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  • What is TikTok Text-to-Speech Voice Generator?
  • How to Use Text-to-Speech on TikTok?
  • Best TikTok Voice Generator Alternatives [Online/Offline]
  • FAQs about TikTok Voice Generator

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Best TikTok Voice Generator for Easy Custom AI Videos | TikTok TTS

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How to use TikTok Text to Speech? How to get the robotic voice on TikTok? This 3-min tutorial would give you an answer with the best tools provided.

Whether you’re new to the TikTok influencer game or a seasoned creator, it is important to make your videos competitive on this social media platform. Cater to a wider audience by using TikTok text-to-speech feature to make the content more interesting and engaging, make it more accessible and fun, and add a new dimension to your video content.

Still wondering how to use TikTok Text-to-Speech voice generator to convert text to speech with ease? Please feel free to read the full article and we also offer you 2 best alternatives to make your TikTok videos go viral. Now, let's kick things off.

TikTok Voice Generator

On This Page
  • What is TikTok Text-to-Speech Voice Generator?
  • How to Use Text-to-Speech on TikTok?
  • Best TikTok Voice Generator Alternatives [Online/Offline]
  • FAQs about TikTok Voice Generator

What is TikTok Text-to-Speech Voice Generator?

Yes, TikTok does offer a native text-to-speech voice generator. Simply put, this feature enables users to convert textual words to audio based on on-screen text, which means if you upload videos on TikTok and add text, this built-in AI-powered voice will do you a favor and automatically read the text out loud, providing an easy way for text captions to be heard as well as read.  

Initially, TikTok was simply an attempt to promote inclusivity by catering to visually impaired people, allowing them to enjoy TikTok videos even if they are textually or visually challenged. Now, it presents videomakers with a world of possibilities. Many customized AI voice options are available to add audio effects to engage viewers and inject fun into your content.

How to Use Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

TikTok offers a wide range of AI voices to choose from, including male, female, young, old, charming, whimsical and even robotic voices. So how to use TikTok Text to Speech this feature? 

As always, TikTok makes sure the tool is easy to use. Follow this handy guide and create some fun moments.

Step 1. Click the plus icon to record clips or upload as usual. 

Step 2. Hit Text at the bottom to type the text for text-to-speech voice and click Done when you finish it. 

Step 3. Tap the text section and a small bubble will pop up that says “Text-to-Speech”, click it. Next, click the Change voice option to select the AI voice avatars to your liking.

Step 4. Click Next to post your TikTok videos. 

Warm prompt: please make sure your device has updated to the latest version. 

Best TikTok Voice Generator Alternatives [Online/Offline]

There's no doubt that the TikTok voice generator is easy to access, but you may run into situations where it cannot serve your needs: only one language(English) is available currently and you cannot use two or more text-to-speech voices in a single video. 

TikTok Voice Generator Online Free - Vidnoz AI 

So, we are here to provide you with a best TikTok voice generator alternative - Vidnoz AI, a feature-rich online video maker with 200+ realistic AI Voices. You can easily start your video creation on this template-based platform, empowering your creation thoughts in a few clicks. Read on to see what this AI-powered TikTok voice generator can do for you.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 600+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
  • Best online TikTok voice generator alternative. 
    Vidnoz AI is available for free with a TTS feature that converts regular text into a lively speech in an AI voice by simply pasting in the text. Not a robot! Text can be read and adjusted to a natural human voice, as if someone were speaking in front of you.
  • 100+ voices, 23 languages plus 50+ AI avatars. 
    Support for 23 major languages such as English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian, with male and female voices available. In addition, 100+ natural voices in multiple accents and 50+ realistic avatars easily create customized TikTok videos.
  • Easy to create with 200+ dedicated templates. 
    Vidnoz AI is a powerful AI video generator with 200+ professionally crafted video templates that allow you to quickly create stunning videos. No more video editing skills are required, just choose a template and incorporate your ideas to create custom videos in a few clicks.
  • Spice up your TikTok video with more AI tools. 
    What makes Vidnoz AI unique is that it is a fully loaded video creation platform. You can apply Vidnoz AI background remover to generate an image with transparent backgrounds to perfectly fit for multiple uses. Talking images also bring your characters to life, create engaging presentations, and enhance your communications.

How to convert text to speech with this online TikTok voice generator? Here it is. 

Step 1. Head to Vidnoz AI. Alternatively, you can tap Sign in below to access easily.  

Step 2. Click Templates > Portrait to fit video aspect ratio for TikTok platform. In addition, you can input keywords like TikTok in the search box or select a desired one. 

Find a Template

Step 3. After clicking Use this template, proceed to the action panel. Type the text on the right of the screen and choose the speed, languages or voices to your liking. Plus, some AI editing tools are waiting to explore, change the avatar, add music, text or images as you please. 

Use Text to Speech

Step 4. Click Generate and lay back to see the magic happen. Then choose Copy link or Share to make it public. 

Share Your Videos


Vidnoz AI also fulfills your single need to convert text to speech free. This is an awesome skill to have under your belt.

Fun TikTok Text-to-Speech Voice App - VoxBox

Support for 77+ different languages and 3200+ unique voices of famous actors, singers, characters, and more allows you to choose from a variety of fun voice options to suit your preferences. Additionally, this innovative voice generator supports custom TikTok AI Voice through voice cloning to spice up your videos with funny voices. You can get a free trial version to see if it works for you, but before that, you have to download it first.  

Step 1. Go to the official website and install this software on your PC.

Step 2. Choose Text to Speech on the right panel, pick your favorite voice.

Click Text to Speech

Step 3. Input the text and click Convert to get the customized TikTok text to speech voice

FAQs about TikTok Voice Generator

1. Can I customize the voice created by Tiktok Voice Generator?

TikTok voice generator offers some customization options such as gender and voice style.  However, you cannot change the pitch, tone, or speed of the AI-generated voice. If you want more control over the voiceover, you may need to use a third-party text-to-speech tool like Vidnoz AI to help you.

2. How to do a voice-over on TikTok?

Step 1. After you've recorded your TikTok video as usual, tap the Voiceover button on the corner.

Step 2. Scroll down to find the part where you want to add the voiceover, then click the "Record" button and start talking.

Step 3. When done, don’t forget to review it to make sure how it sounds. In addition, you can add some voice effects to make it intriguing. 

For more details, please read: How to Do a Voiceover on TikTok >>


In addition to TikTok voice generator, several other options are available here to help you create synthetic speech sounds interesting and natural. Vidnoz AI utilizes sophisticated machine learning algorithms to create intriguing videos with high-quality audio and specialized templates. 

Now, unleash the potential of AI voice, produce engaging narration, dynamically expand your content, and infuse your creations with AI-driven charm.

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