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On This Page
  • Introducing Face Animator
  • What Can a Face Animator Do?
  • How to Animate Faces in Photos with Face Animator Apps

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How to Use an AI Face Animator to Create Face Animation

Vita Wesley

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This article introduces 3 AI face animator apps that can help you create animated faces from photos, bringing entertainment to your daily social life.

Animating faces in pictures can add a touch of humor, making it perfect for pranking friends, injecting fun into everyday conversations, and crafting amusing memes. Luckily, you don't have to be a skilled editor or have sophisticated software. With face animator software, transforming a static picture into a lively GIF or video with animated faces becomes an effortless and enjoyable task. Explore how you can do it effortlessly!

Face Animator

On This Page
  • Introducing Face Animator
  • What Can a Face Animator Do?
  • How to Animate Faces in Photos with Face Animator Apps

Introducing Face Animator

A face animator app is a platform or software application designed to animate digital human beings, real people, or animal faces. It leverages advanced technologies, including facial recognition, animation algorithms, and sometimes augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) integration, to allow users to create dynamic and expressive facial animations. It offers a creative approach for individuals to express themselves and entertain others.

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What Can a Face Animator Do?

  • Before delving into how to animate a face with a reliable face animator, it's beneficial to understand the various types of face animator apps and the capabilities they offer for faces in a photo. Diverse software applications prioritize animation in distinct ways, with some enabling multiple movements simultaneously.
  • Add animated expressions. Some face animator apps allow you to create face animations by manipulating the expressions and emotions, making the faces look sad, happy, or angry.
  • Automate lip syncing. They use automatic lip-syncing algorithms to create animated faces with moving lips and AI talking heads.
  • Use eye gestures. Such software can adjust gaze and blink settings to add eye movements to the faces in a photo.
  • Apply head movements. Some face animators can animate not only the face but also move around the entire head in a photo, enhancing the overall liveliness of the animation.

How to Animate Faces in Photos with Face Animator Apps

You will discover 3 face animation apps to meet your needs, including two online face animators and one mobile face animator app for iOS and Android.

Option 1. Vidnoz AI Talking Photo - Make Your Photo Talk

Vidnoz AI Talking Photo is an AI-driven service crafted for generating lifelike talking photo videos. With its advanced face recognition algorithms, precise lip-syncing technology, and state-of-the-art text to speech AI model, this tool animates faces seamlessly. The animated faces are not only versatile, speaking in over 100 languages and diverse accents, but also perfect for a wide range of uses, including memes, social media, entertainment, and business applications.

Vidnoz is a comprehensive platform of AI tools. In addition to animating a photo with a clear face, it offers a AI headshot generator; and some preset avatars for you to create an AI talking head free video.

How to Create a Video with an Animated Face from a Photo

Step 1. Go to Vidnoz AI Talking Photo

Open this face animator. You can also first sign in with your Gmail account and get it to work for you quickly.

Step 2. Choose a face to animate

You can click Upload to select a portrait photo from your device. Alternatively, you can choose an AI-generated avatar or avatars already available.

How to Animate a Face with Vidnoz

Step 3. Input text for the animated face to speak

Type in any text you would like the face to read out loud through the most natural lip-syncing and text-to-speech technologies. Choose a language and a voice for your face.

Step 4. Generate a video with an animated face

You can preview the generated video by clicking the Preview button. If you like it, click the Generate Video button. You will get notified when the process is complete. Go to the Vidnoz AI app and find your creation.

Find the Animated Face on Vidnoz AI


  • A web-based face animator, requiring no installation
  • Offer unlimited free service to animate faces in photos
  • Add lifelike voice to the animated faces
  • Enhance creativity with many AI-generated and preset avatars


  • Only animate lips and head movements on the face

Option 2. Nero AI Face Animator - Free Online AI Face Animator

Nero AI Face Animator is a free online face animator that allows you to create incredible facial emotions by adding natural eye gestures, lip movements, and head movements to your photo, making it look vivid and real. It leverages AI face recognition algorithms to locate the faces in a photo and outputs animated faces in GIF format.

This AI GIF generator automates the entire process, involving the least manual editing and learning effort. You can also test out its face animation capability using the images this product provides.

How to Animate Face from Photo Online:

Step 1. Open a web browser and visit the Nero AI Face Animation page.

Step 2. Click Upload Image to upload a photo that contains clear faces.

Nero AI Face Animator

Step 3. After this AI face animator recognizes all faces, click Start.

How to Animate a Face from Photo Online with Nero AI

Step 4. Click the Download button to save the animated face GIF.

>> Try this free face swapper to change animated face into anyone else.


  • Online face animator, requiring no installation and account registration
  • Free face animator with limited credits
  • Create GIF-formatted animated faces, good for sharing


  • The face animation is random and you can't custom the dynamics

Option 3. Avatarify - Animate Faces on iPhone or Android Phone

For those seeking enhanced customization options for animated faces on mobile phones, the optimal choice is to install a professional face animator app like Avatarify. Avatarify stands out as a top-tier free AI meme generator that provides a range of movements to bring entertainment to faces in your photos. Notably, its advanced AI technology goes beyond recognizing human faces, extending its capability to recognize the faces of animals as well.

Avatarify has dedicated apps for both iPhones and Android devices. You can get the app from the App Store or Google Play.

How to Animate Faces on Android or iPhone with the Mobile App

Step 1. Open Avatarify on your mobile device and it will open the photo gallery for you. Grant the app necessary access permissions to your photo gallery and camera.

Avatarify Face Animator

Step 2. Choose a song and a GIF mode you would like to apply to the face animation video (you can mute it later if you don't like to add any music).

How to Animate a Face with Avatarify

Step 3. Tap Choose Photo to enter your photo library. Select a photo or tap the Camera icon to capture a selfie.

Step 4. After Avaterify completes processing the animation, you can preview it and choose to save it to your phone or share it on your social media.


  • Create animated face memes on phones
  • Offer a Live Mode to record your face for animation
  • More face animation effects
  • Animate multiple faces at one time


  • App installation is required
  • Expensive in-app purchases


Now you have learned how to animate a face using different types of face animator tools. You can unleash your creativity and humor to create true-to-life fun clips featuring yourself, your friends, celebrities, or anybody. If you would like to create a video with an animated face reading specific text, Vidnoz AI Talking Photo is the top option. What’s more, Vidnoz has a leading free AI video generator for you to unblock your creativity and productivity. Upscale your video creation experience with this tool!

Vidnoz AI - Create Free Engaging AI Video with Talking Avatar

  • Easily create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices of different languages.
  • 700+ video templates for multiple scenarios.

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