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On This Page
  • The Psychology Behind Viral Video Marketing
  • 5 Tips to Create a Viral Video Marketing Campaign
  • 5 Viral Video Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Team

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5 Tips to Create a Viral Video Marketing Campaign with Examples

Myles Owens

Updated on

Learn the tips and tricks to create viral video marketing content that drives sales and high engagement while boosting your business.

Social media and short-form content are all the rage these days. Where most businesses are starting to cash in on social media's reach and return rate, viral video marketing has become a buzzword to grab the audience’s attention to a point where a single viral video can make a business hit overnight. So, naturally, everybody is trying their luck with social media viral marketing tactics.

Viral Video Marketing

However, creating content that attracts eyeballs and spreads at a fast and consistent pace is a challenging task. This article will discuss what it takes for online video content to become viral and provide tips for creating viral marketing content. In addition, we will review five examples of successful viral video marketing and the key factors that made them successful.

On This Page
  • The Psychology Behind Viral Video Marketing
  • 5 Tips to Create a Viral Video Marketing Campaign
  • 5 Viral Video Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Team

The Psychology Behind Viral Video Marketing

Before we can learn more about the tips and tricks, it's essential to understand the psychology behind viral video marketing. Essentially, the term viral marketing is built around the idea of creating content that triggers some form of response from viewers, prompting them to share it with their network or take action.

Research shows that six key factors drive people to engage with the content and share it with their contacts:

1. Emotional Triggers: When a video contains strong emotions, like joy, pleasure, fear, anger, or surprise, it is more likely to be shared and discussed on a larger scale.

2. Relevance: The more relevant the content is to the audience’s interests, needs, and values, the more it encourages people to share it and make it go viral.

3. Novelty: Unique content that sparks a new discussion and excites people generally has a higher engagement rate.

4. Social Proof: When the majority shares and appreciates content, it indirectly encourages others to do the same.

5. Controversy: Content that challenges or provokes the audience's beliefs or values is known to get viral quickly.

6. Practicality: People are grateful for the content that helps them in some way, such as by providing information, advice, or inspiration.

5 Tips to Create a Viral Video Marketing Campaign

Now that we have a general understanding of the psychology behind viral video marketing, let's explore five tips for creating content that is shareable, engaging, and worthy of attention.

Tip 1. Use Vidnoz Flex to Edit & Market Your Video.

It is primarily about visuals that make a video hit or flop. Vidnoz Flex is a powerful yet user-friendly video marketing tool that can help you create, share, and analyze viral marketing videos online for your business.

With Vidnoz Flex, you can record and edit high-quality videos, access a wide range of email video marketing templates, and track the performance of your video content.

Above all, its simple interface and advanced features enable you to design professional and high-quality videos that increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your platform. To use Vidnoz Flex, follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign up for a Vidnoz Flex account using a valid email address.

Step 2. Choose a video template that fits your marketing message and target audience.

How to Create a Viral Video Marketing - Step 2

Step 3. Record the video or upload one from your camera roll to edit and add brandings, like texts, logos, images, and more videos.

How to Create a Viral Video Marketing - Step 4

Step 4. Add interactive effects on Vidnoz Flex such as talking head, text to speech, call-to-action, custom poll, and custom form.

Step 5. Preview and export the video.

Step 6. Promote and analyze your video by sharing it directly from your Vidnoz Flex account to your social media.

How to Create a Viral Video Marketing - Step 6

Tip 2. Tell a Compelling Story

Instead of merely showcasing your product or service, try to narrate a captivating story that keeps the audience hooked with the help of AI video generator. Best viral marketing videos are the ones that use emotions to their advantage and weave a story around their product that resonates with the audiences. So make either an awe-worthy, sad, joyful, or surprising plot to keep the viewers engaged and invested in your message.

Experimenting with the elements and creating a story highlighting your brand’s values and personality in the best light is also important.

Tip 3. Optimize for Mobile And Multiple Platforms

With the winning majority of video content being consumed on mobile devices; it's crucial to optimize your viral video marketing campaign for handheld devices and multiple social media platforms. Ensure that your video is clear, the text is readable, the visuals are engaging, and the video is formatted for full-screen or square viewing.

Depending on your target audience, optimize your content for platforms with varied aspect ratios and resolutions to ensure your video looks great on any screen size or application.

Tip 4. Create Shareable Moments

To create content that speaks volumes in terms of engagement and appreciation, focus on showcasing shareable moments. These may be the special visuals, behind-the-scenes, or sound bites that the audience is more likely to remember and eventually share with their friends.

Often including interactive elements to video content, like quizzes, polls, buttons, etc., can increase the retention of your videos. Use popular memes, social media trends, and challenges to make your content more relatable and share-worthy.

Tip 5. Optimize for Social Media Algorithms

Understanding the social media algorithm and how different platforms may have different algorithms that roll out videos are crucial to creating a viral video marketing campaign. Optimizing the content for each platform's algorithm also ensures that your content reaches its target audience in marketing analytic.

For example, Instagram prefers short videos with captions and trending sounds, whereas longer videos perform better on Facebook. Moreover, to increase visibility and engagement on your videos, use relevant hashtags, collaborate with other creators, tag other users, and engage with your audience by responding to their comments, tags, and mentions.

5 Viral Video Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Team

Here are five of the best viral video marketing examples that you can use as inspiration:

1. Dove’s "Real Beauty Sketches.”

The Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign is a viral video marketing success example where forensic artists draw two sketches of women — one based on their own descriptions and one based on a stranger's description. The ad is high on the emotional quotient and sparks conversations about self-esteem and beauty standards. It is one of the most shared ads of all time, with over 68 million views on YouTube.

2. Blendtec's "Will It Blend?" 

Blendtec’s viral video marketing campaign is an excellent example of how a brand can use creativity and humor to generate engagement and buzz among audiences. The campaign featured a series of videos in which Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, blended various unusual items from paper, iPhones, and golf balls to Rubik’s Cube and light bulbs to demonstrate the power of Blendtec's blenders. The series went viral, with millions of views and shares on social media.

3. Oreo's "Dunk in the Dark!"

The "Dunk in the Dark" campaign is a fantastic example of leveraging social media and real-time events to create a viral marketing campaign. This campaign was launched during the 2013 Super Bowl as a response to a power outage that occurred during the game. The tagline "You can still dunk in the dark" was posted on Twitter, and within minutes it went viral with thousands of retweets and shares.

4. Nike's "Dream Crazy." 

This campaign is an ideal example that shows how inspirational and compelling stories can be used to create viral video content. Nike featured NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in their marketing video to deliver a powerful message about the importance of following your dreams, regardless of the obstacles. The video went viral, with millions of views and shares on social media.

5. Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke." 

One of the most known viral video marketing campaigns is by Coca-Cola, where the brand personalized the product to create a viral phenomenon. The campaign featured Coke bottles and cans with people's names, prompting consumers to share a Coke with friends and family members. The campaign went viral, with millions of social media posts using the #ShareACoke hashtag.


Creating viral video marketing content is challenging, but if you’re willing to understand the psychology behind viral marketing and how audiences react to different forms of content, it is only a matter of time before you master this art.

By knowing your audience, creating engaging content, leveraging video marketing tools like Vidnoz Flex, and monitoring and analyzing your results, you can create content that reaches your audience and brings in the desired results.


Myles Owens

Myles Owens is a Content Marketer at Vidnoz based in New York. When he’s not busy writing you can catch him playing tennis or binge-watching Netflix series.