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On This Page
  • What is a Scary Voice Changer and How Does It Work?
  • Top 5 Free Scary Voice Changers to Generate Creepy Voices
  • 100% Free Text to Speech Scary AI Voice Generator

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5 Best Scary Voice Changer Free 2024 [Online, PC, Mobile]

Grace Holland

Updated on

Want to change your voice for Halloween pranks? Just check out the 5 best free scary voice changer tools that can make you sound 100% scary!

Whether you want to make fun with friends, change your voice for online roleplay, or make a Halloween prank, a scary voice changer is the best tool that will never let you down. You can change your voice to a horrific one with various effects to frighten others or get a good laugh out of your friends.

Scary Voice Changer

If you just Google it, there are tons of scary voice changers out there. So which one should you use? This blog is what you need. You can find the best free scary voice changer tools or apps that can help you change voices easily. Just make sure to continue reading!

On This Page
  • What is a Scary Voice Changer and How Does It Work?
  • Top 5 Free Scary Voice Changers to Generate Creepy Voices
  • 100% Free Text to Speech Scary AI Voice Generator

What is a Scary Voice Changer and How Does It Work?

Just like those common voice changers, a scary voice changer is capable of changing your voice and making your sound completely different. But scary voice changers mainly focus on transforming audio to frightening sounds, making it the best tool for Halloween pranks and role-play moments.

So how does it work? A scary voice changer usually adopts algorithms to modify the voice, for instance, changing the amplitude, pitch, and tone of the voice. Some even allow you to generate scary voices based on text only.

Top 5 Free Scary Voice Changers to Generate Creepy Voices

There are a plethora of scary voice changers out there, be it online or software. Don’t know which one to use? Don’t worry, here you can find the top 5 free scary voice changers for PC, mobile, and free online scary voice changers.

1. LingoJam: Scary Voice Changer Online Free

LingoJam is a free scary voice changer online tool that allows you to change your voice to scary sounds. Whether you want to attach demon voices to a pussy cat or make your own horror audio tracks, the tool can be the best free one that comes in handy.

Main features of LingoJa scary voice changer :

  • There is no need to sign up for anything. Just upload your audio or record your voice to get started.
  • LingoJam is a 100% free scary voice changer. No subscription at all.
  • You can download the output audio in WMA format, which is compatible with most platforms and devices.

How to use LingoJam for scary voice change?

Step 1: Head to LingoJam Scary Voice Changer online.

Step 2: Record with your microphone or upload an audio.

Scary Voice Changer LingoJam Record Audio

Step 3: Listen and download generated scary audio for free.

Scary Voice Changer LingoJam Download Audio

2. Voice Changer: Deep Scary Voice Changer Online Free

Voice Changer is another useful scary voice changer that is worth checking out. The web-based tool can transform voices and audio into a wide selection of sounds, for instance, creepy aliens, spooky ghosts, etc. You can also add various scary effects for customization.

Main features of Voice Changer:

  • No need to sign up or subscribe to anything. The online scary voice changer lets you change your voice for free.
  • It’s also a scary voice changer text to speech that allows you to generate voices based on text only.
  • You can download your audio in WMA format with high-quality output.

How to use Voice Changer for scary voice change?

Step 1: Go to the Voice Changer website. Scroll down and select the “Create a custom voice” option.

Step 2: Record or upload an audio, or generate speech from text. 

Scary Voice Changer Online Input Audio

Step 3: Click to add an effect > Deep Scary and download the scary audio for free.

Scary Voice Changer Online Deep Scary 

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3. Voicemod: Creepy Voice Changer AI for PC

Powered by AI, Voicemod scary voice changer is a great choice to give your voice a terrifying transformation. The scary voice changer offers a good variety of sound options, including creepy doll, living dead, zombie, etc., which is just perfect for Halloween night, video games, voice chats, and more.

Scary Voice Changer VoiceMod 

Main features of VoiceMod scary voice changer:

  • The scary voice changer for PC and Mac software is free to download and use.
  • Voicemod is a realistic AI voice changer that can change your voice in real time for gaming, streaming, etc.
  • It has a rich soundboard to add spooky sounds, which allows you to change voices and create a truly terrifying effect for Halloween pranks.

How to use Voicemod to change scary voice?

Step 1: Click on the Voicemod scary voice changer download link and install it on your device.

