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On This Page
  • Part 1. Why Do You Need Female Voice Generators?
  • Part 2. 5 Best AI Female Voice Generators Online 
  • Part 3. 2 Best Female Voice Changers Software for Discord, Twitch, and Omega 

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Realistic Female Voice Generators in 2024 for Discord/Omega, etc.

Gary Henderson

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Want to change your voice to a female voice? Here are the 6 best female voice generator choices to generate female voices with ease.

Changing your voice to a female voice is quite common these days, for instance, to make a Halloween prank with your friends, create a social media clip with female narration, or change your voice on live chats for fun. Regardless of the scenario, today you can easily change your voice with a female voice generator. 

Best 6 Female Voice Generator Choices

There are 7 types of female voice generators that received a warm welcome among users: female text-to-speech generators for audio creation and real-time voice changers for platforms like Discord, Twitch, Omega, etc. In this blog, you can find 6 qualified female voice generators that let you generate audio via text or change your voice in real-time. Just read on!

On This Page
  • Part 1. Why Do You Need Female Voice Generators?
  • Part 2. 5 Best AI Female Voice Generators Online 
  • Part 3. 2 Best Female Voice Changers Software for Discord, Twitch, and Omega 

Part 1. Why Do You Need Female Voice Generators?

A female voice generator/changer is a useful tool for audio and video creation. Especially with an AI text to speech generator, you can generate natural audio fast and hassle free. 

You can see 5 most common scenarios of Female voice changers:

-Create a social media video with female voiceovers

-Change your voice in real time for gaming and live streaming

-Simply want to have fun with friends

-Add female narration for audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

Dilemma: Not all female voice generators are qualified enough to export natural/realistic female voices as you expect. But fret not, the problem can be easily fixed with the power of AI. Just read on to find the 7 best options!

Part 2. 5 Best AI Female Voice Generators Online 

Want to change your voice to a female one online with high-quality output? In this part, you can find the 5 best  AI female voice generators for doing text-to-video, text-to-speech, or realistic voice change. Please read on. 

#1. AI Voice Changer - Famous Female Celebrity Voice Changer

Seek no further, the most realistic female voice generator powered by AI is here. This free AI voice changer website allows users to change their voice into natural celebrities' voices in no time. And generate smooth text-to-speech files in seconds. You can leverage Billie Elish, Adele, Beyonce, and Dua Lipa's voice to make a charming and sexy AI voice. This website offers free tries every day, please feel free to give it a try! 

Female AI Voice of Celebrities Online Free


-Change to a realistic female voice in seconds

-Clone your voice to a female voice by uploading an audio 

-Best AI woman voice generator, celebrity supported

-Fast generation, no queue in line

#2. Vidnoz AI - Hot Girl Voice Text to Speech Video

Vidnoz AI is an outstanding female voice generator online tool, which allows you to generate high-quality female voices with ease. Just input the text and you can convert them to natural-sounding female voices in 100+ languages. In addition, Vidnoz AI is also the best AI video generator for making engaging videos with a realistic female voice generator


-Choose from dozens of female voices that sound natural and realistic. 

-Smartly recognize the punctuation, pause, context, etc., and export vivid audio quickly and easily. 

-Generate female voices in MP3 or upgrade to MP4 with female AI avatars. 

Quality of its Female Voices: Proper accents, pitch, and pause, indistinguishable from real humans

How to make hot girl voice videos with this female AI voice generator?

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz AI. Sign up with an email address(Gmail, Microsoft, LinkedIn).

Step 2. Go to Avatars and choose your preferred female avatar. Click on the Edit avatar and you can choose a female voice in 100+ languages. 

Female Voice Generator Vidnoz AI Choose Voice

Step 3. Click the Create video with this avatar button. Input the text you want to convert to a female voice.

Step 4. Use the toolbar on top to edit the video. Click on the Generate button to generate a video in a female voice.

Female Voice Generator Vidnoz AI Generate Video

#3. Free Text to Speech Female Voice Generator

This website's biggest advantage is offering tons of female characters' voices for you to try. Feel free to preview, select the language, and fine tune the speed of your TTS files. Right now Vidnoz Text to Speech is the best AI Girl Voice Generator that comes in handy. You can create a lengthy audio file (up to 2000 bytes) burden-free, and download the outcome without limitations. 

Vidnoz Text to Speech with Female AI Voice


-Unlimited free girl voice text to speech 

-One click to generate audio from text

-Support a good variety of languages 

-Download generated audio for free

Quality of its Female Voices: 100% natural, smooth, and realistic with emotions. 

#4. Murf.ai Voice Changer 

Murf.ai is a brilliant male to female voice changer that lets you swap your voice with a professional-sounding AI voice/sexy AI voice/AI girl voice in a snap. You can record your voice or upload an audio file for voice changing. 

Female Voice Generator Murf AI


-10 minutes of voice generation for free

-Create studio quality voiceovers effortlessly

-Remove background noise 

-Transcribe and edit your voice recording

Quality of its Female Voices: Professional AI voices with various styles, perfect for voiceovers. 

#5. TopMediai Voice Changer 

TopMedia is another AI female voice generator free tool that can change your voice online easily. Just record or upload an audio file and you can change it to a female voice or other voice effects for free.

Female Voice Generator TopMediai


-A wide selection of voice effects 

-Support hot girl voice text to speech

-Female voice generator/changer software available

Quality of its Female Voices: Human-like AI voices, good for presentations and other multimedia projects.

Part 3. 2 Best Female Voice Changers Software for Discord, Twitch, and Omega 

Now you know the best female voice generator options online, but please mind that they can’t change your voice directly. To change to a female voice in real time, you need a female voice generator/changer program, and here are two qualified ones.

#1. Voicemod

Overview: Want to make your voice a female one in the metaverse? Try Voicemod, the best voice changer for Discord, Twitch, Omega and more. The female voice generator can change your voice in real time with customization options. Whether you want to sound like a girl, a cute chipmunk, or a demon, the voice changer is the best one at hand!

Female Voice Generator Voicemod


-Compatible with almost all streaming and gaming platforms

-Rich soundboard to add various sound effects

-Create your voice filters with the voicelab

-Real female voice changer free to use

Quality of its Female Voices: Excellent AI voice quality with endless customizations

Tip: You can also check out how to use text to speech Discord to convert text to spoken words and improve accessibility.

#2. MorphVox

Overview: Adopting advanced voice learning algorithms, MorphVox is a professional voice changing software to change your voice with superior quality. Developed with low bandwidth and CPU usage, MorphVox is a lightweight and practical female voice generator. You can record, upload audio files, or change your voice in real time online and in games.

Female Voice Generator MorphVox


-Full integration with online games and chat programs

-Ultra-quiet background cancellation 

-A large library of free voice and sound effects

-Advanced vocal tract filters for unlimited tweaking

Quality of its Female Voices: High-quality female voice but you need a good microphone for the best sound quality. 


Now you know the 6 useful options to change your voice to a female one. As you can see, Vidnoz is the best female voice generator that lets you generate audio based on text-only for free. Whether you choose the Vidnoz AI or the text-to-speech tool, you can generate natural-sounding female voices in 100+ languages with customization options available. What’s more, Vidnoz AI allows you to make engaging videos with realistic AI avatars quickly and easily. Just head to Vidnoz and sign up to get started now!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 1000+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

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