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  • Interactive Video VS Traditional Video
  • Why Interactive Video? [5 Perks]
  • How to Make an Interactive Video?
  • Interactive Video FAQs

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How to Make an Interactive Video Free in Minutes [Complete Guide]

Rebecca Carr

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What is interactive video? Why is an interactive video maker important? How to make an interactive video? Here's a primer.

Interactive video, an emerging form of media, is gaining a foothold in the digital marketing industry at an astounding rate. Many top brands are relying on it to increase video content effectiveness, audience engagement and further achieve digital marketing goals.

Certainly, its popularity does not stop there. Interactive video serves educational purposes, corporate training and development, customer care and much more with an engaging and dynamic experience. Putting the viewer at the center of the action by allowing them to control "what to do next" is certainly a novel visual experience.
Interactive Video

Now let's jump back in for a moment, what is an interactive video anyway and how to make an interactive video? If you're exploring this option, here we've compiled this simple guide to help you understand and make an unforgettable interactive video!

On This Page
  • Interactive Video VS Traditional Video
  • Why Interactive Video? [5 Perks]
  • How to Make an Interactive Video?
  • Interactive Video FAQs

Interactive Video VS Traditional Video

First of all, you need to understand the differences between the media presentation formats. Traditional video, in other words, linear video, is the familiar viewing genre, simply hit Play to start watching the full video. Apart from limited features such as pause, rewind, fast forward and restart, it is not equipped with the proper features to engage the viewer with the video.

Interactive video allows users to interact with video content by clicking, dragging, scrolling, hovering or gesturing, which enhances the user experience, better understands users' interests and captures their attention to reduce bounce rates.
Interactive Video VS Traditional Video

Why Interactive Video? [5 Perks]

According to Video Marketing Statistics 2023, 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Above all, interactive video surpasses TikTok in terms of overall effectiveness for video marketers, being rated as effective by 27% of video marketers. Interactive video has rapidly become a well-established and vastly-used marketing tool. Without doubt, the effort to produce interactive videos is worthwhile.

  • More Engaging
    Compared to the passive viewing of linear video, interactive video is more immersive and creates an active viewing experience. By grabbing people's attention in a game-like format, interactive video increases mind activity and reduces user churn.
  • More Enjoyable
    Interactive videos allow for user-driven decision-making and a sense of user control, providing more personalized options and a comfortable viewing experience. You can explore an interactive story while learning more about video content.
  • More Trackable
    Unlike traditional video which can only be viewed through viewership, interactive video can more accurately track people's user behavior, such as click-through rates, comments, video form fields and other data to analyze users' pain points.
  • More Converts
    According to recent research, interactive video has a conversion rate of over 11%, compared to less than 1% for Google display ads and Youtube annotations. Extra effort invested in the interactive video is definitely worth it.
  • More Memorable
    Undoubtedly, a good interactive video makes it easier for viewers to remember the content. Even if one doesn't like or interact with the video itself, the novelty alone can render it memorable.

How to Make an Interactive Video?

Now that you know the merits of interactive video, then how to make a video interactive? Primarily, “a craftsman must sharpen his tools to do his job”, with so many interactive video tools available on the market, a good one is a must. If you are looking for an interactive video platform that combines creation, sharing and tracking, Vidnoz Flex has you covered.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

So let’s see what you can get from this interactive video maker.

  • Free online interactive video maker.
    No download or installation required, Vidnoz Flex is a completely free all-in-one video editing platform that allows you to create your interactive videos on the fly. Equipped with various teleprompter scripts, it supports 30-minute screen recording with sound and you can also change webcam overlay size, shape and position.
  • Various gadgets for interactive use.
    As a powerful interactive video maker, Vidnoz Flex offers extensive features to increase engagement during video viewing, including video CTA, custom polls and forms. A built-in video editor enables you to trim, crop, accelerate and more. In addition, intelligent audio-to-text AI makes subtitle adding quick and easy, rendering the editing process a piece of cake. Moreover, it is also a best AI cartoon generator to add fun to your interactive video.
  • One-click interactive video sharing.
    With this online video maker, sharing becomes incredibly easy and versatile. You can share in bulk via email, social platforms or embed URLs for more potential viewers by putting your video on virtually any page.
  • Robust video tracking and analysis.
    Another fantastic feature that makes Vidnoz Flex the best interactive video platform is that it also comes with continuous video analysis and tracking. Thanks to this tool, you can easily receive data on all your viewers, duration, comments and more. Simply create and share your interactive videos and no worries about the complicated follow-up of data statistics.