Step 2: Configure the audio input and output when you launch it for the first time.

Scary Voice Changer VoiceMod Device Setup

Step 3: Go to VoiceBox and scroll down, select a scary voice to get started.

Scary Voice Changer VoiceMod Voices

4. MagicMic: Scary Voice Changer for PC & Mobile

MagicMic is the best real-time voice changer to generate scary voices. Developed with AI, MagicMic allows you to change or clone voices quickly and easily. With 225+ voice filters such as Donald Trump AI voice, SpongeBob, spooky voices, and more, MagicMic go-to choice for audio projects of all sorts.

Scary Voice Changer MagicMic

Main features of MagicMic voice changer:

  • MagicMic offers 600+ voice effects including deep scary, ghost, and monster voices that can scare even the toughest.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, the scary voice changer is 100% free to use.
  • MagicMic is a highly intelligent AI voice cloning free tool. You can upload or record audio to change and clone voice in one click.

How to use MagicMic to get scary voice?

Step 1: Download and install MagicMic.

Step 2: Go to settings to configure the audio device for input and output.

Scary Voice Changer MagicMic Settings

Step 3: Go to VoiceBox and scroll down to find all the scary voices. Pick one to get started.

Scary Voice Changer MagicMic Voices

5. Scary Voice Changer & Recorder: Scary Voice Changer for Mobile

Want to change your voice on mobile? Scary Voice Changer & Recorder is an excellent choice. The creepy speech changer offers scary voices that will chill everyone to the bone. Along with features like audio editing, and sound effects, the app is a must-have tool for Halloween pranks.

Scary Voice Changer Recorder  

Main features of Scary Voice Changer & Recorder:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS, Scary Voice Changer & Recorder is free to use.
  • It allows you to customize scary voices in terms of frequency, speed, and pitch.
  • It offers the scariest zone voices, including demons, devils, and other evil beings to get your spook on.

How to use Scary Voice Changer & Recorder?

Step 1: Download and install the Scary Voice Changer & Recorder app.

Step 2: Tap on the Microphone icon to record an audio.

Scary Voice Changer Recorder Audio Input

Step 3: Choose a voice effect to change it to a scary voice.

Scary Voice Changer Recorder Effects

100% Free Text to Speech Scary AI Voice Generator

While the 5 scary voice changer tools are the best options to generate frightening sounds, there is one more tool that you should never miss out on - Vidnoz AI voice generator. With this AI-driven online tool, you can easily convert text to speech in various languages and voices for free.

Create Text-to-Speech AI Voices - FREE

Make natural voice text to speech in various languages, accents, and ethnicities. Try it free now!

Main features of Vidnoz AI text to speech:

Unlimited Free to Use: Vidnoz text to speech free tool requires no subscription. Simply sign up with an email address to convert unlimited text to speech for free.

One Click to Generate Audio from Text: No need to fiddle with your microphone. Just input the text and you can generate audio in just one click.

8 Languages with Male/Female Supported: With 8 popular languages in male and female voices, Vidnoz Text to Speech is the best tool to generate natural-sounding  speech.

Download Audio In MP3: You can download generated audio in MP3, which is the most popular audio format that is compatible with all platforms.

How to Generate Voices from Text with Vidnoz AI

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz Text to Speech. Sign up with an email address (Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. Input the text. Adjust language, speed, and voice. Click on the Play button to convert text to speech. You can download the speech from your email soon.

 Scary Voice Changer Vidnoz Input Text

Apart from text to speech, you can also try the Vidnoz AI avatar generator to create avatars with text prompts or the AI talking avatar generator for talking head videos.

Alternatively, Vidnoz has an all-in-one video platform - AI video generator, which allows you to generate audio from texts, templates, PPTs, PDFs, and such. Packed with 50+ realistic AI avatars with voiceovers and gestures, and 200+ professionally designed templates, the AI-powered generator is also the best tool to make engaging videos quickly and easily!


Now you know the 5 best free scary voice changer tools, just try them out. While LingoJam and Voice Changer are convenient and free to use, Voicemod and MagicMic are perfect for a handful of voice options and customization features. For those who want to change voices on mobile, Scary Voice Changer & Recorder is simply the best choice. Meanwhile, Vidnoz AI voice generator and AI video generator are two top-notch AI tools you could check out, which can help you easily create audio and videos from text with ease. Just wait no more and try them for free!


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