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On This Page
  • What is Interactive Marketing?
  • Top Benefits of Interactive Marketing
  • Best Interactive Video Marketing Platform to Boost Your Bussiness
  • How to Use Interactive Marketing with Vidnoz Plex
  • Customized Templates for the Best Interactive Marketing Examples
  • Interactive Marketing FAQs

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[Ultimate Guide] What is Interactive Marketing & Interactive Marketing Best Practice

Vita Wesley

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Interactive marketing is a trending tactic focusing on two-way communication. Learn about this strategy & use it to magnify your chance of marketing success.

Building communication with customers is a core task for any business to improve conversion!

With the rapid growth of the Internet in recent years, interactive marketing come out as a new strength of boosting efficient connections with customers. Instead of only delivering marketing information to people without stimulation, interactive content marketing helps a business generate more engagement through customer journeys, with interactive videos, quizzes, polls, action buttons, etc.

Interactive Marketing

Want to use interactive marketing like a champion? You’d better understand what is interactive marketing in detail and how you should use it. Scroll down and get the comprehensive guide!

On This Page
  • What is Interactive Marketing?
  • Top Benefits of Interactive Marketing
  • Best Interactive Video Marketing Platform to Boost Your Bussiness
  • How to Use Interactive Marketing with Vidnoz Plex
  • Customized Templates for the Best Interactive Marketing Examples
  • Interactive Marketing FAQs

What is Interactive Marketing?

For a long time, businesses had used traditional advertising to run promotions with the hope of attracting more leads. It worked as a one-way street with low efficiency on the path to the target goals. Then, interactive content marketing appears as the most powerful transformation from the old marketing techniques.

What is Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing refers to a customer-oriented strategy that applies engaging elements and visuals to motivate leads and customers to take action. Featuring high event-driven interactivity on content, this strategy empowers a bilateral and cooperative conversation between businesses and audiences.

Put simply, people can participate in and engage with your content directly, and you can generate deeper dialogues with them based on the feedback. You can take interactivity to your marketing plan through different mediums or forms. Here are the common interactive content marketing types:

  • Interactive videos (Top choice)
  • Interactive marketing
  • Interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • Contests or giveaways
  • Event Countdown
  • Interactive games
  • Service Pricing Calculator
  • AI Chatbots

Top Benefits of Interactive Marketing

It is necessary to take interactive marketing content in the business. You will find what makes it a must-have in the marketing field after going through the benefits.

Higher Audience Engagement: Interactive content can garner attention easily. It allows the audience to participate by tapping buttons, submitting information, visiting new pages, etc. Content consumption becomes more interesting and easy-to-follow, along with a higher engagement rate.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement: Every interaction you receive can reveal the customers’ interests, demands, expectations, or challenges. For this part, interactive content becomes a window into the voice of your customers so you can perform better business optimization to consistently satisfy customers.

Generate More Conversions: Founded on responsive components, interactivity provides a strong incentive to affect how people consume your content and how they take action. It uses engaging visual communication to influence the audience’s behavior. Higher conversion will be reached with this approach.

Strong Brand Recognition: Interactive content is preferred on major social networks, which produces a wider brand exposure. Beyond that, interactivity is associated with personalization intimately, not only making marketing content perfectly fit target customers but helping develop a unique brand identity.

Low Budget and High Incomes: Interactive marketing is applicable to any business size, with no need for a big investment, and the results would positively surprise you. The only challenge is to select the right interactive content type. Thankfully, it won’t be a tricky thing anymore with expanding demands for video content.

Videos in Interactive Marketing

Now video is unquestionably the winner among all types of marketing content. It amplifies the benefits of interactive marketing all the way. This is why most popular brands move to video in the sphere of interactive video marketing. If you also want to create top interactive marketing examples like these famous brands, trying a video marketing platform is a wise idea.

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Best Interactive Video Marketing Platform to Boost Your Bussiness

Vidnoz Flex is an AI-powered video generation platform where you can create interactive videos to boost marketing campaigns. It is designed with the goal of helping marketers build meaningful conversations with customers to grow businesses. On Videonoz Flex, you will be free from the intricate processes of video creation and easily craft videos that make a buzz among your audiences.

Vidnoz Flex - Inclusive Video Creation & Automation Platform

Create, customize, share, and track videos. Gain all faster with 2X speed!

  • Record, upload and edit videos with built-in video recorder editor.
  • Add CTA button, polls and user forms that enhance interaction.
  • Share your videos to mainstreaming platform in batches.
  • Track your video performance with in-depth insights.

