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On This Page
  • 6 Sites Where You Can Use AI Face Replacement for Free 
  • Let's Edit Photos Made on Face Replacement Sites 
  • Summary of Face Swapping Sites 

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Face swap online free in seconds

[Latest 2024] A Full Guide of 6 Sites for Face Synthesis, Face Replacement Using AI

Beling Luara

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Face replacement site allows you to swap faces in images and videos online. Check the 6 best free sites that allow you to face swap & face compositing with AI!

Recently, face synthesis, face replacement, face swapping, etc., using AI have become very hot.

If you want to try it right away, this article introduces some online face swapping sites that include image and video face swapping. You can experience it right away in your browser with no download required.

6 AI Face Replacement Sites - Swap Face from Photos Free

On This Page
  • 6 Sites Where You Can Use AI Face Replacement for Free 
  • Let's Edit Photos Made on Face Replacement Sites 
  • Summary of Face Swapping Sites 

6 Sites Where You Can Use AI Face Replacement for Free 

We will introduce 6 useful photo face replacement sites that allow you to easily perform AI face replacement, AI face swapping, and AI face compositing on your browser.

Below, we will explain in detail the basic information and function introduction of each site, and the steps for face swapping and face compositing.

Best Site to Exchange Images/Videos with AI Face Replacement | Vidnoz 

Vidnoz's online AI face swapping site is designed for easy and high quality face swapping. Just upload a base photo or video and upload another photo, and the AI will quickly process the photo or video and generate a perfect swapped face photo or video. This face replacement app is widely popular among fans as it has the easiest way to complete realistic and creative face swaps.

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

AI Face Replacement Site Vidnoz Main features:
  • Vidnoz AI Face Swap site allows you to easily swap faces by uploading photos/videos.
  • There is no charge.
  • The results look impressive and real.
  • You can select a sample image and try it out.
  • The intuitive and uncluttered user interface and controls make swapping faces a breeze.
  • Works on PC and mobile browsers.

How to use Vidnoz Face Swapping site

It is simple to use Vidnoz AI face swap free app and the interface is clearly displayed in 3 steps.

Step 1. Visit the official site > Photo Face Swap > Upload the base photo.

AI Face Replacement Site - Vidnoz Face Swapper

Step 2. Upload another face photo for exchange purpose.

AI Face Replacement Site - Upload Photo

Step 3. Click the Face Swap Now button.

AI Face Replacement Site - Generate

After a while, the face swapped image will be displayed on Vidnoz AI Face Swap online. You can save this image or use Vidnoz's other tools to make it interesting! I will explain how to use the specific tools in the "Let's edit photos made on face replacement sites" section below.

Here are the effects of Vidnoz Face Swap Feature:

AI Face Replacement Site Effects

AI Face Replacement/AI Face Synthesis Site | Pica AI Face Swapper 

Pica AI Face Swapper is a free AI face replacement service that uses machine learning technology to swap the faces of two people. This AI face swap online free can support up to 2,000px, so it can be used for a variety of purposes such as advertising production.

AI Face Replacement Pica AI Face Swapper

In addition, you can replace the face with one you have prepared yourself or the face of a non-existent person generated by AI, avoiding problems with portrait rights.

It is beginner-friendly, can be used for personal/commercial use, does not require credit, and can be edited, so it is packed with useful functions.

There are only two steps to use, just upload a face photo and select another face to create a composite photo.

Currently, a function to replace each facial part has been added, and the company is aiming to generate images with even higher resolution.

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How to use Pica AI Face Swapper

Step 1. Click Upload your face photo on the official website.

AI Face Replacement - Pica AI Face Swapper Add Face

Step 2. Next, select the new face, that is, the photo of the person you want to replace. As mentioned above, you can select the photo yourself or choose an AI material that is already prepared. Since it is an AI material, it can be used regardless of portrait rights.

Step 3. Once you have made your selection, click Generate.

AI Face Replacement - Pica AI Face Swapper Download

Powerful AI Face Exchange Site for Fun|Faceswapper.ai 

Faceswapper.ai is a free AI portrait generator that uses AI to convert facial photos into your preferred age, gender, and race.

For example, if you want to have a photo of a foreign model but can't find it, or if you want to make a photo of your friends or yourself look younger or older, you can use kaoAC.

