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On This Page
  • Scream Voice Changers for PC (Windows and Mac): Top 3 Picks
  • Elevate Your Voice: Experience the Best Scream Voice Changer Apps
  • Discover 2 Online Voice Changers for Spine-Tingling Effects

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8 Best Scream (Ghostface) Voice Changers for PC, App & Online


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Want to sound like the iconic villain from Scream? Here are the 8 best scream voice changers to get the most authentic scream (ghostface) voice.

Assuming that you're hoping to imitate the frigid voice of Ghostface, bless your lucky stars! The eight best scream voice changers for PC, app, and online platforms are discussed in this article. Whether you need to trick your friends or add a creepy bend to your recordings, these scream voice changers will assist you with accomplishing the chilling Ghostface impact. So before wasting any more time, let's find out the best app for your motive!

Scream Voice Changers

On This Page
  • Scream Voice Changers for PC (Windows and Mac): Top 3 Picks
  • Elevate Your Voice: Experience the Best Scream Voice Changer Apps
  • Discover 2 Online Voice Changers for Spine-Tingling Effects

Scream Voice Changers for PC (Windows and Mac): Top 3 Picks

Finding creative and realistic scream voice changers for PC can be daunting. You must master the art of faking the best ghost voice to cherish the fun of pranking your friends. Our top 3 picks of voice changers will inevitably help you get even with your friends. You can also use a professional AI voice changer and cloner to get any scream voice of any TV  series and movies you like.

WooTechy SoundBot

WooTechy SoundBot is an impressive scream voice changer that operates on AI technology. It has over 200 voice filters and 400 sound effects, giving its users plentiful options. It has a voice feature similar to the most notorious voice of Ghostface. WooTechy also has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface to assist them in exploring and enhancing their creativity without any struggle. Moreover, this high-tech scream voice changer works flawlessly on Windows and Mac.

Scream Voice Changers Wootechysoundbot

  • Simplified user interface
  • Broad library involving north of 200 voice channels and 400 audio effects
  • Updates on a regular basis that add new voices and features
  • Cross-stage similarity obliges the two Windows and Macintosh clients
  • It is not available in the mobile application
  • It offers a free trial, but a subscription is required for usage after the given time


Voicmod is one of the best voice changers for PC. It offers various drizzling voice impacts and soundboards; on top of that, the realistic Ghostface voice gives this software an edge. One of many distinctive features is its voice lab feature. It enables users to create customised voices and is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Moreover, this revolutionary multi-layered software allows users to record and edit audio files to enhance the quality of their masterpieces.

Scream Voice Changers Voicemod

  • It offers ample options for soundboards and voice effects
  • Its real-time voice modulation feature change voice instantly and make it sound smooth
  • Users can create custom voices that perfectly match their preferences
  • It has premium recording and sound-editing features that enable users to customize and enhance their audio
  • It is a scream voice changer free software but requires a subscription for additional features
  • There are specific limitations on its effects

AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer Diamond emerges as an advanced scream voice changer PC software. It caters to the user's requirements of finding frightening and realistic scream voices. So if you are looking for an eerie voice changer software offering plenty of editing features and effects, AV Voice Changer Diamond might be the right option.

Scream Voice Changers AV Voice Changer Diamond

  • Advanced voice editing features
  • A wide variety of petrifying scream voice effects create perfect ghost voices
  • Real-time voice modulation ensures seamless voice transformation with immersive details
  • Users can make changes and edit pre-recorded audio files
  • One-time payment to gain lifetime access to this tool
  • The frequent appearance of advertising pop-ups is highly annoying
  • It encounters compatibility concerns with Windows 7

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Elevate Your Voice: Experience the Best Scream Voice Changer Apps

If you're an Android or iOS user craving the spine-chilling voice of Ghostface or the terrifying screams that haunt our nightmares, fear not! With the help of scream voice changer apps, you can unleash the full extent of the horror and immerse yourself in a world of fright. Following are the Great 3 picks for you; choose your best one!

Scary Voice Changer

Scary Voice Changer is an exceptional scream voice changer app that allows you to record your voice and apply a wide array of scary effects, including the spine-tingling scream voice and the eerie resonance of Ghostface. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this app immerses you in terror, letting you terrify your friends or easily create spine-chilling voiceovers.

Scream Voice Changers Scary Voice Changer

  • A vast range of scary effects, including scream voice and Ghostface resonance
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Immersive realm of terror for pranks and voiceovers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited customization options
  • In-app purchases may be required

Demon Voice Changer

Prepare to delve into the realm of the supernatural with Demon Voice Changer. This terrifying scream voice changer online app allows you to metamorphose your voice into that of a demon, monster, ghost, or even a scream. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Demon Voice Changer lets you embody the essence of horror, delivering an unparalleled chilling experience.

Scream Voice Changers Demon Voice Changer

  • Transform your voice into many horro voices.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Creates a spine-tingling and immersive horror experience
  • Limited voice customization options
  • Potential compatibility issues

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Scary Voice Changer and Recorder

Unlock the realms of fear with Scary Voice Changer and Recorder, a captivating ghostface voice changer app that lets you record your voice and transform it into bone-chilling sounds such as the scream voice or the haunting tone of Ghostface. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app infuses your voice with terror, elevating your pranks, voiceovers, or Halloween festivities to shiver-inducing heights. Such an adrenaline rush!

  • Effortlessly transform your voice into bone-chilling sounds like the scream voice and Ghostface's haunting tone
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Adds a spine-tingling element to pranks, voiceovers, and Halloween festivities
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  • Very bright interface color
  • Frequent annoying video ads pop up

Discover 2 Online Voice Changers for Spine-Tingling Effects

Exploring the bone-chilling voice of Ghostface, we venture into the realm of online scream voice changers. These tools, accessible through the web, allow you to transform your voice into horrifying sounds without requiring downloads or installations.

Vidnoz Text to Speech 100% Free Scream Voice Changer

Vidnoz Flex is a web-based technology that lets you experience the unleashed power of horror voices. You may easily create a wide variety of frightening voices with its cutting-edge scream voice changer text to speech feature. This platform is user-friendly and works with any device.

Scream Voice Changers Vidnoz

  • Generate AI voiceover 100% free
  • This tool is web-based, with no inconvenience of downloads or installations
  • Convert long text to voice in minutes
  • Numerous applications: Investigate scalability in Vidnoz Flex's online gaming or multimedia creation.
  • Multiple languages supported. Vidnoz allows users to transfer text to speech in 8 Languages with Male & Female Voices
  • Limitations found in advanced editing features
  • Facing challenges when attempting to load files of considerable size

Furthermore, Vidnoz has a gripping and exclusive feature - Vidnoz Taking Avatar, which enables users to upload a ghost photo and then input descriptive text to generate a screaming voice with a ghost head.

Scream Voice Changers Vidnoz Talking Head


LingoJam is another web-based scream voice changer that permits you to change your voice into the spooky sounds of screams or the terrifying tone of Ghostface. LingoJam offers a direct way to deal with changing your voice and making spine-chilling impacts.

Scream Voice Changers Lingojam

  • simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • No need to download
  • Fast and easy voice customization.
  • Fewer options for voice effects than on other platforms.
  • Absence of advanced customization highlights.


Master the bone-chilling voice of Ghostface with the 8 best scream voice changers. Unleash the terror in pranks, voiceovers, or Halloween festivities. Visit Vidnoz Text to Speech and immerse yourself in the realm of horror. Get ready to scream like never before!



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