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On This Page
  • Funny TikTok Trend – Face Swapping Myself 10 Times
  • How to Face Swap 10 Times: Best Online Tools and Steps
  • Animate Your Face Swap: Create Dynamic AI Videos With Vidnoz

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How to Face Swap 10 Times on TikTok? – Use Face Swap Filter

Tim Henderson

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Join the TikTok trend! Let's learn how to do the face swap 10 times on TikTok with this step-by-step guide. Explore the FaceApp and have fun!

How to face swap 10 times on TikTok is the brand-new collective question asked by users. This incredibly funny TikTok trend warps and alters your photo until it reaches an extremely bizarre result.

Regardless of the photo’s quality or your facial features, this funny face swap AI filter finds a way to come up with hilarious results. Tons of TikTok users are asking how to face swap 10 times on the app since the filter was rolled out recently.

How to Face Swap 10 Times on TikTok

That’s only natural considering the filter’s ability to create uncanny results. It is pretty easy if you are wondering how to do the face swap 10 times on TikTok. Let’s dive into it!

On This Page
  • Funny TikTok Trend – Face Swapping Myself 10 Times
  • How to Face Swap 10 Times: Best Online Tools and Steps
  • Animate Your Face Swap: Create Dynamic AI Videos With Vidnoz

Funny TikTok Trend – Face Swapping Myself 10 Times

Some of these videos of other users with this filter have probably squeezed into your for-you page. That’s not unusual considering the filter’s immense popularity, as people already started making compilations of its uses.

The filter basically works by swapping your face 10 times, resulting in often horrific photos. You might be saying that since “it is your face,” how can the results be different?

Well, that’s where you need to check out the video above to see how it works. The way this filter turns an innocent selfie into an unsettling image is just amazing. That’s why most people are curious about how to face swap 10 times to see how their selfies will turn out.

Knowing that AI face generators tend to miss out on some users, you might want to find yourself a guide on how to do the face swap 10 times on TikTok with these generators. Luckily, there are great tools that will allow you to get your own hilarious results. Let’s check them out!

How to Face Swap 10 Times: Best Online Tools and Steps

Swapping your face might have you question your self-image. But if you really want to learn how to face swap 10 times, then you’ll have to utilize some online tools and follow some simple steps.

How to Face Swap 10 Times With Best Online Tools and Steps

Before we dive into the best tools that you can use, there are a few things worth noting. Keep in mind that it isn’t actually possible to do the face swap 10 times in one go.

The filter itself also requires you to select a photo from your camera roll and choose it 10 times. So this rinse and repeat process can be a bit time-consuming on TikTok. Luckily, the tools that we listed below will show you how to do the face swap 10 times on TikTok quite easily. You can also utilize a different method that requires some shifts in Photoshop.

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Use Face Swap Tools

The face swap tools online are perfect to see this filter in effect. They all come with unique features that offer great results. Let’s have a look at the best ones you can use right now!

Vidnoz Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swapper

To make the most of your face-swapping adventures, you can rely on the specialized tool of Vidnoz. Called Vidnoz Face Swapper, this tool is designed to simplify the process. And offers a user-friendly interface to create entertaining face swaps. Here’s how to face swap using the Vidnoz Face Swapper.

  • Go to the official website of Vidnoz, a versatile AI. Navigate to the menu at the top of the page, ‘Free AI Tool’, and select the ‘Face Swap’ tool from the drop-down menu.
  • Upload the base image by clicking on Upload Photo. (Make sure that the format is JPG, PNG, or WEBP.)
  • Once you’re done uploading the base image, you can upload the target face image. 
  • When both images are uploaded, click on ‘Swap Face Now’ to start the process.
  • After a few seconds, the Vidnoz Face Swap tool will deliver the first results. Now rinse and repeat this process!

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FaceApp Face Swapper

FaceApp is also a great app to use if you are wondering how to face swap 10 times TikTok effect on your phone, or if you want to change face in video, FaceApp is a great choice. Just follow the simple steps below to start your AI-powered face-swapping endeavours!

  • Begin by heading to your app store and installing FaceApp on your device, launch the app and either take a new photo or select an image from your device's camera roll.
  • Within FaceApp, explore the array of available filters, and specifically, opt for the ‘Face Swap’ feature.
  • At this point, you can either browse through the app's selection of celebrity pictures for your face swap or select a photo from your own gallery. Since we’re learning how to do face swap 10 times using the app, select your own photo from the camera roll.
  • Similar to Vidnoz, save each result and repeat the process. That’s how to face swap 10 times and get quite hilarious results!

Pica AI

Pica AI Face Swapper

PicaAI is another great tool to use to get the face swapping effect. Similar to Vidnoz and FaceApp, it also comes with a specified tool that offers the same process. Alongside that, Pica AI also comes with a default library of tons of images that you can simply choose to reface.

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Here’s how to do face swap 10 times using Pica AI’s Face Swap tool.

  • Go to the official website of Pica AI.
  • The Face Swap tool should be the first page to open. If not, head to the top left corner of the screen and click on AI Tools.
  • After opening the tool, click on the 'Add Face' button to upload an image of your own.
  • Navigate to the right side of the screen and click the upload button under ‘Pick the photo to reface.’
  • Make sure the second photo you choose also belongs to you.
  • Once that’s done, you can swap your face and download the result.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll have to repeat the process 10 times similar to the other tools on the list.

Face Swapping With Photoshop

Face Swapping With Photoshop

For those who prefer a more hands-on and versatile approach to face swapping, Adobe Photoshop offers a powerful solution. This method requires a bit of proficiency in Photoshop, though.

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So, if you want to learn how to face swap 10 times in Photoshop, the small guide below should help!

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop and load the image you wish to perform a face swap on.
  • Utilize the selection tools to outline the face you intend to swap.
  • Select a suitable replacement face from another image.
  • Paste the chosen face onto the original image.
  • Adjust the size, angle, and opacity of the pasted face to ensure a seamless blend.
  • Repeat these steps for each of the ten face swaps you wish to create.

Now you have ten face swaps ready and waiting. The time has come to compile the individual swaps into a cohesive video sequence. That’s where Vidnoz takes the scene.

Animate Your Face Swap: Create Dynamic AI Videos With Vidnoz

Animate Your Face Swap Create Dynamic AI Videos With Vidnoz

Vidnoz AI is a powerful video maker that allows you to discover the full potential of AI-powered tools. This highly versatile video generator allows you to upload your face-swapped photos and create a funny video.

Moreover, it is also possible to make use of the AI talking photo effect on your face-swapped photos. Thanks to the incredible features of Vidnoz AI Talking Avatar, you can go above and beyond the original video content. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that:

  • Visit the Vidnoz website (https://www.vidnoz.com) and sign in.
  • Click Avatar, select 'Talking Photo,' and upload your favorite face-swapped photo.
  • Choose language/speed, then generate talk.
  • Click on the 'Material' at the top and choose to upload your original pre-recorded video or add other elements in the editing options and insert video scripts below.


Well, if you were wondering how to do the face swap 10 times trend, this comprehensive guide should help you in your face-swapping adventures. As mentioned above, using tools like Vidnoz Face Swapper, you can easily achieve this effect and create hilarious results. Do not forget to embrace the repetition and relish the humor in each swap, though.

The trend is not only a source of amusement but also an opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of AI creation. Join in and unlock your creative potential with the Vidnoz AI video generator, as there's a world of captivating tools that will enrich your digital routine as well!


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