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  • What’s A Lyric Video & What’s Necessary for Making It?
  • How to Make A Lyric Video Easily?
  • 3 Best Lyric Video Makers You Can Explore
  • More Tips to Make Lyric Videos for YouTube & Go Viral
  • Examples of Stunning YouTube Lyric Videos
  • FAQs About Making Lyric Videos

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Lyric Video Maker: Easily Make Lyric Videos with Templates

Juli Cooper

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How to make lyric videos easily as a beginner? Follow the 5 easy steps here to create a lyric video for YouTube on any device with AI lyric video makers.

A lyric video created by @Citizen Soldier was uploaded less than a month ago and has won 223k views on YouTube so far, and the number keeps going on. This may tell something about the popularity of lyric videos nowadays. Compared with traditional music videos, it takes less time, money, and energy to create one lyric video, thus making it easier to create a lyric video, let alone the fact that they share comparable likeability. 

How to Easily Make Lyric Video for YouTube

Everyone can create a lyric video effortlessly even as a beginner. This post offers a 5 steps guide along with 3 free lyric video makers to illustrate how to make a lyric video easily. Follow this guide to create a stunning lyric video now!

On This Page
  • What’s A Lyric Video & What’s Necessary for Making It?
  • How to Make A Lyric Video Easily?
  • 3 Best Lyric Video Makers You Can Explore
  • More Tips to Make Lyric Videos for YouTube & Go Viral
  • Examples of Stunning YouTube Lyric Videos
  • FAQs About Making Lyric Videos

What’s A Lyric Video & What’s Necessary for Making It?

A lyric video, from the name you can tell, is a type of video that emphasizes the lyrics instead of actors, scenes, lighting, etc. It displays the lyrics of a song directly and costs much less input to create one. To create a lyric video, here are things you need to prepare for it:

1. Music file. Another necessary thing for lyric video making is to prepare the music file. There are cases in which a music cutter is needed as well, which vary from the lyric video maker you choose and the editing methods you use.

2. Materials. Though most music lyric video maker offers a huge amount of pictures and materials, if there’s something special you want for your video, you can prepare that as well and add it to your video for a unique outcome. 

3. Lyric video maker. There are all sorts of lyric video makers available, this tutorial will take Vidnoz as an example since there are minutes of free trial for each user each day. After that, there are 3 other online lyric video makers introduced for you to explore. 

How to Make A Lyric Video Easily?

Have you got everything you need ready? Let's dive into the steps of using Vidnoz to make a lyric video now!

Step 1. Visit and log in to Vidnoz.

Step 2. Choose a template you like, you can also start from a blank.

Choose A Template to Make Lyric Videos

Step 3. Upload the audio file of your music.

Upload A Music File to Create Lyric Video

Step 4. Click “Text” to paste your lyrics. You are free to change font size, colors, and add pictures, shapes to perfect your lyric video.

Add Lyrics to Music Video

Step 5. After previewing and being satisfied, click on the “Generate” button to wait for the video to come out!


Bored with the plain picture and text lyric video? Vidnoz helps make a high-level lip-sync singing video by just uploading a single photo!

3 Best Lyric Video Makers You Can Explore

Most lyric video makers work pretty much the same. Though, they can vary in price, features, and usability. Here introduces the 3 best lyric video makers.

Vidnoz AI - Best Free Lyric Video Maker AI

Vidnoz AI is believed to be one of the best free lyric video maker AI. It offers not only countless templates but also numerous materials, BGMs, video editing effects, etc. to help users make a lyric video on YouTube, Instagram, as well as TikTok and go viral. The particular AI tech even allows you to create lyric videos with a singer singing in a lip-sync way with just a photo!

Turn Text into Video with AI - FREE

Generate high-quality videos from PDFs, PPTs, and URLs in one step!

Singer Singing from A Photo

Utilizing the most advanced AI tech, Vidnoz can help you create a unique lyric video in which a singer is singing along by just uploading a photo to this AI avatar generator! It detects the mouth and face of your photo smartly and creates a lively lip-sync lyric video automatically.