On this face swap AI free app, you can choose the gender from male or female, and the race from Asian, white, or black.

It's easy to use, just prepare a face as a base. Additionally, by using the face generated by AI, you can use it with confidence without having to worry about troubles regarding portrait rights.

How to use Faceswapper.ai

Step 1. Click Add photo to upload the image you want to change on the official website.

Powerful AI Face Exchange Site Faceswapper.ai Online

Step 2. You can use the photo template or add your own photo for replacement.

AI Face Exchange Site Faceswapper.ai - Add Photo

Step 3. Click swap face now, after a few seconds, the image will be completed. All that's left to do is download. By the way, you can also edit it.

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Creative Face Swap Online Site to Replace Face|Reface AI 

It is a free face swap online free service that uses AI artificial intelligence to replace one face with another face. The service is open to the public for everyone to enjoy, and it's very easy to use. AI analyzes the facial features and synthesizes the photo's face with the facial features of the two people. For free, the generation of images is limited to two per day, but by creating a free account and logging in, you can generate up to five images per day.

How to use Reface AI

Step 1. On the Reface AI site, click Add photo or video > “Drop photo or video here to upload.” 

Creative Face Swap Online Site Reface AI - Upload

Step 2. Click on Add face to upload your face photo correctly.

Creative Face Swap Online Site Reface AI - Add Face

Step 3. Click Swap faces to see the face replacement results.

Creative Face Swap Online Site Reface AI - Swap Face

Powerful AI Face Replacement Site | icons8 Face Swapper 

icons8 Face Swapper is an AI tool that detects faces in photos and replaces them with another face of your choice. This tool allows you to replace faces by using your own photo or by selecting your favorite face photo from your gallery. Additionally, you can replace not only the face but also the body.

Face Swapper gives better results when using high-quality photos, but it also works well with slightly landscape-oriented photos.

Additionally, you can use the multi-swap feature to replace multiple faces in one photo at the same time.

If you want to use it for free, you can choose the annual plan and get a 3-day unlimited trial. You can easily cancel your free trial at any time.

How to use icons8 Face Swapper 

Step 1. Upload the image on the official website.

Step 2. The following screen will appear. If you want to use it for free, click "Start 3-day free trial" to register.

How to use icons8 Face Swapper - Pricing

Step 3. Next, select the part you want to change using the "Change face" or "Change body" button.

Step 4. Next, select the converted face. Choose from AI-generated faces, celebrity faces, or upload your own photo.

How to use icons8 Face Swapper

A Site for Photo Face Replacement in Videos|DeepSwap Face Swap 

DeepSwap is a free website that allows you to easily replace face in video online free as well as change faces in photos. You don't need to install any software, just visit the official website to swap genders. You can make face replacement video using AI-powered technology, ensuring high-quality results without compromising photo resolution.

DeepSwap allows you to face swap and create face-altered videos, GIFs, and photos, allowing you to pretend to be a celebrity or friend in just a few simple clicks.

How to use DeepSwap

Step 1. Sign in on the official website.

Step 2. After signing in, the following screen will be displayed when uploading images and videos. Premium membership registration is required to upload. The first month is approximately 1,360 yen.

How to use DeepSwap for Face Replacement

Step 3. Once the upload is complete, select the face you want to replace and the AI will automatically analyze and replace it.

Let's Edit Photos Made on Face Replacement Sites 

Create videos using Vidnoz's free talking photo online free! Apart from face replacement online, you can uplaod Vidnoz AI Face Swap photos to generate lifelike talking avatars and videos for free easily.

Edit Photos Made on Face Replacement Sites

Step 1. Upload the photo you created on the face swapping site and enter the text you want your avatar to speak.

Step 2. Adjust gender, audio, and playback speed.

Step 3. Click the "Generate Video" button to save the video via email.

Vidnoz is a website that runs Vidnoz Flex, a tool that allows you to create, edit, and share videos online. In addition to the AI tools mentioned above, it also has free tools such as a microphone test tool.

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Summary of Face Swapping Sites 

In this article, we introduced 6 best AI face synthesis, face swapping, and face replacement online sites, offering powerful AI features to reface your photo and videos easily. One of them, Vidnoz Face Swapper can be the best option to realize video face replacement online. Just try Vidnoz.com face swap right now!

Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!


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