Featuring a highly interactive video tool, Videnoz Flex offers a variety of useful options to ramp up your interactive content marketing. Go into the highlights that make your business game easier:

  • Create all types of videos: Whether you want to make videos with ready-made clips or record your screen activities and webcam, there are easy video uploading and recording options for it. Thus, you can create demos, training videos, email video campaigns, explainer videos, and any other marketing videos.
  • Edit & customize videos: Vidnoz Flex has all basic video editing tools for you to cut, crop, rotate videos, add captions, images, logos, etc. The advanced video editing feature gives your an aid to add more uniqueness to your content and even change the video playback settings.
  • Add captivating CTAs: The interactions feature lets you add personalized buttons, texts, images, URLs, custom polls, and user forms to your videos to encourage customer action. This feature includes a number of setting options, by which you can decide the color of CTA content, the lasting duration, and define the appearance section in the video.
  • Apply interactive template: A curated library of templates is built within the interactive marketing tool, being the perfect choice for you who want to create marketing landing pages with interactive elements embedded.
  • Share videos anywhere: With the convenient sharing feature, it takes no effort to send video for sales via email, share videos on social networks, and embed your video creations on any webpage. It works with Gmail, Outlook, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and all other popular platforms for business.
  • Track real-time video data: Vidnoz Flex performs real-time monitoring of video interaction data. It gathers crucial metrics and generates high-value statistics that reveal your audience’s video consumption behaviors and preferences, to help you know your audiences better and carry out strategy improvement.

How to Use Interactive Marketing with Vidnoz Plex

Here is an easy Vidnoz Plex guide. Follow the steps and make stunning interactive videos!

Step 1. Create an Account and Login

Sign up using your email address and log in. If you have logged in to your Gmail account on Chrome, you can sign in with it directly.

Step 2. Make & Edit a Video

The tool will be opened instantly. Click on Create Video in the top left section. Then choose to screen record or upload one file from your device. 3 types of recording modes are supported in the screen recorder, including Camera, Screen, and Screen plus Camera. After creating a video, open the Editing window to polish up the creation based on your needs. Don’t forget to save the edits.

Create Interactive Videos for Marketing

Step 3. Add Interactive Elements

Head to the Interactions tab beneath the video and choose an interactive type from Call-to-Action, Custom Poll, and Custom Form. A setting dialogue will pop up where you need to customize the interactive elements. Click Save when it is all set.

Add Interaction to Video Marketing


Vidnoz offers interactive landing page templates for videos as well. Just go to the Page Style tab next to Interaction and select a template suitable for your topic. The page is also customizable along with interactive buttons.

Step 4. Share the Interactive Video

Click the Share button on the video detail page and send it to your desired destination. You can batch-share videos via email to multiple recipients or upload a video to popular video websites at one click away.

Share Interactive Video in Marketing

When people interact with your videos, you will get notifications saying someone has watched your videos, left a comment, or sent other interactions. To get comprehensive reports, go to the Analytics panel.

Customized Templates for the Best Interactive Marketing Examples

As mentioned above, Vidnoz Flex has a quality collection of landing page templates to deliver more interaction to your marketing content. These are the most striking template themes provided for different purposes.

Templates for Interactive Marketing

  • Sales Templates: Best for product promotion and sales increase.
  • Explainer Templates: Showcase your services or products and offer excellent how-tos.
  • Follow Us Templates: Attract more social fans on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Greeting Templates: Greet customers and build constant connections.
  • Training Templates: Great choice to make training pages that enhance team productivity.

The right template theme will add more attraction to your content. Make sure to choose the one coherent with your content and marketing goals.

Interactive Marketing FAQs

1. What are the Goals of Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing aims to create an impressive and engaging user experience to foster good customer relationships and increase final conversion.

2. Why is Interactive Marketing Important?

This strategy can greatly accelerate the realization of marketing goals from multiple aspects, including but not limited to user engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate.

3. Would My Business Benefit from Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is beneficial in almost all industries. Especially, if you’re running a digital business, you will see more evident advantages of this strategy than other approaches.

4. How Can I Make the Best of Interactive Marketing?

Unquestionably, video is the best way to step into interactive marketing. And it is highly recommended that you test out the best interactive elements for video marketing by inserting different content into videos.

5. How to Measure My Interactive Marketing Success

A marketing analytics tool is the most accurate and insightful method of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing practices. If you follow the tips above, you only need a video analytics tool like Vidnoz Flex.

6. Do I Need to Hire a Specialized Agency to Do the Marketing?

For small businesses, You can exploit a marketing tool all through the interactive marketing lifecycle - create, personalize, share, and track videos, which puts you always on the easy and right track. Marketing tools are also essential for some giants to do certain work.

The Bottom Line

Interactive marketing is profitable throughout the complete marketing process. Video content, the dominant interactive content these days, is the most effective weapon of marketing and advertising. With the development of marketing automation tools, you don’t need to rack your brains on how to create good videos anymore. Vidnoz Flex is providing the best solutions to help you make interactive videos on the top. Use it to double your marketing achievements.


Vita Wesley

Vita Wesley is an adventurous marketing writer from Pasadena, L.A. His deep cultivation over 10 years makes him a good advisor in the digital marketing space. Follow Vita to get the most effective tricks, methods, and strategies that will deliver a "Wow" factor!