Powerful & Easy Video Editor

This free lyric video maker offers comprehensive video editing features. Users can easily add avatars, shapes, texts, backgrounds, stickers, materials, and pieces of music to their videos. Create a fantastic lyric video with these features and effects now.

Lyric Video Maker Online with Free Trial

How to make a lyric video for free? Try Vidnoz! One of the most stunning features of this AI video generator is that there are minutes of free trial for each account every day! Even though your lyric video is longer than that, you can put your effort daily and combine them in the end thus creating lyric videos for free!

Numerous AI Video Templates

People usually get stuck in the first step of creating a lyric video since it’s not that easy to decide on a topic or style for a video. Vidnoz helps you out by offering numerous gorgeous templates. Different styles, ratios, and topics of video templates are covered, just choose one on your heart.

CapCut - Professional Lyric Video Maker App for Phone

If you are wondering how to make a lyric video on a phone, CapCut can be your best choice. This AI lyric video maker is an easy to use video editing app for users to make a lyric video on iPhone, Android, Mac, as well as Windows. There’s an auto title feature of CapCut, though the accuracy may vary, can still help save much time in lyric video creation.

CapCut Lyric Video Maker App

Learn how to make a lyric video with CapCut >>

Canva - AI Lyric Video Maker App

Canva is an online graphic design platform that is widely used to create lyric music videos. This free lyric video maker allows you to co-create lyric videos with friends and family. Also, templates, lyric font styles, and elements can all be added to help your video stand out.

Make Lyric Videos with Canva

Learn how to make a lyric video with Canva >>

More Tips to Make Lyric Videos for YouTube & Go Viral

How to make lyric videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and go viral? Here are 5 more tips for your video creation.

- Show Lyrics Earlier than Vocals

People search for lyric videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok to enjoy and sing along with, thus making it necessary for you to show the lyrics earlier than the vocals.

- Use High-Quality Audio File

A high-quality music file is important when creating a lyric video. You can ask for help from some professional de-noise tool, such as a free AI vocal remover to make your audio sound more clear.

- Beautifully Designed  Fonts

Lyrics are the highlight of your lyric video, so make sure that your fonts are visually aesthetic and eye-catching.

- Upload Your Lyric Videos Across Platforms

Though YouTube is the most welcomed community for lyric videos, you should still share your video on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for more viewers. Don’t have that much energy to run so many accounts? Save time and get help from a faceless YouTube channel AI!

- Raise Your Account with Other Videos

A highly weighted account is more likely to be recommended to more people and thus get more viewers for your lyric videos. Have no idea what videos to puload? Try these funny free AI tools on Vidnoz like Face Swap AI, AI Headshot Generator, AI Cartoon Generator, etc.

Examples of Stunning YouTube Lyric Videos

Now, let’s enjoy some gorgeous examples of lyric music videos before you step into creating one on your own.

1. Citizen Soldier - Therapy (Official Lyric Video)

2. Taylor Swift - Enchanted (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

3. Can’t Catch Me Now (from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes)

FAQs About Making Lyric Videos

- How to make a lyric video on your phone?

You need to use a mobile lyric video maker to achieve that. For example, CapCut is a widely chosen free lyric maker for mobile users.

- How to make a lyric video with a moving background?

Take Vidnoz as an example, if you want a moving background, you can go to “Materials” >“Upload” to put the moving video/GIFs in any space of your lyric video, you can also try an AI GIF generator to create one first. If what you want is not a video but a simply different position of the original background, you can do that by copying the original frame and adjusting the copied one.

- How to put lyrics on video automatically?

Some of the lyric video makers offer “auto-titling” features like the CapCut does, but the accuracy is not guaranteed, thus manually titling your lyric video is more recommended.

Final Words

Lyric videos are among the most popular types of videos across social media platforms, especially on YouTube, many lyric video makers have earned their market share. So, how to make lyric videos? Detailed tutorials with steps and pictures are shown here, creating a lyric video with Vidnoz is such an easy piece of cake since it is equipped with advanced AI tech. Also, 2 other lyric video makers for different video editing purposes are introduced as well, pick your favorite and make a brilliant lyric video now!

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