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On This Page
  • Understand Face Merge with AI
  • Different Types of Face Merge
  • The 6 Best Face Mergers for Natural Face Merge
  • How to Merge Two Faces Together Online
  • Create Face Merge Videos That Go Viral on Social Media

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Top 6 Face Mergers to Mix Two Faces Together Online Free

Vita Wesley

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How to merge two faces? This blog will recommend the 6 face merger online tools that can help you merge faces seamlessly with realistic results.

TikTok’s AI filters are so trendy and they can alter reality to an extent that is beyond your imagination. One popular filter that has swept the world is the face merger, which transits your face into someone’s face, but keeps the facial features so that you have this uncanny likeness to another one.

Best 6 Face Merger Tools

Face merging used to be a job that can only be done by advanced editors. Today with the rise of AI, you can easily experiment with face merge online as many times as you want. If you just Google it, there will be plenty of AI face mergers popping up that allow you to merge faces for free. Don’t know which one to use? This blog will introduce the 6 best options. Don’t miss out.

On This Page
  • Understand Face Merge with AI
  • Different Types of Face Merge
  • The 6 Best Face Mergers for Natural Face Merge
  • How to Merge Two Faces Together Online
  • Create Face Merge Videos That Go Viral on Social Media

Understand Face Merge with AI

If you know the basics of face swap, the face merge won’t be a difficult idea to understand. Unlike face swap, which switches the faces completely, face merge is to combine the facial features of two people, creating a realistic face swap that usually delivers funny effects.

So how to merge two faces? This can be done by an AI face merger. Enabled by algorithms, face mergers can smartly detect, analyze and map out the facial features of the two images, and create a natural output that has perfect combinations.

Different Types of Face Merge

Now let’s have a look at the types of face merge.

  • Friend face merge: You can merge the faces of you and your friends, which is often seen on social media. This can be a nice experience to have fun with your friends.
  • Baby prediction face merge: Want to get to know your upcoming baby? You can merge the faces of parents and create a face that looks like it comes from the genes of you two.
  • Celebrity face merge: Another popular face merge content on social media is to merge a face with a celebrity’s face, by which people can not only have fun but also attract more attention.
  • Painting artwork face merge: What is it like to combine Mona Lisa with the Girl with a Pearl Earring? An AI face merger can combine faces of paintings that look 100% natural.
  • Animal face merge: Ever curious about merging the face of a meerkat with a cat, or the faces of different animals? This is also a common type of face merging, which is often used for memes.

The 6 Best Face Mergers for Natural Face Merge

Now you know the basic types of face merge, it’s time to see how to merge two faces together. In this part, you can find the 6 best face merger tools that work. Just read on.

1. Facemorph.me - Random Online Face Merger

Facemorph.me is a fun experiment that lets you generate and morph faces. The online face merger is free to use, which allows you to face merge two photos with the stock images or upload your own images for merging.

Face Merger Facemorph Me

Main features:

  • A good variety of randomly generated stock images for face merge
  • Decide how much of the two faces contribute to the combined face
  • Advance encoding mode to strike a balance between accuracy and editability
  • Generate and morph unlimited faces online quickly for free

2. Vidnoz Face Swapper - 100% Free to Merge Multiple Faces

Want to merge two faces together online free? Vidnoz Face Swapper is the best face merger that comes in handy. The intelligent face swapper can help you swap/merge faces in videos and images effortlessly. Developed with the latest AI technology, the web-based tool is a solid choice for face swapping and face merging.

Face Merger Vidnoz Face Swapper

Main features:

  • Merge multiple faces by swapping faces several times with different faces
  • Sophisticated AI algorithms to swap and merge faces with realistic results
  • Support a handful of formats including MP4, WEBM, MOV, M4V, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Swap and make face merge online unlimitedly for free

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Vidnoz Face Swapper


Swap your face into any photo, video, and GIF in 3 simple steps! Explore your new look and have more fun with Vidnoz FACE SWAP tool!

3. Face Morpher - Simple and Free Online Face Merger

Face Morpher is the simplest way to merge two faces online. Designed with a minimalist interface, the face merger allows you to merge two faces online and generate a natural image in a few clicks.

