction of exercise, highlighting key muscle groups, or demonstrating proper posture.

3. Emphasize correct posture and technique

When demonstrating exercises, you can stress the importance of correct posture and technique. Teach viewers how to perform each movement correctly to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

4. Convey clear and concise instructions

Avoid confusing jargon or overly complex terms. Break down each exercise step-by-step to ensure viewers can easily follow along. Provide more motivational and inspirational words throughout the workout video.

Essential Tips for Workout Videos

5. Combine a cool-down and stretch

Don't forget to include a stretching session to conclude your fitness video. Guide your viewers through gentle stretching or relaxation exercises to allow the body to safely return to rest and prevent muscle soreness.

6. Invest in quality equipment

Investing in good equipment such as video cameras, microphones and proper lighting can improve production value of your workout videos. Clear audio and video quality will enhance the spectator's experience and in turn, help them keep up with the pace more easily.

7. Consistency is critical

Create a consistent posting schedule for your workout videos, whether it's weekly or fortnightly, which will build audience anticipation and help you build a credible brand image.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Constantly evaluate and improve your fitness videos based on viewer feedback and your observations. Stay enthusiastic, and focused on delivering valuable content that steers viewers towards their fitness goals.

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FAQs about Workout Videos

1. Is working out for 30 minutes enough?

Generally aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. You may need to do more exercise if you want to lose weight, keep it off, or reach a specific fitness goal.

2. Are workout videos effective?

Well, it depends. For some people, working out via YouTube is almost as good as the real thing. However, for people who enjoy the social aspect of working out at the gym, staying motivated through video can be difficult.

3. What equipment is used to record workout videos?

When it comes to cameras for shooting fitness videos, there are plenty of great options for shooting high-quality videos, such as Sony A6600, Canon EOS M50, Panasonic Lumix GH5, and Nikon Z50. For video editing, Vidnoz AI is the go-to recommendation for making free workout videos.


Well-produced fitness tutorials can reap many benefits that can give you a foothold in the health and fitness community, create brand awareness. Now that you probably know all the basic preparations and tips for workout video creation, try your hand at making your first fitness video. 

Workout video makers will make the creation a breeze and Vidnoz AI is one such great assistant. With this AI video generator, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to create workout videos at home. Pay it a visit now and start creating!


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