Vidnoz Flex is a clean and secure interactive video maker; with no installation and no downloads, you can effortlessly create your own interactive videos. Next is a tutorial showing how to make an interactive video with this video editing suite.

Step 1. Sign in

Please sign in with an authorized account, e.g. Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn. Vidnoz Flex is an integrated online tool for interactive video, requiring no third-party software to be downloaded.

Step 2. Create Interactive Video

  • Once logged in, head to your video library where you can upload a new video or open an existing one. For those who want to record a video, a 30-minute recording time is available. And you can pre-set up options like recording webcams, teleprompter scripts, and Realtek audio.
  • After acquiring the original, you will be led to the video details page. Now you can add some interactive techniques such as CTAs, forms or polls to your interactive videos.
  • Click on Edit in the panel to go to a new page. You can trim, crop, resize, add emoticons, and even adjust video speed to edit video online.
  • When you think it's all done perfectly, click Save.

How to Make an Interactive Video - Step 2
Step 3. Share to Others

Click Share to deliver the video via Email, Social or Embed. Alternatively, you can click Copy Link to share it as a link to others.

Step 4. Track and Analysis

In addition to interactive video creation and sharing, Vidnoz Flex facilitates video conversion into substantial numbers. If you want to get an overview of your comments, likes, views, etc., click on the hamburger icon on the video thumbnails in the Library and select Analytics, that's all.
How to Make an Interactive Video - Step 4

Interactive Video FAQs

Q1. What makes a video interactive?

Embedded interactivity in the video comes from various functions. Here are some common techniques you can use to build interactive videos:

  • Hotspots: clickable areas within a video that hyperlink to another individual web page. It can be used for shopping interactive videos to direct viewers to the corresponding product page.
  • Overlays: if you intend to capture user interests, overlays can be inserted at appropriate places in the video. Such overlays can include text, forms, images, CTAs, audio/visual cues, etc.
  • 360 Views: a 360-degree video is nearest to reality. You can drag the screen at will within the video frame to obtain an all-around view.
  • Branching: users can watch the video along separate paths through different interaction options that you set. Branching allows viewers to customize video content in a 'build your adventure' approach.
  • Quizzes: combine buttons and branches to create an interesting quiz, plus the possibility of displaying the corresponding evaluation results at the end of the video.

Q2. What are the types of interactive videos?

Interactive video can serve a vast array of contexts and purposes. The following are the 3 main categories:

  • Educational. Interactive videos allow users to take the initiative and actively engage in learning at their own pace. Alternatively, with interactive videos, pre-set personalized options are available for learners to decide on the topic, pace and direction.
  • Marketing. Interactive video helps provide a digital experience that delights your customers to reduce sales cycles. When integrated with other technologies, you can create highly customizable interactive marketing to boost conversion rates.
  • Recruitment. Interactive videos can also be used to recruit and train new employees, which can reduce recruitment time and costs.

Q3. Can YouTube videos be interactive?

Yes, YouTube annotations allow creation of links from one video to another or to a playlist. You can use interactive features to engage a wider audience, and adding interactive elements can create opportunities for deeper interaction.

The Bottom Line

Passive is obsolete, experiential and participative are the norm. Interactive video has opened up possibilities to reach your marketing goals and expand your potential user base through popular, trackable and highly-effective conversion methods.

Vidnoz Flex, an online interactive video platform by Vidnoz, makes it easy and fast to run your first interactive video and provides follow-up data tracking and analysis, a sure helper.

Want more engagement, go Vidnoz Flex!


Rebecca Carr

Rebecca Carr, with over 8 years of experience in SEO writing, garners a wealth of knowledge about online recorders and VPNs, staying up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes and best practices in SEO and content marketing.