Face Merger Face Morpher

Main features:

  • Adopt a common set of facial features to generate a realistic face merge
  • Simple face merger online tool that is extremely easy to use
  • Free to merge faces unlimitedly and download merged photos

4. MorphingThing - Merge Faces with Celebrities

Want to create face swap memes to attract attention on social media? You can merge a face with a celebrity’s face. Simply upload a clear front face of your own, select a celebrity’s face and you can merge the two faces instantly. MorphingThing servers as a good platform for it.

Face Merger Morphing

Main features:

  • Offer a wide selection of faces of celebrities and characters such as Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, etc.
  • Perfectly capture the facial features of source images and merge faces that look natural enough
  • 100% online face merge app with no need to create an account

5. FaceShape - Fast Face Merge Online Tool

How to merge faces online fast and free? FaceShape can be your best help. Adopting the state-of-the-art AI model, the online face merger app is the perfect choice for creative projects, social media, or fooling around.

Face Merger FaceShape

Main features:

  • Advanced morphing simulator to create a seamless blend of faces
  • Capable of merging faces of different ages, genders, and even species
  • Generate a brand new and unique visage that looks realistic and natural

6. Face Swap Online - Best Animated Face Merger

Face Swap Online is a useful tool for swapping and merging. With advanced artificial intelligence, the face merger can detect faces and generate a morph animation for you to see how the merging is going.

Face Merger Face Swap Online

Main features:

  • Swap or merge two or more images online quickly and easily
  • Simple face swapper/merger that is 100% free to use
  • Rearrange the thumbnails or add more images in the process

How to Merge Two Faces Together Online

The 6 best face merger tools are the most recommended options on the block. But to merge two faces online with the best quality, Vidnoz Face Swapper is your go-to choice. You can swap and merge faces multiple times, transforming them into a seamless blend.

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI Face Swap Online Free. Sign up with an email address(Linkedin, Google, Microsoft, Facebook).

Step 2. Upload two photos for the face merging.

Face Merger Vidnoz AI Upload Faces

Step 3. Click on Swap Face Now to swap and merge faces. You can produce a unique face merge result by swapping the faces several times based on the generated faces.

Face Merger Vidnoz AI Merge Faces

Create Face Merge Videos That Go Viral on Social Media

With the face merger tools above, you can easily combine two faces in high quality. But for those who want to grab attention on social media, there are more things you can do, that is, to make a video using the merged photos. Here Vidnoz AI is the best choice, which can help you convert merged portraits to talking head videos for free.

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.
Go into the striking points of Vidnoz AI.
  • Make face merge photo talk: Simply upload the merged photo and Vidnoz AI can transform it into a vivid talking photo online free with natural lip sync.
  • Social media video templates: With a handful of templates for social media, you can easily generate videos with merged portraits effortlessly with no video editing skills.
  • AI voice generation and cloning: Packed with the most advanced text to speech AI algorithm, Vidnoz AI can convert text to 470+ natural-sounding AI voices and make voice cloning hassle-free.
  • Create custom AI avatar of yourself: You can create your own customized avatar by using your smartphone or webcam to capture the video at home, which is a feature that is rarely seen.
  • Advanced video editing features with AI: The AI video generator comes with a powerful online editor, which lets you make all sorts of editing, for instance, adding text, images, background music, and more.

How to create stunning face merge video with Vidnoz AI

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI. Sign up with an email address(Linkedin, Google, Microsoft, Facebook).

Step 2. Go to Avatars > Talking Photo to upload the face merge photo. Click on the Generate this talking photo button.

Face Merger Vidnoz AI Upload Avatar

Step 3. Input the script and choose your preferred language and voice. Use the toolbar on top to customize the AI video.

Face Merger Vidnoz AI Create Video

Step 4. Click on the Generate button to generate a video from the merged photo.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to merge faces for social media memes or just to have fun, just use the 6 face merger tools and you are good to go. Here Vidnoz Face Swapper is strongly recommended as the best choice, which allows you to swap and merge faces many times and export merging results that look 100% seamless.

You can also try a free AI video generator to make the merged photo talk, which can certainly bring you more attraction!


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